‘This looks like … terrorism’: Officials respond to Pensacola shooting

By | December 10, 2019

‘This looks like … terrorism’: Officials respond to Pensacola shooting
‘This looks like … terrorism’: Officials respond to Pensacola shooting
The military is not a feature of my community, it is the defining characteristic of my community if there is a special kind of grief when the bravest most patriotic Americans are putting himself In Harm’s Way To Train people from other countries to be able to protect and Defend their own country and then they kill us, for it will have to see what the FBI investigation shows. What his motivations were the Saudis of promised full cooperation with the investigation, we’re going to take them at their word and and my point, is it look from what we’re seeing and then the public reports that this looks likes on this terrorism? Arkinda terrorism to very tragic incident, though our condolences go out to the families of those who were killed instantly, those that were injured as well and so are. We just won’t extend our heartfelt concerns for all of that. I want to immediately and make sure we put out an advisory to all of our bases installations and facilities and make and make sure we’re taking all necessary precautions appropriate to the particular base to make sure our people are safe, secure. Last, we begin to review of what are screening procedures are with regard to foreign Nationals coming up to the United States and its the continuous monitoring of their activities, to ensure that there’s not radicalization, we should pause this program. We should not be taking new incoming Saudi students until we are absolutely confident in our vetting process, National Security. We have something that are potential adversaries such as Russia and China, don’t have, which is a an elaborate system of alliances and Partnerships, and the ability to bring foreign students here to change to train with us to understand. American culture is very Fort. Bliss Building has long-term relationships; they keep us safer. We grieve obviously for the families of those who are lost and we’re going to press Saudi Arabia at to do a full investigation on there and even as we do one on ours, and I wish the post rather than trying to speak for the Saturday government, were Pressing the sound of government for answers that we review whatever protocols we have in place for the selection of people that participate in these military training programs are both here and abroad. that this kind of Insider attack never occurs again.
Trump administration officials and members of Congress reacted to the shooting at a U.S. military base in Florida by a Saudi military student in Pensacola, Fla., on Dec. 8. Read more: https://wapo.st/2s1QDrh. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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