“This is about a bigger issue”: Sheila North on land rights protest

By | February 16, 2020

“This is about a bigger issue”: Sheila North on land rights protest
“This is about a bigger issue”: Sheila North on land rights protest
Joining us now, it’s more on this is Sheila Knorr she’s, a former Grand Chief for Northern Manitoba Sheila, thanks for joining us this morning, Merit to the Grievances that we’re hearing about across the country from indigenous groups. You know viability of of what’s going on with all of this in the volatility, so you know why I try to stay neutral in a lot of things, but it’s hard to do that. Sometimes, when you see aggression against indigenous people, additional Services Mark Miller is meeting with members of the Mohawk First Nation this morning.

What would you ask the minister if you were speaking with him this morning? This situation is that you have to show respect and so far you know people have been feeling disrespected in this situation and it seems to be growing, has to be growing. So there has to be a lot of respect across-the-board and I would also ask for no seat at the decision-making table, because the treaties and agreements were made long time ago by our ancestors resources. But what does that really mean? We haven’t seen it. , you know we talked about the nose, but that’s really just listed some of the economic impacts right now feeling felt in Canada and in across the country.

Absolutely and just moments ago, Mark Miller said that he was there in peace and friendship. Is there anything that Minister can do to convince the representatives to stand down and the blockades definitely can’t say that she isn’t? Because we don’t know, I don’t know, but I hope that he is sincere and even history of people making promises government’s making promises and not living up to them. So you know we’ll just have to see how things go, and this is about a bigger issue. I think across the country, people feeling that they have to know a search indigenous people.

We have to remember that when you still pictures of protests non indigenous people that are also on Borden and becoming was allies that these situations need. So it isn’t an easy situation. This is complex, but that’s what reconciliation? What time is my last question for you? Are you optimistic that a compromise is possible today? Your picture, I think that is indigenous people were, alongside with decision-makers all these kind of dispute. We had the dishes, people on board right from the get-go, to make sure that things were done sustainably and that’s a lot of this is at the heart of the issue.

We have to come to terms with what that means and ends in a while keeping in mind. We still need to feed people, and we had. We still have a lot of dialogue left to do in this country. Chief of Northern Manitoba.
Former Grand Chief for Northern Manitoba Sheila North says Indigenous communities have not felt the respect from the rest of Canada.

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