“This cannot go for a long time”: Robert Fife on train blockades

By | February 17, 2020

“This cannot go for a long time”: Robert Fife on train blockades
“This cannot go for a long time”: Robert Fife on train blockades
So what started off as a feud between BC, indigenous groups and the provincial government over the coastal gas line pipe? What is spilled over to become a national political crisis? Anti-Pipeline, demonstrators courts-martial the streets and cities from Vancouver Winnipeg on Ottowa block major power lines, but you’re still going on with your real, has shut down its entire network, CN close its eastern rail network. All of this after the RCMP started in hereditary Chiefs and their supporters for holding up that pipeline construction so shouldn’t it down, have the right to impact major aspects of the economy.

What does it all mean for the future of natural resource projects and who has true jurisdiction over this lots of questions? Are the scrum is here to find out more tan of a Charles? Is a senior Report with a truck Golden Nails are special guests. This round are the chair of indigenous governance at Ryerson, University Pampa and the former press secretary to Stephen Harper. Sarah McIntosh are good morning to all of you start with you Mark Miller. We had on the program nine our meeting with the Mohawks in the Ontario.

There talks going on in BC still still no real progress. Where does that put the government where they have to do now 12 to make a decision? Does he encourage or cuz? He says not going to arrest people, or do they start to continue the solution through talks. The problem he has is that this cannot go on for a long time. It’S one thing to be able to have protest that do not disrupt the economy, but right now you have anti-pipeline blockades and Eastern Ontario ends and Cat in Ontario. That’S shutting down the rail system and doing a lot of economic harm.

He can’t let that go on for much longer to be even worse. If this guy, the Prime Minister sides to go to the Caribbean on Monday and Tuesday, because that would send a very bad message to the Canadians that he preferred of galavant around the world and deal with a very serious problem around there around the whole issue of The passenger trains were halted, Thursday at 10:10, so you haven’t. Had a senior Minister come out in the absence of the Prime Minister. Even talk to us they’re doing what steps are taken to resolve the issue at the heart of it in BC with the BC government who can make any sense of what pam pam? So there was a meeting 9 hours didn’t on the one block away their meanings.

Going on with the wet sweatin it in British Columbia at some point, does the blockade the left or what are they? What do you reckon the government’s me next move on and be sure? That’S the minister that takes care of programs and services, 100 % Hayden to what it is that we’re talking about here and, second of all, from all of the video at the actual site. None of the Mohawks are in breach of any injunction at all. If you see them they’re, actually off the physical tracks, we’re talking about dealing with land were talking about dealing with.

You know literally centuries of ongoing genocide and there’s an urgency to that, and they have been saying that every single Flash in this country that’s ever happened. If you look at old car, Elsa booked Augusta Sand Lake or if a wasp always Overland, so this lies directly at the feet of the government and the fact that prime minister Trudeau hasn’t come down and had a nation to Nation conversation about and where we go Forward on the land question that lays at his feet, and so he’s got to come and hold himself accountable and create this path forward.

That’S what leaders do right now so far, the only leaders are the Canadians and indigenous people standing in solidarity with the what’s Owatonna cross-country protesters actually get on real cars and they’ve been tampering with rail equipment, which they say nested and those types of things. So you know whether or not what do you determine when is it in the legal protest where you actually have law enforcement actually go in and enforce injunction mean there’s an injunction that have been in place that have are sitting at the feet of the opp and They’Re saying we’re not this is a legacy is think.

Pam is mention from April wash in Anoka. You know, when is going to be the law enforcement. That’S going to wear this as opposed to the political leadership which is you know, gallivanting around and shaking hands with the Iranian foreign, Paris Minister. I think at the end of the day, for Canadians – and this is what Trudeau should we pay attention to at? What point are we going to be held hostage to demands that we don’t really know specifically what those demands are? I mean there has been 80 % of there’s a different thing going on here: Odin British Columbia, you’ve got democratically-elected all the Democratic elected bands in support of this Coastal link pipeline.

You have some of the people are saying. This is an opportunity for us to have jobs. We don’t have this pipeline, we’re not going to have the kind of prosperity that we need. Their they’re just two people staying at themselves. Democratically-Elected people saying that this got environmental privilege got approval by the courts and who is speaking for the majority of the of the this native of the native people they’re. The ones are saying we want this extensive consultations in, and I think this is like what it.

What is the, what is the line in the stand other than? Let’S have these another round of nation-to-nation talks or a First Nations meeting again? What specifically, is going to satisfy and who are we looking to satisfy, which demands and then Pam was bored over when we get fired, that clip of Andrew Scheer, who told the protesters to check your privilege, which had a massive blow back on it. Certainly from many people, what was your reaction to that and that kind of frustration when she says enforce the law, get these folks off off the pipe that off the tracks.

Well, I mean, of course, that’s inflammatory, inflammatory. It’S meant to be inflammatory. It’S meant to cause division between Canadians and Indigenous peoples, because if you look across the country, there is quite a bit of solidarity with Canadians. You’Ve got lawyers, academics, teachers, unions, laborers people who would actually be working on these projects, understanding and supportive indigenous people. For these unresolved land issues, so Hindu is meant to inflame. It’S meant to cause problems when everybody is forgetting about what the legal issues are and councils under the Indian Act have no jurisdiction over Aboriginal title territory, only there land and that’s not where the pipeline’s going in the West Thornton Nation, particularly only those hereditary leaders, have Jurisdiction to say yes or no over that territory and they represent thousands of people who support them in their Clans and houses, and I have said no, actually, you could probably find among what’s owing people who disagree with what you were stating is the consensus among them.

There, in fact, I think, actually one of the pause. Actually, I think they were expensive and quite beside the and he’s been beside the point in this whole debate this week, but the one of the more promising developments that we seen is that the wet so attuned people have agreed to have an all clans meeting and They are bringing together their elected van Council to and the hereditary Chiefs and the three stages. Did you see the statements after the feast by the hereditary leaders and people in the wet so isn’t? They have reconfirmed their offices into the pipeline? So we need to focus on what they’re saying and not what everybody else is they.

Let me take a break.
With Via Rail cancelling train service across the country, The Scrum with Pam Palmater and Sara MacIntyre weigh in on the economic impacts.

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