These people are begging the world to listen to their plight

By | February 17, 2020

These people are begging the world to listen to their plight
These people are begging the world to listen to their plight
The Simba 850,000 civilians of being displaced, 80 % of them women and children according to the UN paid for the UN, told CNN that, if nothing changes that part of Northwestern Syria will have turned into the world’s biggest pile of rubble. Strewn with the corpses of 1 million children scene in Darwin Damon, at the only Western journalist working from inside there and her report, we warned you as disturbing images. There is barely enough light to see, as we had ports of me is 10th and one of his lips swollen camps, a couple.

To-Go temperatures dropped well below zero and the family didn’t have enough to burn. I fed my baby and he want to sleep. Some of us still in shock at 6, seven, the children woke me up screaming. I touched him and he was. I see the doctors told them. He froze to death. Her husband walks out before he breaks down. She doesn’t have. A opted will have a lot just this image, as they said their final goodbyes. She can’t forgive herself. She can’t understand how life can be so cool. If you people here, can we have made multiple trips into Italy Province.

None like this roads throughout the province are clogged with the traffic of those on the Run. Unending waves, many open displaced, multiple times before, but this time it’s different. They feel like no matter what they do. They won’t be able to outrun the war hours in the middle of the night together from the bombing near their Village, but it’s not far enough. They want to leave from here, but they they need to try to figure out transport or something cuz. If they try to go walk, it would just be impossible on the road and Victoria clutch their stuffed animals for the last time.

But there is a World War. Toys are not considered essential survival. Is they don’t cry or complained that they are loaded into the truck there sense of finality claustrophobia, compounded by the collective misery of those trapped here with the regime rapidly closing in and emptying out entire areas? One Village settle down among these Century ruins 2 weeks ago. A little boy shows a picture in his father’s phone of the bombing overnight. This is the last because this entire area, the hillsides all around or being bombed, they almost took off walking in the dark.

I would rather die then not be able to protect my children. Se15 vows used to be the Villages Elementary School director is considered. A palace by this wretched existence is standards on her face. Her face was burned. His children are too young to know anything but war and hardship half-joking for those who know too well that in the worldview they are dispensable, the last nine years have taught them that is perched on the hilltop away from the countless other makeshift camps. Our conversation is broken up by warnings from a nap he has on his phone about where the planes are flying and bombing is elderly.

Mother lies in the corner. She’S been that way ever since they found out that his brother died in the regime, prison and the regime is getting closer. This is his brother who was detained in 2012 when he was part of the protests and then in 2015 they got notification the photographs, a god of him dead in prison. All I have is this photo just this memory. He says haunted by his pain, even if the regime to reconcile it’s impossible. He swears, you can’t trust them. Nothing in this forsaken place is guaranteed.

Gon is the schoolyard laughter and crowded classrooms. They have converted into shelters and smoke filled Living Spaces, but even as new families arrive, some of those here are getting ready to flee again they fit. We met at the camp in the ruins. Sends me a distressing voice message saying that the bombing was all around them overnight and that the aircraft flying over the camp we arrive. The sounds of the violence closing in echo through the hills, David things, children are playing in the mud, seemingly oblivious to the encroaching Danger.

It calls for a truck that they’re being cold are packing up. They still cling to a hope that someone’s something will save them, but the world will realize it can no longer turn away that they won’t be abandoned to desperately search for a Lifeline that doesn’t exist. Arwa Damon Sienna, it’s a province Mysterio and a fine way. The you can help Syrian survive. The conflict had to cnn. com impact.
Bashar al-Assad’s regime, backed by Russia, has intensified its military campaign across Idlib, Syria’s last rebel-held territory. Since December 2019, the fighting has forced 850,000 civilians to flee. CNN’s Arwa Damon is the only western journalist reporting from inside Syria.

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