The trauma of Hong Kong’s teenage protesters – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

The trauma of Hong Kong’s teenage protesters – BBC News
The trauma of Hong Kong’s teenage protesters – BBC News
The same kind of the person like fixing to go, and I think that the situation is the same amount, that new generation of Hong Kong, hundreds of children who were way too young to actually be studying University, found themselves trapped on campus. We saw that headteachers pleading to be allowed in so that they could try and bring them out to safety. So the question is why so many kids risking so much I’m worried about my safety, but I’m more worried about my future about Hong Kong, a speech at about what city are we going to leave in the future if we are living in a safe City, freedom And democracy kiss you know date, they cannot really concentrate on your schoolwork so which is quite alarming or we say I’ve seen kids dropping the academic performance significantly and then they cannot wait for sleep at night. You know scrotum their phone late until 2 or 3 a.m. and then so they get sick more often when during the Polytechnic University Euro tramps. What went through your mind at that point I was having my breakfast and something I tried, because I thought about what’s happening. If we are to be put in jail for 10 years able to see my friends, my parents, my teachers, who care about me in a way to deal with this, a collective at rumor, they trying to integrate the movement into the daily life in the long term. You’Ll find that this particular generation of kids would be quite different. Other developed countries on the government on the police on the systems that could befall alarming
Teenage protesters have become an increasingly common feature of Hong Kong’s demonstrations, with hundreds found on campus during the recent siege of Polytechnic University.

Psychologists warn that the protests have had a damaging effect on some teenagers. They say they are part of a new generation of Hongkongers who will be very different from other developed countries’ youths.

Video by Nick Beake, Joe Phua and Joyce Liu.

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