The rise of the ‘green’ diamond?

By | February 16, 2020

The rise of the ‘green’ diamond?
The rise of the ‘green’ diamond?
Hello and welcome to all of you you’re watching it Tech 24, France, 24 Aztec, show in this Edition. We tell you how designers and scientists are developing high-tech and sustainable textile, finding inspiration in nature and anticipating the needs of the space-age and in test went before we try the Polaroid lab a three lens system that turns your digital photos into instant polaroid pictures. Now you have until February 23rd to catch London’s design, Museum exhibit moving to Mars a show that explores how sending humans on the red planet is not only a new frontier for signs, but also for design the exhibit showcases idea.

What habitats could look like on Mars, but also what kind of clothes we would have to wear in such a hostile environment? You can Royer has the story. It looks like a sci-fi movie, that’s from 70s, but designers, what dead serious when they came up with these prototypes of things you might need to survive on Mars. Mars is magnetic and Ed’s, which means radiation is the surface. Whenever we live a mock, you need to cover a sample of protection. Shield. You’Ve gone, absolutely limited amount of resources.

We start coming out to the shops and get something. So can you actually? Can you reuse something closer made with NASA developed insulating material? The idea is for space travelers to recycle the parachute and other Fabric and make the most out of what they have to protect them from radiation and Martian dust he’s on his hair say that the creativity drippin by space missions can also have an impact on our Planet everything that we learn to get tomorrow so loved the technology and knowledge that we need to build up to make a mission possible has very direct with applications need.

Today, the European Space Agency is preparing to send is exploring Rover to Mars. A scientist are on the race to send humans to the red planet, apparel designers and others are looking to jump on the bandwagon and, let’s not welcome our in-house experts – Danos a cattle car, hello, then. So the latest inspiration for making a smart textiles actually comes from the banana plant text and it’s made from a variety of a banana plant which grows in the Philippines. It’S called Rebecca, so you expect fibers from this plant.

Then you press them or into sheets that have been soaked into water. Can you make thin paper rolls out of it? I’Ve been distant April, Sach cut into small strips, and then I find Ian is a woman out of it and in this process the company. It’S a Swiss company called question: are they also add beeswax in order to make it waterproof? Then, let’s not go to Japan, where company is making textiles with synthesized proteins with set all about it, brewed protein, which means it’s a material that is derived from a rather during the fermentation Brewing process of plant-based by you must now this particular protein can be processed Into different form, so you can have different characteristics of the fabric that is produced and interesting me.

The company has also created synthetic spider silk, which is made from a synthetic protein called. Let’S not talk about interesting technology that is helping maintain constant, garment temperature indicates it’s about mentoring, an ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, the clothes that you wear. This is done by adding a volcanic or a directive, materials of a volcanic sand into the fabric and these materials properties, because they have many many many force and this poor survey first of all absorbed light that is emitted by the body.

And that, essentially, is there power unit, so when the body is hot and it’s sweating before the spec turns into liquid Vapor get absorbed by this material and then the bodies cool this particular because of infrared light, elevates the body temperature and keeps it concert at 37.5 Degrees, the jewelry sector is also becoming disruptive, as a new generations fall out of love with mines diamonds, mainly because of the environmental and human impact of extraction. A new alternative is actually emerging, lab-made, diamonds, innovation, it’s already won over Meghan Markle and many other celebrities.

While to actually speak more about it, I’m joined it by Jessica, wash the co-founder of Kim. I think you very much indeed for being with us. Thank you so much for having me. So you come from a family that was in the traditional business of Mines Diamond. So why did you decide to break away from it and develop your own lab grown solution? So the signs are Industries, a very traditional and intimidating industry that hasn’t seen any now Haitian or any changes over the year and hasn’t adapted to the changing, wants and needs of Our Generation becoming personal leave.

More and more aware of the impact we have on the planet and on the people living in it and therefore, as well, more conscious of our purchasing decision coming to Diamonds and the Fine Jewelry. We realized that there was no transparency as all it was impossible to know where the diamonds we were buying were coming from, and we made it our mission to really bring that transparency to the industry and so those diamond Hazard best solution. How does it work and how do you create diamonds from scratching? Is it in identical to mine, diamonds diamond is identical to mine diamonds chemically and physically, basically were able to reproduce the mining environment in a lab in order to grow diamond in the exact same way as they would under Earth buying more controlled environments? So a diamond is a so: by putting a carbon season 2 a high-pressure and high-temperature environment were able to grow those diamond in just a few weeks without the social and environmental impacts of mining, it’s impossible to tell them apart.

No one can can say the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mine diamonds. You really need like a very special machine in order to tell them apart and even the FCC has changed the definition of a Diamond by taking the word natural out of its really to show that nowadays, A lab-grown Diamond, the diamonds were just touching up on the Environmental impacts, I’m actually argue that these lab-grown diamonds have quite an important carbon footprint because of the amount of energy that’s required to produce it.

What do you respond to that so XE may? We must try to work with Labs that use reasonable renewable energy, and it’s also important to know that the amount of energy used to create those labyrinths diamond is not comparable to the amount of energy needed to mine. Diamonds need to dig deeper under Earth in order to find less than 1 carat rough diamond nowadays living enormous horse on our planet more over the social impact of mining has known many controversies from Blood Diamond to child labor, operon Diamond were able to drastically reduce environmental Impact and bring an end to the social to the negative social impact, the co-founder of Kim a thank you very much indeed, for that and we’re actually going back.

Can you add energy cattle called these diamonds? He’S lab-grown diamonds are also being used to create very small sensors use, unique property called the nitrogen-vacancy center, so normally diamond is made of carbon atoms, but in this case one carbon atom is replaced by a nitrogen atom, and this combination lens of these Diamond sensors at Unique property in a sense that they are able to detect magnetic fields at nanometrics Scales, making them ideal for applications in medicine and electronics.

Thank you for now. This test is for those of you who magic of the Polaroid are the u. s. corporation? Isn’T he’s making a comeback with a text with this time I desktop darkroom called Polaroid labdon by predicting the image from your phone onto the lens Des Linden projects, the image on the printer which I’ve already inserted. So here I went to be retromobile so last week and I have taken some pictures of cars and this is how it works so through the app it so difficult it up for the Polaroid lab.

So all you have to do is just put your phone on wait for it to get warmed up and you press this button and you have you. I have to wait for 15 minutes of $ 42 completely, but I already did one here and, as you mentioned involved, because you have the analog polaroid pictures taken of your of your personal photos and there’s an interesting element to it. So in the application there’s an option off the viewing this photo in AR is augmented reality or so, when you take a photo a video and hear, as you can see, UCF it’s making a small video out of the photo.

You photo videos. This can be a good souvenir. So far is if your friends of a photos of friends and family, you can just put it on your refrigerator and idiot in this world. The video and have a bit of love – I guess and so yeah and it costs $ 130. The end of this week’s edition of tech24 be, can watch it again on our website. France24.
In this edition, we tell you how designers and scientists are developing high-tech and sustainable textiles, finding inspiration in nature and anticipating the needs of the space age.   

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