The Patriots keep cheating and keep getting caught, it’s absurd! – Max Kellerman | First Take

By | December 11, 2019

The Patriots keep cheating and keep getting caught, it’s absurd! – Max Kellerman | First Take
The Patriots keep cheating and keep getting caught, it’s absurd! – Max Kellerman | First Take
If everyone’s doing it right, but the Patriots or the ones getting caught constantly, what does that mean? Cuz the Patriots are better at everything and everyone there they’re fastidious about the way they do things. What that means. I tell you flight yesterday for the roach principal. If you see one, there are Behind the Walls, the reason that the Patriots I think get caught is because they’re doing it more than anyone, no respect for your intelligence, steam changes, offensive schemes, game to game, much less going to change their scheme of cheating. I believe they’re cheaters the best cheaters in the world. I think they cheat more than anybody and I don’t believe they were cheating this time, what they going to film them and get this they want to see that Taylor. Do this the whole game? It’S not! The same league where people are singling from the sidelines difference and when you look at their approach to doing this, because this one at least this time wasn’t us that was them. This was our production crew. I don’t even watch the show and I get it on the other side. Totally on the side of the deflategate was wrong at Spygate was wrong. What is this one? I don’t see the issue. I understand there is a disrespect for our intelligence there’s a lack of respect for the people that are part of this game because want to do this. The right way as an organization understand your perception understand your history. Go about it in the right way of making sure everyone is notified and understand what you are doing. I don’t believe they cheated in this situation. Is he today? It’S not a matter to me at this particular point, and I don’t need to regurgitate what Mac said. It’S not a matter of whether we believe they cheated or not. Now it’s a matter of Bill Belichick and what he has to say play believer Bill Belichick’s, as it has nothing to do with me. Something that has to do with the Patriots has nothing to do with them play gateway to you is this again. We could feel that way about things, but anything that has the okay videographer you scan in the sidelines, eccentric cetera. You have a credential from the Browns. Okay, you don’t inform the goes. You have that credential and you’re filming them from the sidelines, but somehow someway that’s completely disassociating it separate, and, apart from you Bill, Belichick, that’s where you used to live your life, really that that just have absolutely nothing to do with you went it’s the opponent you’re About to go up against next, How could a filming video be actually in the process of taking place the week before you play that particular opponents and the person is in charge for games Siri Siri, the New England, Patriots are doing about different jobs in the organization. This was the week for the advance does the same thing the week before the game for everything that they’re going to play and then he comes and delivers our presentation to the rest of the staff he says. Okay, this is what I saw. This is what happened at the game, hear the things I’ve seen if I’m going to get an advance go to pick in the face facts on the website. I believe you tell me if you believe some totally absurd story. That’S been clearly not true or the facts. Okay, that does the story, the fax stuff who’s there upcoming week. The Bengals who do they have is this a first-year head coach for video recording, 100 % of the time situation. I don’t believe Bill Belichick was involved in. That is just one hundred percent. Do I think, he’s wrong YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Ryan Clark explain whether they buy Bill Belichick’s comments that he had no knowledge of the New England Patriots taping the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline.
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