The new negritude: Asserting black French identity

By | February 14, 2020

The new negritude: Asserting black French identity
The new negritude: Asserting black French identity
It’S time now for perspective in this age of identity, politics, how we meant to navigate and accommodate the numerous elements of who we are and what does it do to your sense of self to be seen as other in your own country as a result of the Color of your skin, your religion – I guess today, is my boo. Zimmer. Horror, Franklin Electric in French diaspora studies, University of to is also the author of the book in French to English is something I like black is the journey. Is cool in French Alexa gone for an English-speaking audience with that about even for the English-speaking, because the French and the french-speaking have also asked me about this title.

So the hexagon is a very common term used to designate friends and they’re. Hexagon refers to the European Continental part of France. The trial is more obscure even for the French and designates the Atlantic Zone, meaning to the African continent, Europe and the Americas, and this is an area that the French sometimes he’s out of their mind and their National psyche right front is supposed to be located in Europe, only one friends to this day is to be found in the Atlantic Ocean in the Indian Ocean in the Pacific Ocean and when it comes to former colonies, you have also you know Africa and Asia.

So I think that it was important for me to remind friends that it is much larger than what she thinks as a country that she is and – and I think it back to the history of rancid, the history of colonialism, the history of the slave trade and Slavery topics that we don’t like to discuss your perception of self shift depending on the country or in the context surrounding exactly I grew up in France. I was born in Paris. I grew up in friends, never fitting French. I was told by my parents that I was ivorian that I was July groups that I was a Muslim for instance, and that I did not belong because he was supposed to, as all immigrants are a lot of immigrants.

At the time we were supposed to go back home at some point, so home was in theory supposed to be the Ivory Coast. This is how I was raised on the other side outside of my home in Paris. I was told by friends that I was an immigrant, a second-generation immigrant. We don’t say first generation French, as is the case in the United States, for instance for children of immigrants who became the first generation. Am I inference your second generation of immigrants who doesn’t make any sense, because you cannot be a migraine for two generations? I was an immigrant when I left to live in the United States, but not wear white.

I wasn’t friends so those two types of discourse: my parents telling me you’re, not French and France, agreeing with my parents wedding me. I was not French. I grew up in in limbo for a long time and then I traveled and I went to the United States where people ask me where are you from? Where is your home and then, surprisingly, to me, I started answering my homies Paris. My homies is friends, so the first time I defined myself and understood myself as French was outside of the continents. What was outside of the country boy is it? Do you think that you found it so hard to self-identify as friends having been born in France, hadn’t been.

In front of it and racism? Is it a lack of knowledge? What is it Haven pharmacy? I think it has to do with the things you mention it’s about racism, because your color, your body, says that you don’t belong. The only reason I mean the thing that prompts this question: where are you from is based in your body? It’S not the way. I speak, you cannot say I have an accent. You cannot say if this question, where are you from any people, keeps asking you where are you from and that the imagine that you’re origin is outside of the country? What does it mean? It means that your body talks that your skin color talks and your skin color and your body talk because of history.

And it’s look at this history and see how bodies have been categorized and constructive and have a choir, the meaning of being white being perceived as white being perceived as black has consequences so that this is. This isn’t an issue of racism and when I was in the United States, I defined myself as French as a matter of fact that that’s all it’s just my mother, wasn’t friends. My brothers and sisters. Wear in France, my friends and my loving one’s were more numerous. In Paris than in the Ivory Coast, people that I was related to, but that that I didn’t know that well and that’s it.

It’S not a love for this is just my home. The place that I’m most familiar with happens to be friends accepts that has erased problem. I don’t think your friends except because we exist because we write them because we act it would have to, because we are French and we’re speaking from within. Not without you cannot endlessly say, you’re talking about because you’re an immigrant or your family’s from the Ivory Coast. You cannot also only blame me for spending so much time in the states and saying this is the American Education.

I grew up here went to the French school. I belong. I also happen to be a citizen to we’re going to have to have this conversation in hexagonal friends on the faces. All of the location of friends in this larger Atlantic area so front is not ready, but we are ready simply because we exist so we’re going to have those conversations similar Happening Here in France. I think the black lives matter is related to be understood in a long genealogy of social movements, a civil rights movement. So it’s just one of the most recent expressions with the difference populations of Caroline France is that the African American presidents on us soil can be found since 16:19.

So I’m not saying that African-Americans have may have been more acid, 18th and accepted. There is a long history of discrimination and legal mistreatment of African-Americans, but at least they were on their territory when it comes to France, the massive our presence of populations of color within the hexagon is more isn’t it. So friends can still imagine herself as having a new problem, but it’s okay to deal with this issue because, as I said, we simply exist who were born here. We grow up here with that we we we are buried here and then what are you? What is friends going to do black African of the Caribbean ride says? Yes, episode of protest against the the colonial is still relevant today.

As far as you see it, updating the negritude movement knew about the way you said the moment. The historical moment, movement movement was anchored in the colonial moment right now. In the post-colonial moment, we are the new citizens, will not stop Varsity God we’re not talking about the treatment of people from Martinique Scissorhands. I’M glad we’re not talking about Guyana UMass right now, we’re talkin from Paris from Marseille from Bordeaux, and we happen to be citizens of Countrywood, not talkin from outside.

So this is a let’s same, a domestic issue. It’S this is not an oversea issue, anymore. Studies at University of total City Ulta off at this booklet Alexa. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me cruise ship passengers stranded at sea for two weeks of Affairs. They could be infected with the coronavirus and Fitz and bunks in Cambodia. .
France prides itself on its guiding principles of liberty, equality and fraternity. But how much do those lofty ideals really have to do with the lived day-to-day experience of France’s ethnic and religious minorities? We discuss black identity and the French diaspora with Franco-Ivorian lecturer and author Maboula Soumahoro.

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