The National for Tuesday, Feb. 11 — Impact of solidarity protests; men’s mental health

By | February 14, 2020

The National for Tuesday, Feb. 11 — Impact of solidarity protests; men’s mental health
The National for Tuesday, Feb. 11 — Impact of solidarity protests; men’s mental health
Tonight, anti-pipeline protest, Rancho de bringing their anger to the BC government’s front door across Canada shut down, but not all. First Nations have Branson and his Canadian wife. What is the Mauna Kea now getting to look like Hawaii food? This is the national. What started as a dispute over a natural gas pipeline in remote northern BC has erupted into protests across the and they’re having a serious impact, blocking trains, Transit and even the doors of the BC legislature in hereditary Chiefs, who want the projects.

from downtown Toronto, where protesters Brought traffic to a standstill at Green Lakes from home, and I wonder if maybe you guys would like to go home now to your family’s you’re on our front lawn. Do fleas Belleville Ontario a long line of trucks at idle as protesters blocked access to The Container Terminal NBC Today the protesters brought their message directly to the government, blocking the doors and disrupting the speech from the throne, take sister, the crowded together to block every entrance And staircase to the building ministers were turned away to wiggle their way with the help of police are challenged.

I think it is a very dangerous precedent to stand in support of the West Overton hereditary Chiefs, but despite loud voices of opposition, there are 20 elected she’s along the pipeline route who support the project, including most elected band council’s. I support the project and there’s lots of other with Soldier Tens that support the project. Lots of community members but they’re free voice there their support or show their support because of ostracisation, but still more disruptions in New Haven.

Cn trains haven’t budged since Thursday, and a small group of young people in Bella chain themselves to police cruisers in Vancouver this busy intersection blocked in all directions. Some has little patience left after some delay in speech was delivered, including a promise that reconciliation remains. A top priority is a matter of right and Justice. It’S a journey we are on together, but those streets see you differently. There is no reconciliation on the way. This is going to end is the RCMP leave with students for the road is now clear and Coastal gasoline says work will resume next week.

Tina lovegreen, CBC News, Vancouver, cancel trains, the delayed shipments. They can all have a big cost already we’re hearing tonight. That, via is scrapping all service around the blockade until Thursday. Peter Armstrong tells us with that the hassle, an annoyance of a cancelled train, have asserted cascading effect, Landing many and bus station, hoping for alternative Arrangements. Smith plans got on the bus at 7 a. m. don’t have the money to afford a $ 500 fly right now, more Than a hundred and fifty-seven VIA trains have been canceled along some of its busiest routes between Toronto and Montreal and Ottawa stranding.

More than 24 thousand passengers and the inconvenience of extra time in line is just the tip of the iceberg. 70 % to Freight Ship by ground in this country is moved by rail. Half of Canadian exports go by rail disruption would be felt right across the country and CP and other Rail lines in this country that maybe blockaded transport an enormous amount of goods. Let let me say in a very general way, over 300 billion dollars worth of a year. Key Industries are more vulnerable to a rail disruption. Then others with pipeline shortages, Canadian oil companies have had to rely on Rail, and that has squeezed Canadian Farmers trying to ship green to markets are prevented from moving.

It means those goods are not getting two ports or to American destinations. This disruption is more limited. There’S also no sense of when or how the trains will be able to get rolling. Again, you don’t show province-wide walk out, but, as Sarah Leavitt found it’s starting to try parents patients another week, another strike across Ontario today, Elementary School teachers hit the picket line. This is the second province-wide strike for elementary schools in, as many weeks add to that ongoing rotating strikes.

So far the teachers have had a lot of support, but for some that’s starting to change their using kids leverage at this point and it’s harming them. Gregory Groves works from home. That means strike days are almost a write off, while his six-year-old son Brandon is home until recently grows says he was 100 % and support the teachers. But when fresh talks between the union and the government broke down, he felt his loyalty waiver striking like this. For the reasons they’re striking and holding the schools hostage and damaging our children to the point where they’re losing motivation to learn to me seems kind of barbaric.

I can understand that they’re frustrated and we are frustrated teachers known all. Parents are happy today, a group of parents and their kids growling at the Ontario legislature. People want a better quality of education for the kids and we’re willing to fight for that, even if it means being inconvenience. The sticking points continue to be wages in class sizes. Another over hiring practices has stalled and goes further. The government is reiterating its scent. Staying repeated escalation from teachers union is disappointing.

Gross agreed it’s so frustrating because this shouldn’t happen until an agreement can be reached. The union says the strikes will continue. Sarah Leavitt CBC News Toronto and right now, Ontario, is in a dispute with all four of its teachers. Unions, big sticking point for high school teachers is mandatory on online courses. It just seemed like they like whoever I designed it didn’t match. No, but how long it would take when a student was capable of so it just felt like a lot of pressure was being put on.

You is giving it a failing grade the limits to e-learning later on a national the whole world on watch Chyna’s death toll from the coronavirus pipe again that number now more than 1,100 very much an emergency for that country, but one that holds a very grave threat For the rest of the world. Today, the World Health Organization gave the strain of the virus and named covid 19 Corona virus disease. They avoided naming it after a country or city to avoid stigmatizing any group of people late tonight. We also learned there are 39 new case is on that cruise ship quarantine at a Japanese Port, but the fact remains is bearing the brunt with more than two thousand new cases since yesterday.

So you can imagine the relief overnight when a plane landed on Canadian soil carrying 198 Canadians who are desperate to get out of where the outbreak begin. Ashley Burke introduces us to one family that is especially happy. The last evacuation flight on it to people who never expected to be on board of them sitting in an airplane. When I went there was no guarantee, they were coming home, no guarantee, but not citizens visiting family and who Bay win. A lockdown happened. China said only Canadian citizens are those traveling with a Canadian child.

Could leave really happy how exactly Canada and China made it happened, isn’t clear, but Daniela and dominika made it to Ontario. So happy Dominique has been singing as a thank you to everyone who helped her from flight crew to Red Cross workers at CFB, Trenton of other evacuees. Canada says it’s out of an abundance caution. We decided to take this prudent approach so that we could actually ensure that those people coming from where the epicenter of the illness is are are monitored carefully for symptoms 5 days into quarantine and Miriam Lara says she isn’t going stir-crazy yet 9 days now.

So it’s okay! So far, these two are settling in just fine Sandhills family comes home at last, Ashley work, CBC News Ottawa people were finally to see them celebrate, throw their mouths in the air and to be able to hug everyone and take lots of selfies. It was really exciting. Most of the US state department, employees and their families official stressed there. Zero any are infected and warned against revealing their identities. New Hampshire is finally doing for the u. s. presidential race. What Iowa was supposed to do last week, shortening that long list of democratic flying to take on Donald Trump in the fall? This is the state’s primary day and it’s where Paul Hunter is right in the media center.

Looking at the numbers tonight, the candidates at the top really are not a huge supply. I indeed the New Hampshire universe is unfolding as expected. It’S all about who’s up and who’s down in this state tonight, Bernie Sanders’s up Joe Biden is down. We can talk a bit more about that in a moment, but first, let’s talk about voters. I spent some time polling stations today talk to a lot of Voters out casting their ballots. We watch them thought we talked to them about who they voted for, but more to the point.

What they’re thinking about for November? Here’S a look Stakes are high. The process. Straightforward get the paperwork done pick up your ballot head into a booth, Make Your Mark and drop it in. How did you why I just like his beliefs and ideals just feel like he’s the right one heard a lot of Democrats who have their favorites, but for whom, in the end, that Almost Doesn’t Matter all that, does they told us chickens, out-of-office, there’s like no other Issues, I just don’t like him. It comes from Democrats, but from those who voted today, it’s undeniable as a person is morally corrupt and, as a president, you know he’s done a few good things, so you just want him out, but although Democrats are getting the attention, even those already deemed on the Wane make no mistake.

Republican voters in New Hampshire turned out today as well. They’Re nominee is a certainty. There hold a reminder that whoever Democrats choose there’s a battle ahead so tonight at it seems Andrew Yang, Michael Bennett of dropped out of the race, but for the rest of the candidates, who were the big winners and losers, and all this with carpal. He did what he needed to do. He’S come out on top no surprise innocence, but that’s what I needed to do. He did it, but here’s the surprise of a knight, Amy Klobuchar charge they’re calling her.

Now she had a very strong I big night for Amy Klobuchar third place. That’S a big surprise. Joe Biden V Spot not good for Joe Biden down in the single-digit. He said he wouldn’t do well in New Hampshire. He was right not on the ballot tonight, Mike Bloomberg, he’s not on the ballot March 3rd super Tuesday. The conversation all of a sudden there’s a Democrat field windows down little bit as it is tonight increasingly will be about Mike Bloomberg. He remains Adrian, The X Factor. All for prosecutors have quit the high-profile case of Donald Trump Ally, Rodger Stone today after an extraordinary move, but the US justice department a week before stone, is due to be sentenced on charges, including lying to witness tampering.

The justice department announced it is Seeking a shorter prison sentence than the original 79 years that news came just hours after Trump complained on Twitter about the heft of the sentence, so that is raising new questions about political interference. Trump denies interfering is ridiculous. I thought the whole process was ridiculous. The justice department says it decided to change its recommendation before Trump weighed in an official tells the Associated Press. The initial recommendation cut some of the department off guard.

New Brunswick has announced the major shake-up at 6 hospitals. They are canceling overnight emergency room service to expand long-term care provinces. It makes sense some of those affected say it leaves them vulnerable. Every four still takes a look folks and Sussex aren’t happy. The mood in the dairy town has soured with the news. Local hospital will be losing overnight. Emergency care and residents want their government MLA to know we need to cut the province’s plan affect 6 rural hospitals that treat an average of just five patients.

A night do now, maybe for us to travel up to 75 km to the nearest ER. The six hospitals will also lose their Acute Care status and become chronic Care Centers. Instead, news from offering 24 hour service, seven days a week to operating 8 a. m. till midnight, the cliff that Cliff isn’t demographic nightmare, a rapidly aging population and we’re 35 % of doctors and 40 % of nurses will be ready to retire in the next 5 years. Plain and simple: we just do not have enough people, but for many, today’s proposed cure is worse than the disease.

I was horrified for baffled and outraged that that, apart, if house would drop devastating news like the hunter Community, without consulting with the medical staff, opposition leader, Kevin Vickers, who is threatening to bring down Blaine Higgs his majority conservative government. If it goes ahead with the plan will bring down this government at the first opportunity, all of this leaves conservative Premier Blaine Higgs in the top spot. He leaves a man already government, but even his own Deputy Premier says he can’t support today’s Health Care reforms.

Harry Forestdale CBC News Fredericton very concerned about mental health services at the University of Ottawa after another student suicide V since the beginning of last year. The school says it wants. Those were struck to reach out but, as Sandra adma explains student say they have been but just not being hurt. President Jacques fremaux pleaded with students to contact campus Mental Health Services if they need help. If you are struggling, that you feel you can no longer cope, please reach out for Mom, says the school more counselors to address wait times after students had demanded support following the deaths of four Piers last year, anxious students say they learned of the recent death in The same way, they’ve learned of the four others in a dispatch Kennedy – male student say this – shows a lack of compassion from school administration society and I’m at the limit.

I’M done Alexander Square truck says when she needed it help wasn’t easy to find I’ve called people. I went and person I went online. I went to countless doctors to screaming for help in one of the worst times of my life and nobody is around and the problem stretches beyond the University of Ottawa. The University of Toronto lost for students in 2 years to suicide red is definitely a crisis, and it is something that, as students and the Canadian Federation of students is asking and demanding to be at rest.

Now this third year, Ottowa geology students does the university is still not doing enough and started a petition calling for more improvements. They want to see something done. They don’t want people to keep suffering into, keep feeling this way, and nobody should fight it alone, and we all want change. Y’All need these resources, sofa twenty-eight thousand signatures and Counting CBC News Ottawa. I didn’t even really realize that I was like trying to man up or trying to like be tough after news. The Queen’s grandson is divorcing, is Canadian White Leonard, who moment now welcome back the British royal family has been dealt another blow, the Queen’s grandson announced.

He is splitting from his Canadian white Aaron Collins now on what it means for a monarch already played by negative headlines across London tabloids. Another royal couple won’t be living happily ever after this time. It’S the Queen’s eldest grandson and his wife, who split Peter Phillips. The son of princess and married Adam Kelly in 2008 to Matt and Kelly’s hometown of Montreal, but there were early signs that adjusting to a royal life wasn’t easy. A parent in this CBC interview from 2016 guided me and helps me through.

It told me what to wear and when to wear it, but the Phillips life isn’t entirely Regal as non-working Royals. They pay their own way. Phillips. The fact that had Peter Hawking on Chinese TV, the couple has confirmed the split asking for privacy for themselves and their two daughters for the queen. This is about more than the divorce of her grandson. 15Th, in line for the throne also adds to the growing sense that the royal family is fraying at the edges. This is, after all, just the latest news to take some of the sheen off the Royals in January, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle decided they wanted out need to step away from the Royal duties in live part-time in Canada.

Prince Andrew is also stepped away. From public life solely by his friendship with convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, now this and Royal Watchers say none of it helps the royal. It’S forcing institutions, look at itself to reassess its future. What is the Mauna Kea now going to look like now that way? Three senior Royals down and attempt to show solidarity during tough times or perhaps after another tough day. I need to show they’re still standing here in Collins, CBC News, London Madison Other Stories We are following across the Country Tonite.

The Saskatchewan government committed 1.2 million liters of oil leaks after CP Train derailed last week, jump the tracks southeast of Saskatoon early Thursday morning, prompting the evacuation of about 85 residents from the area official play. A significant portion of the crude was burned off, but this was the second major oil spill in the area. In two months, Alberta’s government has wrapping up the rhetoric around Auto is looming decision on the proposed Tech Frontier oil sands project. If this perspective 20 billion dollar investment is killed because of politics in the liberal caucus room, it will send a chilling effect to Global Investors.

The security of investing in this country says there’s no reason to justify denying the massive proposed oil sands project north of Fort McMurray. The federal cabinet has, until the end of the month, to make a decision. Today, it was elementary school’s later this week, high school teachers in Ontario walk off the job. So next, to look at one of the reasons. Why is happening? The debate over mandatory online class, A terrifying ride to school, caught on video? How did this will be right? Back now to the labor dispute that is keeping Ontario students out of class.

One of the issues in the province’s dispute with high school teachers is mandatory. E-Learning. It will start this fall for those entering grade night Deanna sumac Johnson spoke with the students who tried it and found it did not make the grade awesome Master. My computer programming course living in a small town near Kingston, Ontario Zane Kalman was initially excited about eLearning. Online courses gave him access to subjects not offer it. In his small high school like right, crafts for computer coding, the reality was different workloads.

I think they were really unfair and teachers that didn’t really understand the course material, so they weren’t much help when you tried to communicate with I’m getting this email from your teacher days, Mom Angela worries what will happen to her three younger Sons when he learning becomes Compulsory this fall. She says it will mean hours-long access to computers that students might not have. We do have a computer, but it’s certainly not dedicated to his Youth and internet service is an issue. We have limited bandwidth where we live.

It’S expensive, important links are on the side of the exam students for her PhD. I was here for the average student who really benefits from having a teacher, asked him a question about their learning, recognize and ask and getting the data from their answer and then filling the gap. The knowledge like that takes a specialist while compulsory eLearning experiment has never been done in Canada before 5. Us states have some e-learning requirements with varying results. With makes a difference says this expert is, is properly funded.

There are goody learning environment, Sam goody learning teachers. They key is essentially how we designed to deliver and support the instruction, regardless of the environment easynews. We are proceeding with developing and implementing a made in Ontario program that will ensure students, flexibility, technological literacy and a vast selection of courses. What that means for Ontario families like the Kalamazoo is still unclear for now they’re walking towards the future of learning that is full of promises and big unknowns.

Deanna Savannah Johnson CBC News Toronto bring up about mental health. It’S it’s and later a new twist. In the case against jussie Smollett, the actor accused of Faking a hate-crime we’re back after this. On an average day in this country, 11 people die by Suicide. That’S about four thousand deaths a year and it’s mostly men. They have a suicide rate of about 3 times that of women this week. The Nationals conversation about mental health include some of the barriers to getting help. Tonight, David introduces us to a man who’s using his own story of Despair and survival to help other men Reach Out themselves.

I was really tough time and I just felt like I had to give up like I felt like I was just like putting myself out of my misery, he’s a strange thing Bridge. You once jumped off of more than nine stories straight down. . I thought suicide was inevitable and then once it was inevitable my mind – and I was just living in suffering until I get to the Josh bihari – did and survived credible while in hospital he realized a part of him still wanted to live. I broken like 6 revs high V hairline fractures in, like the the Wing part of my vertebrae.

What’S wrong I’ll bring it to Jim’s, but in there I kind of got a club soap like what it felt like to be normal again, because the emotions lifted for like a little bit, and that was like the first time. I felt anything positive, not feeling fueled. His desire to do what he’s doing now, helping others like him, emerge from what begins slowly for Josh a decade ago by thoughts were getting really. I was tired all the time I wasn’t sleeping well. I have like my muscles just felt weak and I just felt drained like I had no energy and then once, but I couldn’t sleep anymore, that’s when it was like impossible for me to hide.

It was going get Josh. Steel didn’t get help, didn’t talk to friends about what was going on like most men. He stayed quiet. I didn’t even really realize that I was like trying to man up or trying to like be tough, but we just like there’s a part of me like I’ll. Have to figure this out of my own apt to solve this. You know, and I can’t like I can’t ask for help. I don’t want to so we have one new store. I just got some on ending the stigma and helping others. Josh joined up with Dr John acrata check a website dedicated to helping men with mental health issues.

Josh even shares his own story on the site and Josh brings a lot of the elements to the table even more profoundly. He brings his lived experience and that is so cruel, Ulta making sure that what we’re putting out there as far as a helping resoures really speaks to the men were going through. What he went through. The man had a really high suicide rates in about three to four times higher than that among women, and not just in Canada or North America. Been really cool. Believer seen this phenomenon, so we wanted to address that suicide at a higher rate when it comes to seeking help their much lower on a guys feel alone in their experience of depression and suicidal thought.

So we want to break that down and say this is actually pretty common among men all alone, since its launch 5 years ago ever been a million-and-a-half visits to the site. The keywords on how men find Heads Up Guys illustrate the steaks everyday we’re getting more and more email from visitors, some very impactful, profound messages in one that really sticks out. In my mind, it was very succinct – and it said I just read your article about suicide. Pretty sure just saved my life, thank you for giving me hope, one of those menus high-end bartender Julian dobco, who saw himself reflected on the heads up site, a lot of like you, and when you see yourself it it it’s it’s like old women hold on.

I like this person like me, I can do this, I can I can I can. I can stand up, I think, to when you, when you see somebody on their standing up and being strong, and you think I’m weak coming out of the shadows and asking for help a good reminder of the barrier. Stopping men like Julian from talking to anyone about mental well-being, own recovery has been gradual and nothing is a quick fix and healing comes with periodic setbacks, but he feels he’s on the right path and comfortable talking. He wants all men to feel that same open anything, but I want guys to notice no like a point where I just like there’s no turning back.

You know. I got to the point where I thought there was no turning back and somehow I’m still here and I’m doing better, you traveling regularly part of an extraordinary Journey one playing out inside his own mine, David comments. Cbc News, Vancouver A coping with mental health issues can be even harder. People are also dealing with addiction in assistant that experts say, isn’t really set up to deal with such a complex needs, as Bonnie Allen shows us one, Regina mother says her son has been falling through the cracks, since he was a teenager.

It’S terrifying, as a mother. Cuz, you love your kids, so much Anderson is so worried about her son she’s flying from Regina to Victoria. That’S where twenty-three-year-old Keith Cathcart wanders the streets. He has mental health issues, then he’s a did you crystal meth and heroin wasting away from this. To this I have a phone call in the middle of the night, where he’s terrified he’s outside he’s: freezing she’s scared for her son’s safety and the safety of others. I think what if he hurts somebody and I’ve done everything in my power to try and bring attention to the fact that he needs help.

He would cuddle with me, and I mean – is such a sweetheart Cathcart was born extremely premature with a cognitive disability as a teen. He got into fights and spiralled into a life of drugs. He was in and out of jail and treatment. Mental health issues escalated. Cathcart would frequently slide into a psychosis he’s. Hurt me on several occasions, threw a knife at me and it hit the wall. Thank God, punched me. In the face when I was driving down the highway as many as half of people who experience a mental illness also have an addiction and as many as three-quarters of people in drug treatment facilities also have a mental disorder.

Finding a way to care for them is about challenging and controversial, but certain numbers should be institutionalized for their own protection and their safety. This comes from a place of compassion. It’S not a desire to see people walked away and forgotten about they want independently, but they also need some support. Sunday, liver hospitals and jails are not the answer. Very high needs and very highly vulnerable population. That is not getting serviced, but she doesn’t even get to see him Cathcart punched, a worker at a Youth Shelter before she arrived and landed back in jail and another surprise, there’s a no contact order from 2018 that prohibits Cathcart from even seen his mother.

It’S from the last time he assaulted her, but she wants to see him. I went in there, they sat me down it hurts now. They can’t even talk on the phone Sanderson heads home feeling, helpless, Bonnie, Allen, CBC News, Regina. If you are concerned about your own mental health or someone else’s, you should know that help is available. He can call or text crisis Services, Canada and kids help phone or visit them online, alright time for a quick break. But when we come back, the Raptors defy the odds and the skeptic to make history again and that’s what some of the best on the time Memorial on CBC Daily News, podcast front-burner is Justin Trudeau’s charm offensive to get a security Council seat for Canada worth it.

Subscribe wherever you get your podcast welcome back by chance too busy to keep up with the Toronto Raptors nxworries. Here’S a quick recap for the past month. Basically, they want the wraps are on fire, even with some of their best players out with injuries 15 games straight. That is a new Canadian record and not just for basketball, and the fans are pretty good with that. We send Ellen Morrow out to gauge the excitement. No Kawaii no problem play after play, punctuated by gravity to find dunks and shots from Beyond Way Beyond The Ark awesome cool only for ourselves, but you don’t feel Canada for Toronto eclipsing.

The previous records are the Calgary Stampeders every game, the Raptors boat to All-Star players. Pascal siakam and Kyle Lowry and Nick nurse will Coach in the All-Star Game this weekend. All that success, despite a key departure, be kind of that a Kawhi Leonard who moment Now podcast even in the winter he met us on the court. How did it feel to be a rapper stand right now? This team is a lot more fun to watch the last year’s team. Last year there was the where is Kawhi going to sign after this year.

It’S just one, it is. It is constant reminders of. We have the the heart of a champion with hoop dreams. It’S all the inspiration they need. I want to be one of them when I grow up. I want like the Raptors doing the second time, because the first time that was their first-ever championship said they couldn’t do it again, but maybe just maybe that back-to-back Championship Isn’t So elusive. After all, Ellen Morrow, CBC News Toronto or following several other stories tonight in charges laid against American actor jussie Smollett, the former Empire star, was indicted by special prosecutor today on six counts of disorderly conduct.

He is accused of lying to investigators when he complained. He was the victim of racist, homophobic attack in Chicago last January, police, say Smollett, orchestrated the whole thing, paying two acquaintances two-stage the incident in the hopes it would make him more famous and dramatic video. Just please play Ohio police shows the school bus crash from the inside a warning. This could be a bit hard to watch, but it’s important to know. None of the injuries on the bus were life-threatening Define. The accident happened in December.

A Ford Mustang ran a red light and hit the bus. The bus went off the road flipping on its side, sending those kids flying after the crash every wouldn’t manage to get off the buses. Tonight. It’S one of the hottest tickets in Nova Scotia for a dinner. Any other all these folks are not having a picnic on the beach. They are dining on the ocean floor in Nova Scotia on the bottom of cobequid day. He’S blocked there from all over the world hoping to experience eating at the site of the world’s highest Tides.

But only a handful of tickets are available, and this year they sold out in just two minutes at the moment fix our experience and it really is about showcasing the park in the world’s highest highs. We serve a three-course dinner and down on the ocean floor. We only have a hundred piece, so it’s very limited in terms of how many make an offer in like over the phone by a person. We don’t do anything online and we purposely changed to do without ways to that. We have a personal connection with her gas.

The phone wasn’t ringing and I thought okay. This is really weird. It was because the phone lines were jammed, so we waited until the 2nd minute to 10:02 to check the voicemail, but she said: there’s 887 voicemails. We had hundreds of calls and we make it a guarantee that we’ll we’ll call everyone back 87 % of the bookings we took this year, our first time visitors to Nova Scotia, it’s about showcasing local food and we do local even on the ocean floor. And so what does an experience like that cost? You might as well, apparently the first year they charge three hundred bucks a couple.

They didn’t really turn much of a profit, so they jacked up the price to $ 1,300 a couple this year. They still aren’t they given demand. How quickly check to see if you don’t 2 minutes, has really fast. How long does it normally take to sell it normally takes a week to sell out? So two minutes is incredible, but you know maybe it’s because I’m tired or hungry.
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