The National for Tuesday, Dec. 10 — New NAFTA signed; Kenney in Ottawa; How green are electric cars

By | December 11, 2019

The National for Tuesday, Dec. 10 — New NAFTA signed; Kenney in Ottawa; How green are electric cars
The National for Tuesday, Dec. 10 — New NAFTA signed; Kenney in Ottawa; How green are electric cars
Canada’S tree battle finally be over. We made it to the Finish Line. Signing on to a new NAFTA deal presents continuing abuse of his power has left us no choice. Our first close look at the aftermath in New Zealand after a volcano corrupted. Is this the future of air travel, the world’s first electric plane takes flight? This is a national, after years of negotiations to elections and all kinds of political drama between Canada, the US and Mexico. A big moment today that had a real heir of Celebration, all three countries signed on to revise new free trade deal with Canada, calling it a win, win win, and the US quote nothing short of a miracle. Casey Simpson walks us through. What’S different this time there had been great. this moment would ever happen that an agreement was possible after closed-door shouting matches name-calling, broken deadlines and squandered Goodwill, but they made it. This has been a long and at times, Frost negotiation. We made it to the Finish Line because we learned how to work together. Trump stopped man on trade had to find consensus both at home and abroad. Robert lighthiser accepted demands from the Democrats in exchange for a promise to pass NAFTA through Congress in terms of our work here infinitely better than what was initially about a proposed by the administration. Nancy Pelosi ask for a change to make it easier to lower prescription drug prices and demanded new ways to monitor working. When did Mexico to make sure labor and environmental standards are being met, ideas Canada says it had been pushing for from the start. It is a great satisfaction that I see quite a lot of his condition, actually parts of the amended agreement that we all find today. It was more than just Progressive ideas that led to this breakthrough. Mexico accepted deep concessions so much so the Americans try to ease their pain awkwardly gushing over the Mexican president. Katie Christopher Lind heading back here tonight give us a sense of how these new deal is going to be received here in Canada. The aluminum industry, which is a big concern in Quebec, not happy. It is more protections that didn’t come through and that’s going to be a problem for the Liberals. There will likely be more complaints from different industry as a major remember, the most powerful leader in the world President Donald Trump was ready, willing and able to end relationship with the US remained intact, and there tonight is some deep relief in Ottowa. That is still the case: Rosie okay for us in Mexico City tonight, thanks Katie. So now that they knew Nunez the deal has been signed. It needs to be ratified in each country, but the timelines for that are still very much in flux. Mexican officials say they wanted to get their deal to the Senate within hours. The minister Freeland will only say it’s in Canada’s interest to ratify as soon as possible. That will mean, of course, getting a minority Parliament Ali’s part of it on side and the Bloc quebecois. For instance, already expressing some concern in the US, meanwhile, the house is likely to vote before the end of the year, but the Senate probably won’t until Jan play or February Oscar, when many expected Donald Trump’s impeachment trial to take place, and tonight the u.s. president is One step closer to that impeachment trial Democrats in the House of Representatives and it’s too formal charges, Donald Trump abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Susan ormiston has the details from Washington straight up, and so are the Democrats move to impeach the president of the United. The presents continuing abuse of his power has left us no choice, Moore election, let him cheat just one more time. Trump faces impeachment on two charges: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, both related to his pressuring Ukraine, to investigate a political rival for his own personal gain. Call the Chargers week and political Madness before Republicans took aim back in 2016. The Democrats called those who supported Donald Trump, deplorables and now they’re, trying to disqualify their votes set in motion a series of votes this week and next, which could make Donald Trump, the third American president to be impeached. American people will say: is it true and is it what they say and is it then what should be done with it? If it’s true, meanwhile, the rest of us should go about our lives, could intersect in such an unflattering way. Stranger still that Russia sent its top of Diplomat to Washington today of all days to meet the Secretary of State publicly meet privately in the Oval Office with Donald Trump tonight in Pennsylvania. At a rally, the u.s. president stands charged with impeachment and very defiant too flimsy. Pathetic ridiculous articles of impeachment, so the White House strategy denigrate the impeachment process, keep an eye on those Battleground States and prepare for a trial in the senate in January, Susan ormiston CBC News Washington. As for what happens next, in all of this, the charges or articles of impeachment will be debated and voted on by the Judiciary Committee, and that could happen within days. It is expected to pass at 8 trigger a full vote in the House of Representatives. Now remember: the house is controlled by the Democrats, so it’s expected to pass there too, but the next step is where the process could grind to a halt. Since Republicans control the senate or the trial beheld. Still in the United States, six people are dead, including a police officer, a gun battle in the streets of Jersey City. It all started near a cemetery where a police officer was shot. We cry to the family: it’s one of the hardest things that you ever have to see in your entire life grocery store where they hold up and open fire. It was a war, so it was gunpowder and I have never experienced nothing like that. In my life down and bystanders evacuated to safety and three bystanders work, it’s not clear what sparked the violence in New Zealand today, where Monday’s volcanic eruption has now killed. At least six people efforts to recover the bodies of more victims hit a roadblock. Meanwhile, Stephen D’Souza tells us stories. Some of the survivors and their Rescuers are now emerging. Smoke, continue to rise into the clear blue sky above white Island on the ground. A blanket of Ash covers part of the landscape as a helicopter team. Sir First Signs of Life, newlyweds, Lauren and Matthew yeary were on their honeymoon tour in the volcano before it erupted. They survived and Matthew left his mother, a voicemail that she took her quickly called him back in at least got to hear his voice that he was at the hospital, but his hands were severely burned. You really couldn’t use the phone helicopter pilot New Zealand’s prime minister, praised their efforts and Incredibly bright decision under extremely dangerous circumstances. Bodies remained on the island authorities say all are now presumed dead. Recovery teams can’t land until the island is Dean. Safe is actually a scientist, and another eruption is a possibility. The Prime Minister says the priority now is. The survivors, commandment is ensuring that we have the very Beast Kia, so those two I’m who, with engines as a result of eruption, was killed or injured in the eruption, came from Europe, the US, China, Malaysia, Australia, most where passengers on this cruise ship. It stayed in Port during the chaos and left today. Education is underway. Know, it’s not clear who is to blame as a world asks why tourists were allowed to visit such a dangerous site. Steven D’Souza CBC News New York, your dozens of wildfires have blanketed Sydney in a toxic case so thick it’s triggering fire alarms. Yesterday, New South Wales, fire and rescue said they responded to more than 500 fire alarms that off, when smoked seeped into buildings, barely see their their advice to people. If you call with an actual fire, make sure you say so in places the Hayes was up to 11 times the level considered hazardous outside the city. Meanwhile, where the fires are burning, conditions are expected: twohey’s, Justice, Canadian, Michael kovar, again Michael spavor marked a full year to Tay ninh China. Their cases took a new turn and apparently for the worst Beijing says. The pear accused of spying are being handed over to prosecutors. Catherine Cullum explains where that leaves them, and Ottawa was important to just get back to the basic truths about the case after a year and a Chinese Detention Facility without seeing his family or a lawyer and surviving he’s surviving the best he can today and next step. The men could be going to trial really he’s just been a pawn in these geopolitical games and there’s no real evidence that he did anything wrong. Many observers believe it’s our top priority. I know the government sees with trying to get the Canadians released. The prime minister some are urging Canada to get tougher with China, including breathing the assets of some Chinese officials, issues in the relationship. Right now, Canada needs to stand up for our interest for our values for a citizens. Minority parliament in the committee is going ahead. The politics playing out all well Michael Coburg and Michael Survivor continue to live in uncertainty. Catherine Cullen CBC News Ottawa, so it’s Katherine. It’S widely believed that cover against average detention is linked to Canada’s arrest of mwanzo. But while the outlook for the two Canadians looks as Grim as ever, amongst defense team scored a significant Victory. She has won the right to access documents regarding her arrest. Mom’S defense suggests that they’ll reveal that police actually conspired with the FBI to violate her write. The judge was clear that remains to be seen, But the claims are serious enough to be examined for extradition. Hearing begins next month. Justin Trudeau in need of allies in Canada’s West appears to be in listening mode, and today they had a lot to say. David Cochran has some of the reality behind today’s face-to-face photo op. They are political Rivals, political opponents trying her to work together. The past couple of days with what I call Tina of demand. Some the Prime Minister, won’t meet. Some. The Prime Minister was willing to listen to our case and indicate an openness on a number of issues that open is, has some limits? Kenny wants Trudeau to scrap a liberal environmental laws. He says the oil patch happened, but they could be tweet to make life easier for the energy sector. He’S indicated in openness, and we appreciate that the Prime Minister reiterated the government’s openness to talk about implementation. If there was common ground on those environmental laws and on finishing the TMX pipeline expansion, it was respectful and it was intelligent and there was an exchange among leaders of such an important. The words were nice with both sides turning down the temperature, but once I’d keeping up the pressure as Kenny made it clear he’s looking for Action, the next few weeks will be critical in determining the seriousness federal government to respond to the deep and legitimate concerns in Western Canada on the agenda is Alberta’s request for Ottowa to find a way to support oil-producing Robinson’s. Financially. That request has the backing of all of the provincial governments. They just need the federal government to say yes, David Cochran, CBC News Ottawa on out over misconduct allegations II. Now in just two weeks, Jim Montgomery of the Dallas Stars was abruptly fired today. We don’t know exactly why yet, but as Jamie Strachan explains, this comes just after League promised to bring the hammer down misconduct just a year-and-a-half after he was hired Jim Montgomery just out Dallas Stars general manager, Jim Nill, wouldn’t say exactly why I’m not going to discuss The acting, fortunately, can’t that I cannot divulge is that Montgomery was fired for an unprofessional act disclose to the team on the weekend. That’S where the something that happened in his personal life, which, if and when uncovered, would reflect poorly on him and on the team investigation is underway, its Phoenix stomach month that all started when the Toronto Maple Leafs fired head coach Mike Babcock stories quickly emerged from former And current players alleging Babcock tactics, then former NHL Rakim Ali, you said Calgary Flames head coach Bill, Peters made racist comments to him: Peters resigned a few days later. There lines that cannot be clearly physical abuse and racial and homophobic language crossed the line and general managers and plans of possible hotline Batman acknowledged a gray area. If something became harassment that would get my attention more than you know. A single yelling incident player signed contracts. Are the union they’re paid wages for the work they perform, highly-paid all the it, but nonetheless it’s a workplace and like any other workplace in Canada and United States. There have to be rules around the treatments of of the employees. Lublin says the world is changing quickly in the NHL, can’t afford to stand still Jamie Stratton CBC News Toronto. Next, how is Boris Johnson doing just days before the UK election a closer look at his campaign and some thoughts from his dad? Why not and the biggest meth bust in Manitoba’s history we are back into the UK election is just two days away and according to the latest polls, Boris Johnson’s conservatives are on track for a majority ulcers. Have the Tories at 43 % support with the labor party? Trailing at 32, the country of course, is mired in the 3-year debate over brexit and if those numbers pan out Johnson would have the majority that he needs. Finally, push that deal through. In fact, as Renee filippone reports get brexit and done seems to be Johnson’s. Singular campaign focused, but will it be enough to sway weary British voters on the final days sticking to message clearance, simple, it’s been Boris Johnson strategy says it needs to win. What are we going to get done? Is selling Johnston is the only man who can end the stalemate made this promise before that you will not get back to Brussels and ask for another Delight breakfast brexit. Instead, he forced an election throughout. His trustworthiness has been questions in this election new backlash this week. When a reporter tried to show him a picture of a child forced to lie on the floor of an overcrowded Hospital, Gucci has been campaigning for call clearly beating Johnson in an election for Oxford Union president. He says the man hasn’t changed. He’S still focuses on jokes to the flags supposed very sore place with his head Personalities in the age. You are clearly to have no pail leaning into that populist label. He has been branded with in the final days of the campaign Johnson vora’s from a Christmas classic rebranding. It brexit actually filipponi CBC News London in this country tonight, including a cleanup underway in the maritimes after an overnight storm, forced dozens of people from their home. What woke you up last night, just a bang like it felt like an earthquake. I did actually shocked and Saint John. Nearly 50 people were evacuated after two apartment. Buildings were badly damaged by just Relentless winds. Parts of New Brunswick saw flood damage caused by heavy rains. Be more powerful, wind gusts, also forced evacuations in Nova Scotia, some 60 people were ordered out of this apartment. Building after Stormy Weather blew out most of the roof at the storms, more than 60 thousand customers were without power. In that reason, the result of this year-long project is the largest seizure of methamphetamine in the history of Manitoba, 85 kg of meth and cocaine. All part of what officers are calling I historic, organized crime investigation in western Canada, a total of 9 rays were executed, involving dozens of officers and Winnipeg and Calgary officials say drugs seized in this bust alone, had a street value of 6 and 1/2 million dollars from Day, one with no change at all rhetoric, which is the opposite of good faith bargaining. So he can see there. The back and forth continues between the government and the union representing public Secondary School teachers, 11 School Board, including the Toronto District, Canada’s largest school board. When we come back, flight delayed or canceled will soon you’ll finally be able to ask for compensation, but there’s a catch. There always is what you need to know before you fly, so that the Busy holiday season is almost here and it will be the first one where Canadian Travelers will be with new passenger rights. The first phase came into effect this summer and covers lost luggage and being bumped off flight. The second phase, though, takes effect this Sunday and covers delays and cancellations, but it’s Jacqueline Hansen tells us there’s already. Cancer Airlines will find loopholes. The countdown is on to the next wave of Airline passenger right, especially at Canada’s busiest airport. Time is worth that, so I like it under the new rules. If passengers are delayed for more than 3 hours, major airline, such as Air, Canada and WestJet, will be on the hook for between 400 and $ 1,000. But there are exceptions. Airlines don’t have to pay if a delay or cancellation is due to weather or if an aircraft has unplanned mechanical maintenance, While most Travelers, no doubt for her safety over speed summer considered. Airlines won’t admit. Corruption is their fault, mechanical problems versus what we probably were saying before it, and critics of those in the European Union, where most delays due to mechanical issues are covered. Carriers may take advantage of. I think it’s got a lot of good stuff in it, but it’s far from perfect, but the National Airlines Council of Canada warns that the new rules will increase cost for Airlines and in turn will push, Bears hire for consumers. Smaller carriers, such as Sunwing, Porter and flare, will be responsible for smog between 125 and $ 500, should never exceed the price of the ticket for one thing for the passengers, because if you’re just rationalizing the airlines, if you’re just being ridiculous in terms of levels of Competition being paid out said that they’ve had their own internal policies in that they do compensate people under some circumstances. If that’s true, they shouldn’t really be paying out much more now than they were before $ 25,000 per violation, and the Canadian Transportation agency says it will be tracking flights to make sure that Travellers who file for compensation and deserve it yet paid Jacqueline Hansen. Cbc News. Toronto also, as of Sunday, Airlines will be required to see children near their parent or Guardian, so the child is under 5 years old. They will have to be in an adjacent seat if there, between 5 and 11 they’ll have to be in the same row. No more than a Cedar Park and if there are 12 or 13 they have to be within two rows of their parent or Guardian. Until now, Airlines has their own policies, but they were under no obligation to follow them, prompting some families to pay extra to make sure they were seated with their children still had on the national or series on electric vehicles continue. Are they really better for the environment? David Kamen find out electric steam plane takes flight at 10 board is believed to have crashed near Antarctica. The Hercules C-130, with carrying 21 passengers and 17 crew when it took off from the southern part of Chile. Those on board were sent to assist with maintenance at the Antarctic base, but controllers contact with the plane about an hour into the flight. The Air Force says there is little chance of finding survivors. Memorial is growing outside of check hospital after a gunman killed six people before fatally shooting himself earlier today, the attack happened in the hospital’s waiting room. The gunman opened fire without warning, hitting nine patients for men and two women were killed and three other people were wounded. It’S still unclear what motivated the show reports, those two just a man with a patient at the hospital and in Pennsylvania today, Bill Cosby lost his bid to overturn his sexual assault. Conviction. Cosby’S lawyers argue the judge improperly allowed five women to testify last year’s retrial, even though only one testified at the first trial. But today the Court ruled the testimony is allowed because it establishes a pattern of drugging and assaulting women that 82 year old actor and comedian is serving up to years in prison for 2,000. For encounter a spokesperson says they will try again in state supreme court this week on the national we are taking a closer look at electric vehicles. Can I Supply keep up with demand and tonight we’re looking at what electric vehicles can and can’t do to mitigate environmental damage? Now electric vehicles obviously recyclable, but they’re not infallible, designed to solve one environmental problem. They now actually present another one in place of the standard combustion engine V’s run on batteries, which suggests the cleaner, more fish power source with less waste. But the truth is it’s not quite that simple battery production comes with its own environmental impacts, but as the industry grows, there’s already an effort to get ahead of the curve. Are David Common looks into this one too get into the guts of a car. You’Ll find all those polluting Parts, gas tanks and exhaust system. Mcdonald’S is extracting something new. So this, where you keep the batteries yeah, we store them here before we ship them out. This is them The Cars Since well. Cars first existed back when the internal combustion engine was first used on Wheels. No one gave much thought to its carbon footprint kind of how we got to the point where, at today nearly quarter of carbon emissions come from the Transportation sector for manufacturers Under Pressure. Now, from consumers and governments, electric vehicles are seen as the new direction that the center of the cars but Central to their success. So are they Greener how much so back to the salvage yard, with footprint hi Jennifer Gan? Okay, so you work at Northwestern University Center for engineering sustainability and resilience and you’re the person to answer this question. What are the things when it’s an electric vehicle that you take into account about its Environmental? One really important aspect of an Eevee to think about is its battery. There are a lot of moving cards there to really dig into to understand the environmental effect. What are the kinds of things that you consider that helps the battery is produced from a number different Metals, so things like nickel and Cobalt and lithium, and each of those medals has a different supply chain. Choice for today is capable of packing more than 10 times. The power of a daily household electric needs, a car mining is eating up fresh water supply in South America’s lithium. Rich Regents requires harsh chemicals in extraction in North America, then there’s copper, nickel, Cobalt, all with dark sides of Their Own. So what’s the solution? Efforts to try and think about responsible Supply chains, but there’s still more that we can do to understand this and we’re really an opportunity stage now, where restarting still ought to ramp up our use the TVs and we have a chance to really understand the supply chain. Understand environmental effects and and do our best to make those with minimal possible. We are at a stage where Electric are better for the environment, but there not some Utopia. Charger battery really matters to electricity to charge your EV, then the environmental benefits of GG benefits aren’t as cool is one of the least green ways to generate electricity for anything including, but coal generated power is still turn to Jennifer’s numbers. North American electrical grid, which rgv’s are made up of a mix of cool but plenty of nuclear and hydro, an EV powered by that Nick’s means half the emissions of a gas car, but you’re Renewables like wind. That’S where he’s really maximize their potential, virtually no negative impact on the environment. Of course, even if we get to better mining practices, more responsible Supply chains and renewable electrical grids, we still have piles of batteries in Andrew’s yard and many others. Those manufacturers build these things and then were expected to figure out what those cars are made of, so Martha pop and components in metal components. But now these are complicated. Chemistry set we’re trying to figure out so there’s lots of stuff going on in the research labs around the world, trying to figure out what to do with these things, but certainly there’s a big potential for for what you can do with them. What are the top lithium battery research labs in the world is actually right here in Canada, Dalhousie physics department, looking at both after life applications for batteries and extending the life of the batteries themselves, Jeff The Man Behind the groundbreaking paper, but not about teaching us the Basics: what’s that pouch type lithium ion cell, so I have here small cells that we use in our research and if you cut open this pouch and extract what we call the jelly roll you’ve see. What it looks like Miss aluminum foil is the current collector for the positive electrode we come to this black material. That’S the positive electrode material. In this case, it’s in our jargon called nmc, nickel, manganese, Cobalt oxide, but did think of you are rolling it. Would it look like a fruit roll-up, a whole lot more power into that we’re trying to help make lithium ion batteries last longer or trying to help lower their cost and we’re trying to improve their energy density, so they can store more energy per unit weight? Why does that kind of thing matter: Ann Arbor eliminate fossil fuels, it’s clear, okay, and if you want to use renewable energy for your source of power, while the sun and the wind aren’t there all the time. So that means you have to be able to store electrical energy and, more importantly, you know how the heck do you figure out if a battery is going to last 30 years and experiments that only take a few weeks not challenging fun? What’S the funds are solving these problems, that’s what scientists do right, they get involved in their work and they think man. I want to figure this out. I want to develop methods to solve these problem solving problems for a long time. Also, how do you ensure The Greener option gets even more so David CBC News, Mississauga ontario –, but for some the real measure of ability is in the air, and today there was a major breakthrough: the world’s first-ever, a successful flight by a commercial aircraft using only Batteries and it’s really miss shifting, explains it’s a win for the industry and for Canada. This me look like a normal old seaplane, it’s anything but and it’s making history that doesn’t admit any carbon emission very much dependent on clear Scott. The pilot, also the head of the airline, successfully resisted the winds and the nervous anticipation of those watching this a charging glitch the night before people out of the corner of my eye, but it wasn’t the focus for me. So it’s also the business as usual is completely unfamiliar. Harbor air is aiming to become the world’s first all-electric Airline, a crowded race to Green, an industry where emissions are rising faster than all other modes of Transport. These few minutes in the air took months of her ripping out its mid-twentieth-century got done, replacing its old motor with an electric one. Adding big rechargeable battery the plane still weighs as much as if it were loaded with fuel and its new motor only has enough battery charge for a short flight. That’S why it works for the seaplane company that makes short hot and two cities near Vancouver. The man whose company designed the motor knows there’s a long road ahead, but he wants the electric planes in the air in the next 2 years. This is the first time that propulsion system flu on this aircraft. What the regulatory body will want to see is that this happens all the time consistently. What happens when things go wrong and certification process will be bumpy for Canada entering brand new territory. There will be many more test. Flights before passengers can also hop aboard a fully electric plane, souleyman 50 CBC News, Richmond BC. When we come back, some BCC M & R feeds in extinction and the clock to is ticking to solve the problem, we will look at Y in a few minutes. Add cast some salmon stocks and BC, maybe facing extinction a rockslide last year. Block of critical migration route now is Tanya. Fletcher shows us. The race is on to find a solution before the next spawning season. Over 30 species of fish that reside here in the 900 mile Fraser River, several hundred kilometres Upstream, a massive slab of rock crumbled off the side of a cliff walking the salmon migration path and triggering an emergency response. The summer helicopters flew tens of thousands of fish Southland over the slide in Buckhead Cruz, eventually created a natural passageways of the salmon could swim through on their own, but for some, the rescue operation was too stressful and to delicate spawning cycle documents obtained by CBC News. Now reveal a dire Outlook. Government scientists believe there’s a meaningful chance of Extinction for three salmon runs. Others believe it’ll be much worse, not three. We may see 10 15 20 of the runs potentially being driven into Extinction. I cried when I, when I first heard that news some bands have already made alarming observations of their own. They noticed that there were very few salmon up there and some and some tributaries there were no other where they used to go. There were none counting for next season to the internal report, warns, there’s a good chance. Natural passage won’t be fully restored in time for the 20/20 Salmon Run and officials are now asking for help if it wasn’t until late November, the Federal put out a formal request for information they’re looking for ideas from the industry to private-sector and First Nations on way To get the remaining rocked out of the river summer frechette and it takes all the way till December to even start the current contract analysis. Canadian military should be in there that Public Works a catastrophe. Experts worry will spell the end for salmon stocks already not to their knees by Mother Nature, Daniel Fletcher Avenue, Chilliwack BC right after the break. What’S got these New Brunswick signing up for a long time in the rain to word chicken bones next, so these people got up bright and early to line up around the block on a rainy morning for a new take on a classic holiday Maritime tree, chicken bones Lips cure made from cinnamon flavored hard candy stuffed with chocolate. Chicken bones candy has been around for Generations, but it was only this year that a New Brunswick Distillery turned it into small batch lecure. Today was the second run of the stuff and absolute Mania for it. As it turns out is, I have my bottle of chicken bone liquor. Finally, I was in line for proximately 2 hours at 7:30. I was planning to get here in about a half an hour early and I decided better come earlier. How lucky do you feel now? Very, very chicken bones and send a big thing in our family for Generations. We don’t go Christmas without at least having chicken bones in the house, and this will be something nice we just faked it in the past. With you know the fireball in the chocolate, but they say it’s different than that, we’re going to have it our Christmas dinner kotoba. I also know what chicken bones are and I can vouch for their deliciousness and might have been in that line so good on your New Brunswick, perhaps across the country. That’S a national forget to put December 10th Tuesday night everyone’s thanks for watching
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