The National for Sunday, Feb. 16 — Trudeau scraps diplomatic trip over rail blockades

By | February 17, 2020

The National for Sunday, Feb. 16 — Trudeau scraps diplomatic trip over rail blockades
The National for Sunday, Feb. 16 — Trudeau scraps diplomatic trip over rail blockades
Can I test negotiation at the Ontario Real blockade and the Prime Minister cancels a trip to deal with the standoff ASAP in Japan? Isn’T over yet in a Cell for 17 hours in the midst of a medical crisis that was going to die alone, top scorer? But Canadian team captain Christine Sinclair, wants to talk about something else. Beating the USA for Olympic gold is the national real traffic is still paralyzed in half the country Imports Ark log onto Coast after 11 days of real blockade, and now the prime minister is cutting short.

His diplomatic tour to deal with it later today is office, said he’s staying in Canada to focus on infrastructure disruptions as a reference to the protest and supportive what’s sold in hereditary Chiefs, who want to stop and gas pipeline in BC and there’s no telling when those Pro white end, it’s important to let the government know that if we stand together, we actually hold a lot of land in Canada and if we stand together as one we can do, a lot Sevyn Streeter, slow traffic to the Confederation Bridge was too small to block Transport trucks as planned, but it’s just a taste of the disruption and anger felt from one end of the country to the other in Niagara, Falls Ontario dozens gather to block the rainbow bridge to New York State.

It’S not use for commercial trapping with thousands of car is typically travel on the bridge. On a Sunday yesterday, this day-long protest, the Mohawk camp near Belleville, Ontario, is having the biggest impact on real traffic Olivia stefanovic. Is there Services, Minister Mark Miller, they’re not going anywhere that has forced Justin Trudeau to stay in Canada? Prime minister needs to come here and and out Weston and get the real story. Cbc News has obtained audio recordings of part of the meeting at this community center.

They were taken by an indigenous activist inside and they show Miller’s attempt to get real traffic moving, even temporarily appear to be were bumped ordings also revealed one of the episode in hereditary Chiefs join the discussion over speakerphone. The chief asked the Mohawks to dig in August painful at times after the meeting Miller, characterize that discussion as productive but said, there’s a lot more work. That needs to be done. It is better to entertain Dylon and talks rather than having police forces intervene when it called play action by local politicians.

What did the death of a Quebec police officer today, Mueller told radio-canada? The current negotiations are haunted by the shadow Avoca. The government is winning the potential for violence against public anger, an opposition, Jabs kinda Nega, some breaking news tonight after mounting pressure, New Brunswick is backed off controversial reforms to Healthcare. In a statement the premier cited, a multitude of reaction is in his decision not to pursue reform plans. This comes after protests promises from the opposition to bring down the minority conservative government in on Friday, the loss of the Deputy Premier equipped to Citizen independent.

The reaction triggered in part by the plan contact night Emergency Care at 6, rural hospitals. All the response to the coronavirus has been as straightforward as it is severe quarantine cases, lockdown zones of infection, seal them off from the world. But tonight we have two cruise ships where those efforts may have failed. Docking Cambodia, the westerdam any of its passengers, allowed to leave under the belief they were all virus free, but it turns out at least one passenger got off that ship while carrying the virus.

More of that in a moment then there’s the Diamond Princess in Japan, hundreds of its passengers infected the rest trap for Canadian passengers Escape may be coming, but Sasa petricic tells us why there were deal of. Isolation is far from hundreds of Americans left the Diamond Princess cruise ship Sunday night boarding buses on the Yokohama Pierre and later US Government flights to California. They are the first passengers allowed to go home Canadian set to follow according to an announcement from Ottowa late Saturday.

They are to be brought back on plane, charter flights, Wednesday all are eager to escape, but Vancouver is Jennifer. Lee calls a luxury jail, a ship full quarantine. We’Re almost one-in-ten have been gradually infected so long already, and the number 6 keep going up. So it is better to get out of here ASAP Lee and more than 200 other uninfected Canadians have been emailing and lobbying Ottowa to bring them out of the cabins and limited deck areas or they’ve been confined for almost two weeks. Just getting answers in the past couple days: it’s it’s been stressful, frustrating to Trudy Clemente told me from the ship today related today with the news, but it was a long time coming deal is over once they are flown to Trenton Ontario Clayface, another two weeks of Quarantine, Craig, your ex, is exasperated glad the government finally got off their butt and did something 14 days: more quarantine, princess largest cluster of the disease outside China, but in China the coronavirus continues to spread infecting more than 70,000 killing over 1,500 State media is claiming signs Of progress showing pictures of patients who have recovered leaving hospital officials, say new infections are dropping you, don’t the change.

Prevention and control are starting to work, says the National Health commission know it’s numbers are hard to track because China’s way of counting has changed several times. So it’s not sure if it’s not clear for the numbers alone, whether China is turning. What is Beijing focus of this point of political pressure on this one? Over the weekend, there was a statement saying that President Xi Jinping new about the danger this virus 2 weeks before any serious moves to contain it. That was meant to reassure Chinese that he’s on top of things, but instead it’s raised questions about why he didn’t act sooner and thank you.

My pleasure in many places outside China de virus seems more contain, but the westerdam shows how fragile that is. One case seems to have slipped past Health officials procedures. That track is on board the cruise ship for days. When is Austin, Grabbers tells us tonight. Canadian officials have brought in new restrictions on returning Canadian passengers. This is a walk of relief for 2 weeks, Stephen Hanson. In his life were among the 271 Canadian stock aboard the western dance on February 1st and had many stops along the way before ending pan, but the ship was turned away by five different countries.

Over fears of the Coronavirus haunted ship. The company said there was no known or suspected cases of the coronavirus onboard Cambodia agreed to let the passengers disembark on Friday after they were screened, but one of the passengers and American woman who then flew on to Malaysia Tyson’s tested positive for covet 19 and not As alarming Health experts, because the passengers were trapped aboard but not confined to their rooms, it’s concerning to me that there’s a passenger on this cruise line that tested positive for Coronavirus that and the fact that this Cruise Line was not quarantine.

That makes other passengers at risk. They pass through at least three countries before riding in Vancouver, without a little bit like that movie Argo. You know where you’re trying to get the Arabian hostages out, but everything was routine until they arrived home border agents at the Vancouver airport. We’Re waiting at the gate to escort them, and that was about it so and we know we we signed a form. If I would really wasn’t there a health for him, it was really more Justin Immigration Form tonight Health officials say all the ships Canadian passengers are now being instructed to go to self quarantine for 14 days and will undergo further examination and screening Austin grab a CBC News Winnipeg, but instead she’s stuck at home in Canada all because she holds a Chinese passport very unfortunate.

You can’t bring your when she learned she was banned from getting on board a Norwegian Cruise Line. The company’s new policy doesn’t allow anyone with a Chinese Hong Kong or Macau passport to board their ship regarding where they live. Now Royal Caribbean is doing the same. It’S a change meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but Yang hasn’t been to China Inn at least 6 months policy is how to send all the messages. You are very welcome on board and don’t worry, there will be no Chinese people, organizing the booking, is working on getting a refund for the entire group coronavirus or diminishing some of the enthusiasm it around the upcoming Tokyo Olympics we’ve always as well.

The way I had Chris Brown on the preparations underway, which now includes reassuring people, the country is safe and Alberta. Man is going public tonight about the 17th frightening hours he spent in jail cell, the RCMP arrested, I’m thinking he was drunk. In fact, he was having a stroke and is Rosa marchitelli, explain their surveillance, video showing what happened. He went from being alert to this struggling to stay and repeatedly falling down and eventually lying on the concrete floor. One side of his body, Paralyzed by stroke, virtually ignored by RCMP, says a lawsuit Undertaker scares me is that I was going to Die Alone released for public intoxication in 2015.

After a bar employee called, please say he was drunk and acting strangely, despite being served only water at the bar. I don’t blame the RCMP for for picking him up. He probably did look like he was intoxicated now if they had just watching him when he was in there, they would have noticed that something wasn’t right. Something wasn’t adding up. The video shows rules condition getting worst 12 hours passed before anyone enters his cell to physically check on him. That officer pokes his head in for a few seconds.

, I had to crawl to get any place and then calls paramedics. A neurologist report says rule may have suffered an initial stroke before his arrest, that could have been confused for intoxication and then it mass of one while in custody. Adding it’s difficult to say if earlier medical at would have helped RCMP dispute all the allegations and deny any responsibility for what happened to rule saying there were no obvious signs. He was in medical distress, but this expert in policing, hired by rules lawyer, does the evidence strongly suggest office ignore their own operating procedures.

In spite of evidence that there’s a person undergoing a medical crisis Zone manuals require officers to look for signs of drowsiness. That may be an indicator of serious illness or injury, including stroke, if in doubt, the manual wreaths immediate medical assistance, your life is over little did. I know that it really was over to a certain extent. Okay, I’m still still breathing. But what I know of my life before this has gone for more offshore drilling consultant, who had no plans to retire before his stroke is now helping the lawsuit will help him pay his bills, saying he and his wife of 36 years are struggling financially Rosa marchitelli’s Cbc News Calgary, please send an email to go public at cbc.

ca. The US president had quite the moment at the Daytona 500 NASCAR race, taking to the track in the presidential limo for the Reese’s actually focused on his in November, while his Democratic Challengers were busy trying to run each other off. The road all Hunters shows has more there’s no denying Donald Trump knows his audience. First, a fly by above the 100,000 people at the Daytona 500. Then these words, but there was more Trump’s visit, also included a drive around inside the presidential limousine, with Millions more watching on TV, knowing NASCAR fans tend to Republican, and this was the day after Trump stage.

What’S said to be the biggest fundraising dinner in US history $ 580,000, a couple raising some ten million dollars for Trump’s re-election bid for Democrats. Meanwhile, that other rapes, the one for the White House, is now focused on Nevada. We’Re early voters turned out this weekend casting ballots for next weekend: State caucus with former FrontRunner joke current front-runner, Bernie Sanders and the rest all bushing for votes in their battle to take on Trump directly as Sanders put it last night, Donald Trump one-term president.

Indeed, despite Trump’s big weekend, he also hit a speed bump from more than a thousand former officials with the US Department of Justice. A public letter calling for the resignation of trump attorney general Bill bar after fart last week acted too he’s a prison sentence for Trump Ally. Rodger Stone Trump had pressed for a lesser sentence bar took steps toward that, but denies it was on Trump’s directive. The letter calls their behave, a grave threat to the fair administration of justice. Still none of that seemed to matter today.

In Daytona USA, they chanted Paul Hunter CBC News, Washington. Another story: wear watch tonight is the so-called bomb Cyclone roaring across Britain. Storm-Force winds and heavy rains authorities have issued hundreds of flood warning turn show cars being swept away after one River broke its banks, then. Is he barely a week after storm cheer or cause similar disruptions? Wow the weather forced dozens of flight cancellations, but not this one. An Airbus struggling to land at London Heathrow Airport fighting a heavy crosswind.

The pilot couldn’t quite stick to the runway, but still managed to get this plane down safely tonight. Baseball fans for fondly remembering one of the great Tony Fernandez died at the age of 57 and set records that still stand today. Also set him apart. Seasons with the Blue, Jays won four gold gloves and helped the Jays win. A World Series is the Blue. Jays all-time leader in games, played, hits and tripled Hernandez leaves behind his wife and five children. He’S been battling kidney disease and died from complications after a stroke on the field was not for him, but for his family Fernandez spoke openly about growing up in poverty in the Dominican Republic.

He said he first learn to catch using a milk carton as a glove and socks as a makeshift baseball, humble beginnings that kept him ground. I really didn’t have anything to do with dollars and sense or ego or anything like that. He was just sort of perfection. Driven is right here. He was originally signed by the Blue Jays in 1979 at age 17 and returned in time for the 1993 World Series win to wear had to go. He looked like she was moving in slow motion right Fernandez. One over fans and the baseball Community with his kind spirit and love for the game star in the sky, Italia, Ricci, CBC News, Toronto, Hills of breaking the goal scoring record for international soccer.

Christine Sinclair has another goal in mind: I’m not going to lie like a gold medal in Canada’s greatest soccer player and who she really wants to beat on the pitch & Ally hockey after hockey NHL tough guy to the host of a wildly popular podcast. Changing the game, and so I thought as a royal destination for back right after this is us. The time we’ve received extended from wi child is. That is not case for any contingency plans. Angelina guys are moving. The game’s wants to go to the international Olympic Committee confirm this week.

The Tokyo games must go on this, despite the ongoing fears of a global Corona virus outbreak and the high number of athletes in visitor coming in from around the world. Still, there is no way to know the state of the outbreak comes a lion that has some in Japan, worried about the potential impact Chris Brown is. There will make way for the Olympic Games at the saitama stadium on the outskirts of Tokyo, and hopefully the coronavirus. Won’T spoil the competition she told us already, the more than 200 cases from the quarantine cruise ship in Yokohama have some countries, including South Korea, telling their citizens to avoid Japan, but food vendor yoshio totalsportek visitors really have nothing to be concerned about the Olympics.

At this point, the Olympic does appear to be unstoppable, with new venue such as for tennis and BMX competitions opening up by the week still Olympic organizers have had to scramble to make backup plans case scenario the coronavirus put last several months, so health and government officials Here are trying to figure out how athletes might be screen, how qualifying events might be affected and how to reassure International visitors that it still safe to visit Tokyo games. President says his officials have struck a task force to track of virus related issues, and this veteran Canadian Olympic Watcher expects its work will be focused on handling crowds, especially in venues.

We’Ve always screen people from a security perspective. I suspected will we start seeing more around health screening as well, so do people are people wearing masks or they can be required to wear masks. Lucy is unlikely to do is reduce Olympic ticket sales. After all, the whole idea is to get as many people as possible celebrating their athletes, even if they have to do it wearing a face mask Chris Brown, CBC News Tokyo, Canada’s women’s soccer team has high expectations for the Tokyo Olympics, led by their Captain Christine Sinclair.

Now she would probably prefer we talked about her team, but at the risk of making her uncomfortable. We want to focus for a moment on her and her record-setting, Christine Sinclair the goat, Christina. We are so very proud of you and thank you for all the joy that you have brought us breaking the all-time International goals record. What an accomplishment, if, by any player from any country, pushing through the Lowe’s to unprecedented highs for Canadian team on her way to goal 185 off-the-field Burnaby native, remains uncomfortable with all the attention but deeply aware of her responsibility and off the pics.

I spoke with seemed clear at fittingly BC Sports Hall of Fame about that goal and the Big Challenge ahead. I’M going to ask you about 185, the question five million times before, but what did it mean to ticked away? And I know it was going to happen or just a matter of when it’s real to do with my teammates in an olympic qualifying tournaments, pretty special and and then we went on to qualify for the successful tournament, get a chance to take a step back and See how the world reacted to it, because really people from all walks of life.

I gave myself a little bit of time after the game to sorta see what was going on and yeah heard from some remarkable people, Billie Jean King or prime minister, always very nice things to say it is overwhelming. I know what she’s thinking about you is so some of the star u. s. players were thinking about you too so and they reacted to Billie. Jean is a tweet, so that was that was prequel speaking The Americans. Would you think about the US team often and you think, about Canada and you know playing the US, perhaps in Tokyo, so yeah? If we want to reach our ultimate goal, which is to get on top of the podium in Tokyo, we we have to figure out a way to beat them, and we just.

We have to be at our absolute best for the type of team that takes advantage of any mistake you make but they’re beautiful, they’re not Untouchable, and I think that’s something. We realized recently that we’re right there or not untouchable something better than a bra on individually collectively and when we do that, we’re capable of anything. So I’m not going to lie like a gold medal. Today there a lot of young women girls, basically on the team, and maybe your biggest goal – is to inspire them, not just in soccer but beyond.

I have a unique opportunity with where soccer was taking Mason to to help Inspire special young girls to dream those crazy wild dreams, lucid dream them put in the work and absolutely anything else, last question: beyond the the role model you are for them beyond what soccer Can do for them? What do we all have to do? Do you think in Canada to encourage more young women to play soccer at a higher level? The opportunities that are there for every young boy need to be the exact same forever. Young girl yeah? Maybe when I’m done playing Dolby my next, my next job behind the scenes of spittin Chiclets, we try to let people inside the locker room and I think that they appreciate that talking about his game.

It’S not often a player finds greater Fame and more influence in hockey after retiring. It’S likely. No one is done that quite the way. Paul bissonnette has these colorful controversial any Embraces numidia the podcast spittin Chiclets can be coarse and candid and there’s no questioning its popularity. I went to see to talk to Bissonnet about his unusual path to starter and Paul. Bissonnette is getting his game face on boy who grew up playing hockey. I was fortunate enough to transition my game from defense, the forward and and carve out a 5-year NHL career, where I spent a lot of time with Moshe fighting and sitting on the bench and most the time actually in the Press.

What’S up little bit of social anxiety with a camera phone around here broadcast for the Arizona Coyotes? Rarely do I miss playing. I miss the atmosphere in the locker room and I got the podcast back is sore to the season old cereal and when he did get on the ice he was off and doing this. If you search for videos of Bissonnet playing hockey, it’s fights, not goals. Define is how he got his nickname, biznasty and, while his career might have been unremarkable, his self made multi media success since then, including a Twitter following a more than a million people, isn’t just unusual in hockey.

It may be unique. That’S willing to use his charm, his humor and well anyting else to build his post hockey career and that last offseason I got left knee surgery, ACL and MCL, and before I even really healed up, I started that film Project called Biz does BC. Now it wasn’t eating earth-shattering, it was very silly where I implemented other NHL Oilers and had them acting in this silly scrap that they knew nothing about it and it kind of all came together. Just one more thing: before I run, can you please stop wearing a speedo? Man is disgusting? No one will see that, but it taught me how to get comfortable in front of the camera and even just throw that in process of film.

My acting, I mean on the Z list actor here, Illinois content. I got better and there’s not a lot of guys who transitioned out of hockey to kind of do their own thing in their own silly videos shut up, Connor and Implement their own humor. Where I was so nervous and anxious that I was like I need to, I just need to move. I need to do all these different things figure out what I’m good at and it’s it’s letting to what is happening right now, control their own fate. They still got three more games against Vancouver along with radio.

He does some local television to the coyotes, but he says this isn’t the best fit for you. I soon found out that it is so hard to be a Polish broadcaster where I’m delivering bring everything and because how I talk is I swear and, and you you listen to the podcast right. So I’m able to to now do what I love on the podcast, because I don’t need that extra second filter. What say hi to the Boys biznasty Paul bissonnette, the celebrity John Lennon of the crew. What’S going on with the podcast is called spittin Chiclets hockey slang for losing your teeth in a game twice a week Bissonnet and his to co-host hockey in all pretty well.

Anything else needs cleaned up. My dog a little vulgar. We talk about some. Some people wouldn’t be down with, but all in all we’re just having a good time, not extremely polished, but extraordinary popular eats regularly one of the top 5 podcasts in Canada and even in the huge US market, it’s in top 150 East 18th. The other night leading the team, still the f****** best bargain off of an entry-level contract in the entire league, has become famous in hockey Circle Sports interviews from current stars to former minor Leaguers, and you won’t hear any cliches, no taking it one game at a time.

Any steroid use I have no problem, talk about my sister and then harassed him and his parents. We see them in the restaurant, the following us and they’re, saying a bunch of stuff and walked by by the time I get out of here. Everyone’S got their phone out these days right, we try to let people inside the locker room in, and maybe the mental state of some of these players are in when making decisions on and off the ice. You know we’re very sympathetic to them. I think that they’d appreciate that any better.

Why did come on and feel comfortable, maybe elaborating on stories from behind the scenes or even situations that happened out on the ice? I would say our main objective is to grow the game and show people these guys personality. They’Re, just like you and I and all it’s it’s pretty cool, unlike you and I said, they’re living the dream, so it on like put on Chiclets, he’s coach Mark Crawford had kicked and choked him. It led to Crawford being suspended. Something Sobel said he never intended and just 4 days ago, hall-of-famer Jeremy Roenick was fired from NBC after he joked on the pot.

Ask about sex with a co-worker, but bissonette sits down in his Phoenix apartment to record the podcast. He may feel like he’s back in the locker room, but realizes what he says here could make headlines. We don’t like the added pressure of maybe now some people hanging on her every word. I know I said I’m just some clown who has an opinion and I think that the fighting aspect of it, the coaching issue at the start of the season. There are some in pet subjects that we do have to chime in on, and you know I guess it’s hard, maybe seeing some of the replies with the people that disagree with you but all-in-all.

As I mentioned before, we just kind of want to fly under the radar and just do our thing. As for Bissonnet doing his thing means constantly building his brand he’s secured deals with American Express and McDonald’s the professional lacrosse team in Vancouver. The Warriors brought him in to boost their profile, making a business t video where fans gave him a rockstar reception, Bissonnet, look so comfortable with crowd. He says he struggles with anxiety and the lingering effects of head trauma from all those fights and so before, taping the just a little cannabis self-medication to settle his nerves and get into the Zone the unfiltered unpredictable biznasty.

That’S made the podcast, so popular lesson guide a certain style and it’s my style. If you ain’t, I don’t really give a f*** cuz most of the guys chirping me on there. Are they still the ones wearing those Affliction jeans with a white lace in it, and he braces himself for a little blow back on social media? I have an aggressive sense of humor understall large number of people specifically in Canada were a lot of my audience. Is then enjoy that they don’t want to be shamed for liking, that type of humor? I don’t think we’re bad people.

We just always flirt with that line. A little bit Bissonnet can be a polarizing figure, and you may have seen that this weekend and exchange of sharply worded tweets between him and a former minor league team. A Dan Carcillo who we’ve also feature here on the national cursillo, has been outspoken about bullying and head the social media dispute shows another side of the two retired players still willing to take on a fight and reluctant to back down next on the national, the newest Training casual-dining that business owners hoping will get Shoppers in the malls.

The first in case you missed it. A town in Southern Alberta is trying to woo the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but not just for a visit Harry and Meghan to make it their home Town. Council even said an invitation to Buckingham Palace, hoping the queen can help relay the message, and I think it’s fantastic that they would consider moving to Canada things to do in Okotoks we have a private Lake, we have a great walking trails. We have all the amenities as far as shopping is concerned and we’re also close enough to Calgary, if need be and don’t expect any Royal Treatment from these we know, there’s been a lot of speculation around where the couple will settle down to Okotoks is still making To put Roots down and the only China’s got two occasion, its name, my vote for Okotoks, okay, there’s no arguing with that mall near you.

Definitely a cut above your average food court in the age of e-commerce. Canada’S retail developers are trying to find new ways to lure customers by appealing first to their eyes and then to their appetites. That’S a year, InStyle Food Hall, Gourmet destinations filled with independent sellers. Several of already opened across the country and is Diane Buckner, explains more, are being planned on a wintry Friday night. What was the official opening of the new Hargrave Street Market Brewery? Tacos Pizza, Ramen, X, local vendors, it’s a food Hall and it is on Trend or on point which would in terms of what is happening in a culinary food offerings across the country and in North America, is an open Food Market.

Toronto, that’s building a giant office and residential complex. It includes an 80,000 square foot Food Hall. The well will feature dozens of vendor many with open kitchen showing off chefs at work. There’S a lot of theatrics around and people actually enjoy the experience not just of going to consume food, but to spectate it to go and watch it being made. He said, Millennials are driving. The trend. Tell you that they’re willing to spend far more of their disposable income on experiences than actual hard goods, and what are a lot of people spend in the time on the experience of food at familiar reasonably priced national chain, but was fancy new food halls in Montreal Ottawa and Calgary and 3 plan for Vancouver.

What’S behind the phenomenon, one property developers like the ones behind Eataly, a new, fifty thousand square foot food destination in Toronto, say it’s a strategy malls are using to lower back customers lost 2 online shopping shopping. Centers today are being come out of ties by e-commerce is very difficult to come out of Tides, hospitality and food and food retailing. What can Canadians afford the kind of high-end offerings featured in most food halls? The really exists: the choice of the consumer, where they want to spend their money and how they want to go to the price vector evolve in gentrified areas in urban centers in in in the downtown course of many cities in Canada.

Either way, consumers are sure to have more options next time, the national invitation to the Scotties Tournament of Hearts after a heartwarming response to a tweet, Ryland, hip-hop power, sport and social media in Armona, the Scotties Tournament of hearts, candy Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. The popular event is the tickets to the upcoming World Championships on their teams, up close and didn’t think you’d get a chance to do that. Rylan has a rare form of UFC and he loves cheering so much as step. Dad didn’t think you’d be welcome.

What happened next is tonight’s moment Sterling, and I said something about bringing them out but worried about the fact that he he tends to cheer, and I know some of the Season fans when they cheer at the wrong time might get upset. So but the response to that was absolutely making everybody sick. Pretty incredible, isn’t it he was just cheering and clapping and it is incredible to think what 24 hours were just watching it on TV and had a thought. The men of a sudden Ryland his mom and I are all here so so lots of great things about that moment.

If I make for my colleague and friend Evan, we caught a glimpse of him there by his tweet help set up for that meeting and if you’re not able to get to the tournament of hearts or not. A curling fan follow Devin on Twitter because it is fantastic.
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