The National for Monday, Dec. 9 — Deadly volcanic eruption; Parliament resumes; a look at EV sales

By | December 11, 2019

The National for Monday, Dec. 9 — Deadly volcanic eruption; Parliament resumes; a look at EV sales
The National for Monday, Dec. 9 — Deadly volcanic eruption; Parliament resumes; a look at EV sales
Tonight tourist are killed when a New Zealand volcano erupts in time, but were there sign new rules for your phone company to combat those scam, callers Russia banned from International Sports? Why some Say It Isn’t Enough and Canada’s athlete-of-the-year Bianca and rescue cast off first season of first? My next goal would be find out. What’S next she’s talking to what is the national? We now know how many people are believed to have been killed or injured in that volcanic eruptions in New Zealand, but not yet who they are, and tonight there’s another big question: why was anyone allowed so close to such a dangerous place? It’S been just over 24 hours, since the blast happened as people toward the site at least 5 are confirmed, killed. Another eight are missing and feared dead. They were touring this crater on white island off the coast, New Zealand North Island. When the eruption happen at any electric, tells us that’s when fear quickly turned into action. The water, well, that was on the grounds, were trapped in our signs of Life, have been staying at any point, 47 people were on white Island when it erupted yesterday Into the Blue Skies by helicopters were mobilized in an instant Cruise were able to rescue 34 people Right away experienced, it was. It was like, like I’m saying that that, should I boil many series in it, it was just really was just blanketed, a nation for the danger to subside before searching the island for those who didn’t make it off the school out. People images set the timer cruise ship passengers among the injured and Dad’s for people from 6 countries, including Australia, widnes eruption from a distance. All of the island is the crater of a volcano. That’S a fairly active volcano Port operations that are going to potentially put people in danger like that quiet, except for a growing the moral of flowers in honor of those who didn’t return, 10U Fletcher CBC News Vancouver, you heard of it there from Canadians events. I see about seeing the eruptions from afar. He also describes what it was like to learn. Many on the island, where his fellow cruise ship passengers. Again one of the locals, tells me while you’re lucky to get to witness the erupting volcano, and when I got back on the ship, I found out that many pastors from the cruise ship, as well as crew Members with him, I’m very friends with I’ve, been on the tour during the captain’s announcements was just my stomach: just dropped to the floor. There was a couple last night that I talk to him doing on this Cruise. They were doing an Excursion and I didn’t see them tonight all of this. How did no one know that volcano was about to erupts limit shivji with what experts say, making that call Isn’t Easy near minutes before the violent eruption, white Island Raider, with churning and active after a 12,000 plume captures the New Zealand volcano monitoring agency. It’S not large, but if you are close to that, it is, is not good steam. Unlike the much larger deadly plume that erupted from Mount Saint Helens nearly 40 years ago, or the continuous lava spewing from Hawaii. That’S why experts say it was hard to read any warning signs, even though this volcano is never resting and every change is trapped. A flurry of activity last month raise the alert level from 1 to 2 out of a possible five, but that didn’t hold any chores. Their distinct entities – Williams, Lake, British Columbia, setting movement – that’s often to set up so there’s a lot of research that goes into trying to understand. Is it building up or it’s just breathing, and it’s doing his thing and everything’s safe tourist and your visiting a natural setting like this? This is not Disneyland. This is a real-world. Things can change. Unfortunately, this case for the worse, without much warning as New Zealand. Tough questions will be debated later, whether Taurus should still be allowed up to the edge of a capricious. Volcano souleyman should be CBC News, Vancouver and the danger may not be over yet the volcanic alert level for white and is at level 3 right now, and New Zealand’s geological agency says there’s a chance of a smaller or even similar-sized eruption in the next day or So basic personal amount exemption by almost $ 2,000 in the first $ 15,000 earned would be tax-free. David Cochran has the story as empties return for their first full week of work. First order of liberal business and one of the first confidence votes for this new Parliament. We were very clear in the campaign that we wanted to reduce taxes, amount of tax break for about 20 million Canadians, a load, Rama proposal and a new drama confidence vote. If they support the tax cut, fall questions get so the conservatives won’t stop trying as the government Cuts taxes, the economy sheds jobs losing more than 70,000 last prime minister’s who’s, actively working to constrain kinetic Canada’s economy, and this approach has left on the brink of a Recession very first thing we’re doing today is announcing that we will be lowering. Taxes has promised for tens of millions of Canadian lifting 40,000 people out of poverty, making sure their hundreds of thousands of Canadian no longer have to pay any income taxes. This is how for Canadians at a time when they need it, so the pressure continue inside the house and outside with the premier of Alberta, giving a speech just down the road from Parliament Hill pushing for changes to federal policy. Alberta has been the goose that laid the golden egg in the modern Canadian and for a system of fiscal federalism ability to continue playing that nation-building role is in real Jeopardy today that tomorrow, Jason Kenney expected to meet with the p.m. David. I think it’s probably Fair say that this isn’t going to be like through those other meetings with other premiers. Very small low-key affairs is a diplomatic Mission from Alberta to Ottawa and and they’ve been either be meeting or will be meeting with their counterparts at the federal level. So there’s a lot of things behind the scenes of Alberta and Ottowa. Try to work things out Mexico’s President says now is the time to conclude a deal. Chrystia Freeland is on her way to Mexico, as are the US trade representative and White House adviser Jared Kushner. Recent us changes on labor and environmental sander have been well-received sources telling CBC the barring something unexpected. A revised deal could be signed tomorrow to then be ready for ratification by each country. Kind of those Telecom regulator has announced measures to call spoofing app for a fake phone number shows up in your call display by next September. Your provider has to install equipment to show that the call your answering is actually coming from where it says it’s coming from Thomas degler shows us how it’s going to work. Nicole, gombei worries about answering her phone. These days, bothered by scam calls when she’s at home and annoyed by the fraudsters, even when she’s away more annoying thing is being when my telephone number is taken over by scammers. So it’s not that they call me, but they use my number to call other people. But it’s been spoofed by scammers across Canada. People have been receiving calls purporting to be from the federal Revenue Agency or the police sophisticated scams that the crtc hopes to root out with new Knology next September. Another level of protection to Canadian to reduce the amount of spoof calls shaking when a call is placed. It will go through an authentication Service which is Denver bye-bye, the recipients service provider. The system should confirm whether the number is legitimate, so is the phone rings. It could display a message like this one that says the caller is verified or not. Is it conceivable for the telcos Within next year? Absolutely cyber security consultant has seen the technology at work in the US and points to one big challenge. Scams often originated from call centers overseas. It really won’t be until countries come online with their their own implementations of this. That will really start to see the problem eradicated, plus the trick only works for newer generation, IP network devices, unlike Nicole Bombay’s home phone. In the meantime, she has a lower text solution for scammers, Thomas Jag, CBC News, Toronto, Calgary, Flames, coach Bill, Peters and the concerns his story raised about the treatment of players by coaches engaged in by Club Personnel will be disciplined either by the team, the legal both While discipline is always must be on a case-by-case basis, it is my intention that it must be severe, inappropriate and designed to remedy the situation and ensure that the conduct does not occur again program. He also said there will be zero tolerance for abusive Behavior or for any team that doesn’t mediately report stations of it. That men said that he believes most coaches act professionally, and he mentioned that he has met with Akim aliu. The former player, whose allegation revealed the problem Team Russia, is banned from the Olympics and World Cup next 4 years, so Russian athletes will have to compete independently if they can prove their clean. As Chris Brown tells us, the world anti-doping agency says the ban is deliberately designed to send a message to Russian authorities when they picked up their gold medals in Rio in 2016. Russian gymnast know it might be another eight years before their countries. Anthem is again played in Olympics punishment, says water, because it believes Russia can’t cheat. Russia was afforded every opportunity to get it serviced in order to rejoin the global anti-doping Community for the last week and for the Integrity of sport, but you chose instead different route. Water claims thousands of samples from the supposedly sealed off Moscow. Drug Testing Lab were tampered with. The concealed which athletes were dirty is permanent. More anti-russian history episode, prime minister Dmitry Medvedev agency should be blamed. We have our President. We are waiting for a drastic measures. He said our crew went to a Moscow sports bar called of all-things doping, fun words for getting wasted. We found customers fatigued that their country is being treated as an outlier, again fight back with an appeal, and it’s Olympic Committee is Dowling. Somehow it will get Russia’s flag and Anthem into competitions. Chris Brown, CBC News, London cancel campaign Trump’s, always called it a Witch Hunt. A new report, though says otherwise the US justice department Inspector General review, the FBI probe that later became the Mueller investigation is report, found serious errors, even misconduct in the handling of some wiretap applications. But overall he found the investigation was opened for sufficient reason found no evidence. It was influenced by political bias and no evidence they placed a spy in campaign. In other words, he didn’t find. A Witch Hunt from steak today was the opposite of that attempted overthrow. Inspector-General is scheduled to appear before Congress on his report on Wednesday, but today, Sherry Committee of the Congress to Dover other reports, the findings from both Democrats and Republicans on the impeachment inquiry. Susan ormiston was in the room during a grueling day of facts and attacks. Just Democratic chair of treason, as he was hustled out, Republicans picked up. The theme of a predetermined plot is about a clock in a calendar because they can’t get over. The fact. Trump is president of the United States, and they don’t have a candidate. They think can beat him briefing papers in a grocery bag. His job to sow doubt the substance of case for impeaching. President Trump relies heavily on ambiguous, fax presumptions and speculation, Democrats, Trump’s abuse of Presidential Power, he abused his powers and ways of the founders feared. The most is not recognized. Republicans interrupting on point of order. You see what’s happening there today, president has no alibi. The GOP has no legal Theory against High crimes and misdemeanors in so they’re just pounding the table and complaining about process. Impeachment was turning away under the fog on Capitol Hill. So tonight we know those articles of impeachment are being finalized. There, multiple charges, including this week. It’S moving fast Susan on the Cincy ABC news-washington morning was ahead tonight, including a new survey on the reality of racism in this country and Bianca, and rescue makes history against. We sit down with athlete of the year plus a fiery train derailment in Saskatchewan you’ll, hear from the witness we’re back in just 2 minutes racism in Canada. There are no easy answers, no quick fixes and, according to a new report, a lot of sometimes conflicting truths. In a new survey of more than 3,000 Canadians, older than 18 and from all sorts of backgrounds in 10 believe race relations in this country are generally good. At the same time, it revealed a widespread recognition that racism is a reality in Canada. One aspect of that is known as microaggression more. What is Kayla hounsell explains just as harmful started, his campaign of compassion after losing his cousin, too violent avocado spread the message of love, but even is Provo Works to stop the violence. He continues to experience racism, saying that we don’t have a gun problem. We have a black problem. We just have to get rid of all the black people unfair treatment from time to time, 53 % of ended people agree. The study also shows Canadians experience, what’s known as microaggression or modern racism field microaggressions can include everything from being mistaken for someone who serves others being treated suspiciously, denied service or being treated as though you’re, not smart and and but people would say, like men like why You acting White because of your last name study actually validates what what people did has been saying all along from racialized communities, indigenous peoples that racism that they experienced are actually prevalence. Study shows Canadians overall within their lifetime, black people. Less though, however, cautiously I’m praying for Friday after a train, derailment Spark massive fire overnight and looked out my window and all I could see was flames and crazy smoke and I thought her whole place was on fire. So amazing, video coming out today after the fiery derailment of a CP freight train carrying crude oil, southeast of Saskatoon, no injuries have been reported, but heavy Smoke From The Blaze did shut down a nearby Highway. They can see there. A HazMat team has been deployed to assist with the cleanup investigators from the Transportation safety board art looking into the incident. Hazmat Crews were also called to action just north of Toronto. Today, after a large fire ripped through an industrial plant and forced the evacuations of nearby homes and businesses, officials say they are looking into possible chemical, dangerous chemicals inside that building it’s unclear when people will be able to return to their homes. There have been no reports of any injuries there, either in British Columbia to RCMP officers have been found not negligent in the overdose death of that went. Viral Carson, / many died in August after an incident that was filmed and then shared on social media. Nearly three hours passed between the first 911 call about a Snapchat photo showing the fourteen-year-old in distress a task Park and the second call about the team being found about 650 M away officer spent 20 minutes searching the skatepark that night, but left after there were no Signs of Carson a report by BC’s police Watchdog says the officers it completely reasonably under the circumstances tomorrow they shut down, then I have to take a car in 10 to downtown and that takes twice as long as of commuters in Metro. Vancouver are bracing for a SkyTrain doubt of talks drag on between the BC, Rapid Transit company and the union representing some nine hundred workers. If no deal is reached, a three-day shutdown would begin tomorrow for two major lines on the Region’s Core Transit System movies. About a hundred and fifty thousand people per day time for a quick break, but up next another breakthrough for Bianca and rescue the first tennis star named Canada’s top athlete. And later I look at electric vehicle, Canada driver say they’re ready to make the shift, but are automakers and the dealers her first big victory Of The Year came in March 9th just months later in Toronto, but that pales in comparison to Bianca and rescues biggest a Month later now, the Canadian tennis star has capped off her incredible year with another award for the 2019 Lou Marsh trophy for being athlete of the Year hard to argue with that so much in such a short time CBC Sports Devin, her ruse, sat down with and Rescue after today’s announcement to look back and ahead, what were you doing a year ago? Right now, I wasn’t playing a 25k and Kansas and I was writing flag 175 in the world Aegean Sports stardom a journey marked by three in space, because I didn’t feel like. I was improving much and at that time I was also injured. With my back and in March she got it.. Actually the first win. The first win almost immediately a setback, another injury sidelined her for months, but back she came to face idle in a HomeTown. Rogers cup fine, before the match, because so many emotions are going through my head, but to roll the build-up, the match, Williams, injury ended it leading the unforgettable moment. That’S at the New York. It was crazy in there it’s sad or something to become the first Canadian singles player to win a grand slam, title and you’re laying there. What are you thinking about I was thinking about, was all those tough time that I’ve been through and just realizing how? How much dedication and hard work I put into this for and how all those times are worth it play something she’s ready to experience over and over in a career. That’S just getting started. It’S I think it’s definitely possible if I stay healthy vehicles are so great. Why aren’t they just everywhere? We look at the challenges of growing green and later and avalanche caught on camera. The story behind is incredibly close calls in tonight’s moment. What are some of the other stories we’re following tonight on the national for the first-time Ukrainian president, Russian President, Vladimir Putin for peace talks? The talks were hosted in Paris with a French and German leaders also in attendance. This marks the first time in some three years that efforts have been made to stop the war that has caused 13,000. The two sides reportedly agreed on a swap of prisoners. Today, what words would you use to describe that Factory at that point unnecessary? A former Boeing manager says he warned the company of problems at its main Factory before the now-infamous 737 Max crashes. In an interview with NBC News at Pearson, says the Washington State Factory, where the plane is produced was real with production problems and potentially unsafe. He is set to appear before Congress on Wednesday. Volkswagen is now facing charges in Canada for the emissions Scandal. For years after the company admitted to installing software the trick emissions testing equipment, the German automaker faces 58 charges for violating the Canadian Environmental Protection act between 2008 and 2015. In the United States, the company was fine 4.3 billion dollars after pleading guilty to similar charges. More than 2 years ago, that Volkswagen is just one of many car companies making big promises about electric vehicles and that’s the world. The national is exploring a whole lot more of with growths in the tea and charging infrastructure. Batteries are getting better ranges longer and cross-country trips even more possible. So if electric vehicles are so great day everywhere are the converse drivers Who Gon electric and never plan to go back the quiet there, quick puzzle, better drive with the t-shirts a the long. The way unless you drive one of those you’ll feel different and that you enjoy the day, can it go as far as you need it mileage from we hear you have a nickname. I should be both the highest mileage model 3 in Canada. Are there enough charging stations? That’S really no real gas, that’s maybe in the Midwest and those charges are coming on live. You know this year. Google might find themselves convinced we can produce electricity and you can’t produce your own gasoline, but there’s a problem. Can you go to any dealership? Usually they don’t have them at the dealerships in something you got a request. How long you have to wait for 5 months right now with cannabis, 25236000 of them are electric, but 54 % of Canadians inclined to buy electric for their next vehicle, 10 %, certain about it and there’s plenty of the crow. Only 35 out of every 1,000 cars sold in Canada now isn’t Eevee. Electric vehicles are very different than it can take years for an automaker to build new Supply chains. The bat, for instance, are in high demand and it all Impact how many cars are even available to send to dealerships, makes it hard to sell them. Just ask John Yeadon at this Hyundai dealership it stopped by the consumer to walk in and say: do you have one of these? Can I test-drive it? Can I see the different options in typing by this? That’S that’s not really easy right now that orders that are being taken are booking for June and July of 2020, but you got to get that supply chain off and running right. There is a huge demand for this in North America, and keeping up with that is the hard part. John accent of Simon Fraser University has been following their supply trance. You know it’s quite comfortable with the gasoline-powered vehicles that have been selling and that’s worth and what’s his patented over many many decades is and sew in at the Hard Sell for that, could look in a companies to make a huge investment into a brand new technology. Is very different than what they know without having some certainty that that is going to be the future Bastille Auto Group in Atlantic. Canada is embracing that future Backstreet they’re betting on electric one Elite. Everyone else are the way of the future, so you want to be on the Leading Edge of it motor and stop really go wrong. Went many dealerships, make more money on service and selling software update approach to to service? Does that worry you I mean. I got the business risk early in the forced. Now Quebec is done, Princeton 43 % of Canada’s Eevee’s are in Quebec, while Nova Scotia has only 0.2 % of the country’s electric vehicles. Rebates are part of the reason why, but so is the law? One could be back in a bun. Have you asked for zero emission vehicle mandate, insist through legislation that automakers selling minimum percentage of electric vehicles, Canada Nationwide, adopted the same policy that British Columbia just put into place? That alone, I’m very confident would have the strongest impact increasing electric vehicle sales, not at the next couple of years, but in the decades to come inside more effectively without a strong signal to to the automaker is to their supply chains and everyone in that. On that side, on the supply side, there’s not real incentive to make big investments in making the vehicles or in selling them Nova. Scotia does not have an EV sales mandate, but Mike Curry isn’t waiting. Why is it that other dealerships aren’t embracing rur? I think a lot of other dealers, maybe they’re just waiting until it all comes, but we want to be ahead of it. We want to be the leaders in in offering electric vehicles and that’s why we’re committed as a dealer group to to make that, as it may seem like a slow game, but just a question now of what are you can find it David Coleman, CBC News, Cambridge Ontario, when most people think of V’s, they do still think Tesla. How is Tesla’s business model different than everybody else model is solely electric vehicles, so they built their business on that and they’ve been able to refine their manufacturing their supply chain, all the necessary business elements to be able to produce CDs and in ingrowing quantities. So they I tend to be the leader and a lot of organizations are looking to follow up with that and learn from what they’ve done they’re going to get on board.. How serious are they serious, but manufacturer numbers of a dollar that are being put by manufacturers? You know VW up to a hundred billion dollars, Canadian to retool and end rebuild efforts for offering all electrification to what they want to get to is 40 % of their vehicles. Sweet athletes Use Me by 24. We have Ford. Of course, I came out with the Mustang Mach, a e and they’re investing 11 billion dollars US to Electrify more of their platforms Hyundai as well as said, they want to have almost 700,000 Vehicles being sold ear by 2025 that are electrified. So these are unprecedented growth numbers at which means that they’re starting to take this industry very seriously. I believe in that middle ground I mean there are some supply chain issues now with some of the battery a suppliers and we’re seeing that from some of the manufacturer’s Partnerships over the years. So they have these relationships, but only players have to go to a handful of battery manufacturers that are globally situated in order for them to Inc contracts and get these these parts for the electric vehicles and that growth has been phenomenal. So they are now to gearing up so that they can build more increase their production lines to handle a future Grove. Thank you, material that helps power. The battery is produced from a number of different Metals, so things like nickel and Cobalt and lithium. The batteries that power them create their own problems. What happens when the batteries just aren’t any good anymore, find out tomorrow, night on the national time for a quick break, but up next to UK goes to the pool this week with a record number of young people registered to vote, we could mean, does to defend Our country against charges of genocide, we discussed the icons Fall From Grace subscribe wherever you get your podcast differences. Where’S Johnson took his campaign to a fish market up north to convince Pro brexit labor voters that he can get a deal done: stalking, climate and Healthcare. The UK general election is this Thursday you’ll see Adrian soon from there and is Renee Phillips. It may be a fake ballot, but the excitement is real for these college students taking part in a mock election. I’M just surprised that so many people came here today because that it’s play that young people has led to a bump people registering to vote brexit, the environment in healthcare. It’S a tough crowd for the Tory candidate. Nearly 70 % of Voters who planned to cast a ballot say they will vote for labor laborer trailing in the polls. This poster says these voters need to turn up on Thursday get moving. Despite the rain and wind Ashley Ridley persist, door-knocking, trying to win people over politics year. He decided to run in this election, aren’t taking serious and our voices matter. What life is like? I knew so know what it’s like being young and apartment. They represent cheap. The UK, their generation will live in Renee fillipponi CBC news Lansing England have to take a quick break, but when we come back or moments how this Runner caught an incredible sights on video at Lake, one Modern Family travels back in time to experience for some good Old-Fashioned fun. back in time for winter new season January on CBC and CBC gym for a run at Lake Louise, when he caught on camera, he’s doing a reading challenge for the month number to Catherines beautiful surroundings to share with his reading group and we caught on Camera instead is our moment of the day approaching a heart attack that could possibly be a danger they’re on the shoreline of the Lakes 2 seconds after everything was just back to normal silence and beauty of nature. Didn’T mention is that there were signs and if we was in a risky area, but that it was well-trod, people have been there before about. When is very sad, if you had panicked, he might not have made it. The rest of us would apparent, but Brian he just ran, and he ran fast thanks for that Brian, that is the national sport December. 9Th have a good night. Everyone
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