The National for Friday, Feb. 14 — Ottawa split over pipeline protests; CRA call scam

By | February 16, 2020

The National for Friday, Feb. 14 — Ottawa split over pipeline protests; CRA call scam
The National for Friday, Feb. 14 — Ottawa split over pipeline protests; CRA call scam
Could I get a call for action against protest as the impact defense? I believe it’s time for the lot to be enforced. What I was doing and how Canadians are reacting allegations of brutality. Can women sue a prominent Canadian businessman cross the Canadian Armed of an international phone scam and they’re getting better at it? This is the national. The prime minister Rachel’s face growing pressure tonight to any protests that are Frozen, real traffic in which of the country and disrupted the daily routines for thousands of people.

Let us from being yourself that this has been a really difficult week for Canadians people having trouble getting to work to school or home small businesses having trouble getting their goods to market for Justin. Trudeau. To end the aggressive 1 week, old they’re meant to support some hereditary Chiefs NBC and put a halt with six billion dollar gas pipeline in a moment. We’Ll look into the politics and we’ll show you what happened today to keep blockade the first years, Cameron, Mackintosh, Pactiv, a real system Under Siege, even with the Western half of the country, mostly still rolling.

The ripple effect of the blockheads and CNS Eastern shutdown is being felt here. Regina Todd, Lewis isn’t moving much grain rail system has been backed up. This is making it worse. We’Ve heard reports of Dreams being backed all the way up from the West Coast. All the way back to melt – it’s really, you know almost gridlock on those realigned. Now it’s lost its eastern ports and it’s not just agriculture feeling it in Halifax. Ships are waiting is inbound, containers pile-up, the import cargo, that’s coming in can’t be loaded onto Rail and the longer this goes on.

The more of it is going to. I love on the docks. As with the strike, there are fears of shortages, propane and Quebec, chlorine for water treatment in Ontario and again warnings from real Reliant manufacturers were thinking of companies are looking to shut down production lines. Even Western shops are plants because they don’t have access to the supply. The products they need, a ballpark you’re, probably looking at something between 60 million and 160 million a week and lost GDP numbers are hard to pin down it’s not just about the across Industries.

A common worry about how Canada will be viewed. The damages our reputation as a reliable supplier back on the farm. It’S simple: the farmers aren’t able to haul or not getting paid, call the tire warning. Asiens investors don’t seem too worried, at least not yet like many with trains. Today, its share price barely moved Cameron. Mackintosh CBC News, Winnipeg NBC sing, some shows have protesters in the capital lashed out at the provincial government. Shutdown tactic prevent workers from getting inside their Office Buildings, but keep it polite.

So we can fly. I like refrain from any name-calling shaming. In the end, several hundred protesters set up outside more than 20 Victoria government offices. They were open, but only a handful of people could be seen going inside. A human rights violations take place any of us opposition. The pipeline was approved by what so it and elected leaders Victoria. Today the fear was a repeat of Tuesday when workers faced insult filed, complaints of assault after pipeline opponents blocked access to the legislature.

Today, the union told it’s 10,000 local office workers to stay home to not try and force their way through that under the rights of their Collective Agreement, they do have the right to refuse to cross, so we’re advising them not to cross you’re going to coover a Blockade that shut down real service for thousands of commuters is now down, but anger lingers work everyday, it’s ridiculous, and if the government can’t do something about it immediately and what’s the point of the goldo isn’t necessarily to win over the Public’s? Is this UBC, Professor, who studies protest movements rather it’s to make difficult for any resource project it might make investors think twice or might make the government think twice about approving teacher projects? No one seems to know Craig Rasmussen.

Cbc News Victoria Victoria pales in comparison to halting traffic in one Junction requested by CN that allows police to remove, explain why lack of enforcement as Olivia stefanovic shows us. That’S not good enough for some politicians. What’S the witching territory in BC, the Prime Minister still overseas face is intense pressure to resolve the dispute. Fully engaged economy suffers for the Prime Minister says he’s determined to move forward peacefully. We are a country that recognises the right to protest, but we are a country of the rule of law and we will ensure that everything is done to resolve this through dialogue and constructive outcomes.

But this key rail blockade near Belleville Ontario remains a half obstacle. Quite frankly, this is getting ridiculous. The opposition leader says Trudeau must order. The RCMP to intervene, may have the luxury of spending days at a time and a blockade, but they need to check their privilege. I need to check their privilege and let people whose job depends on the railway system. Small business farmers do their jobs. I think those are not helpful comments and transport Minister Mark are now he says his has struck the right balance.

We believe that the approach that were taking at the moment, which includes the rule of law it, but also discussions with First Nations, is the best approach to take hear a resolution largely depends on what they do. After that, and it’s not clear the community has reached a consensus, will be a stefanovic CBC News, tyendinaga phone scam, they ripped off Canadians to the tune of more than 30 million dollars. Will now the RCMP is arrested, two Canadians allegedly acting as so-called money mules. The roles of the mules was to receive packages of the contained cash, Canadian cash police, seize $ 26,000, as well as a money, counting machine and jewelry worth more than $ 100,000, just a fraction of what Canadians have lost.

So that’s the public face of the bus, but how did the takedown actually come about all the CBC News Marketplace team was given a close-up. Look at David, Common picks up that part of the story: navigation, federal agent. Some undercover are on the verge of a major arrests in the RCMP officer, he’s alleged to be a Canadian connection. 2 scams. So many of us know all too well scam, among others. Fraudulent calls Marketplace has investigated in India, the epicenter of the world’s scam call industry.

Herbal Canadian operating in buildings like this now the RCMP say there are senior accomplices in Canada they’re in the parking lot dhaliwal in the reflective coat is arrested, just as he shows up for work. We’Re just been told by the mountains. The last plan to rest for today hours later, his wife inderpreet, he’s also arrested it’s about time, the what time guys lost $ 3,000 to scammers and had waited months to see action here in Canada. When you see a guy like that in handcuffs, definitely very happy about that – and I appreciate when the police has done to do this – this is a big victory.

The president in Canada and sends a clear message: this is going to be a deterrent for sure we’re going to get our co-conspirators that are here in this province. Thinking twice about, Oh, I thought we were Untouchable and they’re, not hey Davidson or Toronto Studio. I guess other people wandering will this stop the calls here? I wish I could say yes, but no it will not it’s like a game of whack-a-mole. These call centers in India just keep moving around and it’s big business. It continues to be lucrative guarding the wallet targeting people here in this country needs a ledge money.

Mules. Is really key to trying to take down those called ultimately, and what’s your sense, David in terms of who is going to get targeted next for individuals who had since fled the country flag, Canada gone back to India more apparently going to come in there. Looking particularly at people who were here on student visas, people who may have been recruited elsewhere out of the country to come here and be money, Newell’s or people who you have been recruited once they’ve arrived here. If they find them, they’ll pull their visas, send them back he’s call such a problem for so many of us, David Common, thank you and you can watch David’s full investigation on CBC, gym, ORD, cbc.

ca, / Marketplace of Canadian fashion is facing sexual assault allegations from victims Who are as young as 14 at the time? He did not guard cultivated a glittering image for decade, but it’s a v barbecuing shows us a new lawsuit alleges, a darker reality: powerful half a century building beginning he made himself Canada’s top fashion Supply and one of the country’s wealthiest businessmen marketing moderately priced clothing for Mature women, it all added up to an image Larger than Life, which yesterday was a serious blow.

10 women have now filed a civil class action, lawsuit seeking damages from night guard for allegedly drugging, raping and sodomizing them. It’S alleged most of the assault took place. It is Bahamas home 2008 to 2015 and over hundreds of women that have been party to various things that have occurred at the hands of mr. Nygaard, and that is how we are able to arrive at this complaint as it stands today. Sahaba represents the women in New York, the majority of whom she says 14 or 15 years old at the time of the alleged rapes, and they were being exploited for the purpose of a commercial sexual act.

Then that becomes human trafficking on its face and doesn’t deserve the time of day in court. Prober insist: this lawsuit is part of a conspiracy led by nygard’s, Bahamas, neighbor and rival, billionaire Louis bacon. I’M saying that their evidence is not true that it’s been paid for and two other sexual assault suits were filed in California in January, also denied by Peter Nygard. There are no criminal charges against them and none of the allegations has yet been proven in court. Bob McHugh on CBC News, Toronto Harvey Weinstein considered his victim complete disposable according to prosecutors at his rape trial, it was the prosecution that got the final word today, making their closing argument and Susan Weinstein future will be in the hands of the jury.

Steven de Souza was in the courtroom today, as expected assistant district attorney, Joan illuzzi painted a very different picture, saying Weinstein acted like they’d king of his Universe. The universe has run by me and they don’t get to complain when they get stepped on spit on demoralized and yes, raped and abused Lil Uzi, sad mimicking Weinstein. The Lucy Show the jury, testimony from actress, Annabella, Sciorra and Jessica man side-by-side. She said each gave similar details, despite not knowing each other, despite the allegations of rape taking place decades.

Apart of his exercising his power of His manipulate of his abusing them, also showed jurors an email Weinstein sent to a publicist before she or his accusation became public. This was consensual or deny it Weinstein wrote loses voice roses. She pointed dramatic. The monitor I submit to you. To confession. Weinstein is contended that the relationships were consensual, pointing to Friendly emails and texts after the alleged assault. The prosecution reminded the jury that sexual assault survivors often can contact with their assailants.

There are no Blurred Lines here. This is a crime. Moozi suggested that as a Hollywood, Big Shot, Weinstein likely didn’t mean to assault women, but did it anyway. Maybe his Kink is the fear in their eyes that last comment said over loud objections from the defense about evidence that shouldn’t be about emotion. It shouldn’t be about feelings and it’s not a popularity contest for all the drama and the competing. The prosecution says it comes down to whether the jury believes the witnesses against Weinstein.

The jury will begin their deliberations on Tuesday Steven D’Souza, CBC News New York for a week now, sitting countries in Africa, +, Kuwait and now Germany, One goal of this trip to get support for a seat on the UN Security Council. In other words, this was in part about Canadian clout Leader by leader, handshake by handshake, but Catherine Ellen shows us how Canadian cloud has limits. Protectionism is on the rise, trade is being weaponized. The benefits of democratic governments are being questioned plenty of problems, Canada, as a solution, is ready to partner with old friends and new allies to do Iran’s foreign minister, it’s been more than a month since I ran shot down a plane, killing everyone on board, including 57 Canadiens, these smiling pictures come from the uranians.

Does Canadian media weren’t present Trudeau defended the meeting. We are working with Iran. We have to work with her and in order to get those answers for Canadians. Is my focus or even if it will happen, but discussions we had today was going further. I we were not talking about the Y, but we were talking about the. How was also pressed today on how he dealt with President on Wednesday, Trudeau Stood Beside. Has he defended the country’s anti-gay laws sing? Senegal would never accept gay pride parades, never shied away from bringing up human rights with leaders, and I will continue to do that strongly in a way that moves the dial for Trudeau is wishing for more influential International rule for Canada trying to get a two-year seat On the UN Security Council, but that would only increase the complicated questions, but can I might face Catherine Cullen CBC News, Munich, Germany, Canada’s role in the world is also felt the impact of a poor relationship with China.

It’S been scraping the bottom for more than a year now, but our chief political correspondent, Rosemary Barton, has been hearing from sources in Ottowa that oil change in the message from Beijing Chinese counterpart have lately improved and become more frequent. Canada has offered medical supplies that are urgently needed in China says when he on behalf of China. We extend our appreciation. Thank you. Part of it is necessity with the quick spread of the coronavirus inside China. Canada’S desire to get its own citizens out certainly want to.

Thank you for assisting in the evacuation of a number of Canadians. We are standing ready to help in Thursday to read emergency part of it, though, seems to be opportunity inside China and state-owned media by Chinese Citizens online and in an official government statements as other countries. Like the United States and Australia move to close their borders entirely to anyone coming from China, Canada did not follow suit. Government sources say because of that and other Outreach. There has been a marked improvement in relations in recent weeks for the two countries to be able to work together on anything.

At this point, they say is progress with all the positive size in the past couple weeks or some kind of a Goodwill Express by both size, I’m cautiously optimistic full-size will continue to engage each other to Canadian citizens remain detained in China. China is still angry. Canada has enforced an extradition order for the United States on one of its citizens. Mwanzo and Canada and China are still at odds over canola Imports. Unlocking all conflicts say sources will be infinitely harder, but talking more is helpful.

Rosemary Barton, CBC News Ottawa New Brunswick Advanced step down in reaction to this week’s house for form in Almont. Please don’t let us down, please don’t let us down with Covance sitting is an independent Thai opposition. Liberals and greens are threatening to bring down the government in a confidence vote next month. There have been pro tennis since the province announced Tuesday that it would close emergency rooms overnight in 6 rule communities, Toronto, Raptors superfan. In a new setting this you can dream or text on the national recognition by the NBA Hall of Fame.

It has magnified how we are able to identify self by slowed the spread, we’re back into welcome back. We were following several other stories across the country tonight name despite concerns from so many with leaders. The team says the decision follows a year of extensive research, and engagement with people in Canada is North, with no consensus emerge. So the decision was made to stick with the name. The CFL. Can you do build its relationship with the community booms and small Tremors in the Toronto area, which experts are attributing to the rare phenomenon known as Frost Quakes, a result of the sudden onset of freezing temperatures, emergency warming centers and they have been made available in several Cities are you going to feel good, been waiting for this for the day off to go skiing operational, that’s great! Just over six months after someone cut the cables British Columbia to Sea to Sky Gondola find up today for the popular attraction to reopen its doors.

It was shut down last summer after vandals slice, the main cable that sent Thirty Gondola cars crashing to the ground. No one was on board at the time, but the incident caused from 10 million dollars in Damages. I still don’t know who did it or why it showed you cheer the loudest today. We need you now by superfan. Is the Toronto Raptors not-so-secret weapon every home game sent a one-man Jurassic Park whose own Fame is grown with his team’s last year, the Raptors even gave him his own championship ring could come close, but another one is on the way today in Chicago the Basketball Hall Of Fame acknowledged his contribution to the team and the sport and Greg Ross was their behalf of duck Basketball Hall of Fame.

I want to say thank you for being who you are and thank you for being a part of the Hall of Fame Basketball Hall of Fame Board of Governors. Officially welcome superfan call Hall of Fame. Has a pretty nice ring to it, I’m in shock. I am really in shock and they wanted him to be among the first to be honored their it’s almost named after you, because your name is Super V seems like it’s going to be the Super Fan gallery and I’m blessed and humbled and honored to be the First honored to be in there, starting in August, the hall in Springfield Massachusetts will be able to see an interactive display featuring batra as well as the late Penny Marshall, the director and actor, who was a super fan for the Los Angeles Clippers? Would you think about some of the names that didn’t receive this honor that are super fan? Yeah Jack Nicholson is one of them Spike Lee’s of them, but I think they will get again.

I’M humbled, like you know them by. That is no surprise. Players past and present, who knew him very well just like the people who end up in the Hall of Fame, is as a player, is a coach whatever they paid their dues that paid his dues, I’m really blessed with that, because 4, five years, all the players And the coaches – and you know the ex-player’s and everybody knows that I love the game of basketball project – truly – has been with the Raptors since day one. He tells me he’s never missed a home game.

In fact, he says: is there even showing up late or left early Greg Ross CBC News Chicago British Columbia has another confirm case of Corona virus. Next, the anatomy of an epidemic virus went from completely unknown the cause of 1,500 deaths and millions under lockdown plus. I don’t want the big brother stayed, but I want to make sure that my Police Service can respond. A crime and police are tapping into a common piece of Home Tech, British Columbia. The woman arrived at the Vancouver airport on a flight from Shanghai officials now investigating the we follow people within three rows back and forth of somebody who may be asymptomatic, so we started that process to get the flight manifest ended the man who might be in those Areas and then we connect with them.

The risk is still very, very low people in this country so far this season. So what has Health officials so concerned about coronavirus? We have bickered Opia to find out when it comes to symptoms. The flu and coronavirus are similar fever, cough nasal congestion and vomiting, but this coronavirus also commonly comes with a shortness of breath and pneumonia. Symptoms, which are serious usual cause of death, has basically lung failure. So people just aren’t able to oxygenate there well enough and they can get a so-called.

Basically, they go into almost like a shock type type state. That may explain why the hospitalization rate for the coronavirus in China is so hi about 16 %, while in Canada the rate for the flu. This is 7 %. In both cases, people with mild symptoms aren’t always counted, so these rates might actually be lower. Some don’t even know they’ve been infected. The coronavirus has a higher death rate in China. There been 29 deaths for every thousand, confirmed cases in Canada. Complications from the flu this season have killed just 2 out of every thousand people diagnosed with a covet 19 is.

It appears as though that a lot of people have mild infections, and so they were covered quite quickly and and quite well from the infection, but there are smaller proportion of people who are getting severely ill. The flu in Corona virus it comes to how contagious they are with the H1 N1 flu, the transmission rate is 1.3 or 1 infected person, typically infects 1.3 people for this coronavirus. It’S almost double a recent study, put it as high as 2.2 other than sorry switch was two when it comes to prevention, flu, shots reduce the risk of illness depending on the flu strain, but there are no vaccines for coronaviruses, coughing and sneezing are still the best Ways to protect yourself in either case Vicky doppio, CBC News, Toronto, 1500 dance, Christine Barack, looks at how coronavirus came to be and whether China did enough to stop it from spreading.

China is being accused of mishandling and suppressing information, but some scientists argue it is acted right from the beginning. Trevor Bedford is a genetic detective. He’S figured out when the first patient was likely infected. Most likely scenario is that there was some initial phase at which their animals in this market that are infected by a novel, Coronavirus and there’s exposures that are happening at that point and people are getting sick, but then around us November, 15th November, to December 15th timeframe.

One of those events kind of catches change it slightly. When the virus passes from person to person. The data is so detailed. It races right back to when patient zero became sick. Is it going to be this large epidemic that we see today, scientists calculate each person infected with the virus every 6 days? Large epidemic is happening in Hubei China. The capital of Wuhan is a bustling city of 11 million people. The first Publix sign that something was wrong came on December 30th: local Physicians, shooting dr.

lee, warned people in group chats about a sars-like virus in the city. The next day, Wuhan Health commission told the who it had 27 pneumonia cases from an unknown cause. Then New Year’s Day Authority shutdown, the Wuhan seafood market, believing it could be the source of the mysterious virus. A week later, China said they’re dealing with a new strain of coronavirus and 41 people are sick with Chinese scientists unravel the viruses genetic code, allowing country to develop test and track it white around the world.

Following those reports, a journalist Sean Lee travel to Wuhan to find out what was happening on the ground. It’S really not that bad. There’S! No, there’s no reason to worry. It’S not that serious. In the beginning, January 20th was pivotal. China declared the virus was spreading from person to person and health workers were sick to contain the spread authorities place in unprecedented quarantine on the who’s Wuhan, followed by the rest of Hubei Province and under reaction, followed by a massive overreaction.

Most of been arguing. China was covering up, cases in the outbreak could have been stopped sooner. I think it’s dreaming in Technicolor II think that we could have detected this earlier Lake in Toronto in 2002. China was widely criticized, then, for not telling the world about the virus for months, but migeer and other experts say they’re extracting information from the virus itself and credit China with finding and identifying it so quickly. We’Re talkin a maximum of a week between when those Physicians were raising the alarm bells and when China declare the outbreak, the World Health Organization, that’s still really short, it’s not enough time to have made a difference in the evolution of the outbreak on January 25th, Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations were canceled, there were nearly 1,300 confirmed cases, 41 death and twenty-three people outside China were infected 9 countries, including Canada.

In just over three weeks, China had gone from identifying a virus. No one has ever heard of to the unprecedented quarantine of 50 million people in order to stop bread. People have done amazingly good job at trying to contain this, and if we have failed globally the container it’s you can’t look at China and say: oh, you could have done better. Of course they could have done better at this point in the outbreak. Many scientists do seem to agree on one point: given Global Travel, this virus won’t likely be contained and the world is at the beginning of a mild pandemic.

The last time a mild virus made play around the world was in 2009, H1 N1 ended up claiming about as many lives as the annual flu virus, but scientists Colvin 19, maybe a little more severe, but China’s lockdowns could change this Asian. The lockdowns do appear to have slowed the spread of cobit 19 cases around the world. However, doctors in this country are being told the virus may be too late to take hold in this flu season. You should be actively looking for it when cold and flu season starts again in November, Christine Burak CBC News Toronto celebrating well 48 years ago.

Today was when we met, and so we’ve always considered Valentine’s Day a special occasion day for us in Our Moment. Plus, it’s a statement that says electric is the future. Electric car sales are on the rise, but they still make up only a fraction of the market. A controversial crime-fighting social network is catching on in the United State. It allows people to share a surveillance, video with local police no warrant required, and now the mayor of Windsor Ontario once his City to join in a first-hand look and how it works.

The great town, a police veteran in Livonia Michigan, captain Montague, has had eyes on these streets for 32 years, but never before could you rely on so many eyes in so many places across the u. s. . More and more homeowners are lending their front porch to the fight against Crime, with this gadget a doorbell camera it’s connected to the internet and can provide police with video evidence, typically without a warrant we’re looking at a map of our city. If there’s a crime, Captain tag can request homeowner video or respond to activity that locals flagged as suspicious.

All this with an app called Neighbors can be one of the first to know, Amazon and pitching itself. As the new neighborhood watch. It has magnified, obviously, an accelerated on how we are able to identify self back, showing a suspect examining a toolbox in someone’s pickup truck after a string of attempted car break-ins. He was identified within minutes thanks to video from Ali chahine. It wasn’t for the camera. Maybe he would open up the toolbox and clear it out, I’m glad I did it installed three of those cameras on his property and they capture a lot.

The camera detects motion and is supposed to start recording as soon as someone approaches. The front door also meant to act as a deterrent, but being in full view of someone approaches the home across the u. s. . Hundreds of police agencies have signed deals with the Amazon subsidiary to help crowdsource crime-fighting and auntie. We could be next just across the Detroit River. Windsor is aiming to be the first Canadian city to sign up snow Corporation and inching ever closer to intrusive surveillance.

Once we have opened the curtains in that sense, we can’t close them and we may never be able to close them again. It becomes a normal people become accustomed to being surveilled every level Windsor mayor Drew tilkens doesn’t share that unease as he looks to fight his City’s addiction, fueled rise in crime. I don’t want a big brother state, but I want to make sure that my Police Service can respond a crime efficiently effect Lee and with all the modern tools available to them still on Winters streets, there could soon be more watchful eyes than ever for something.

That’S better security at a low cost for others, it means lost privacy. A price they’re not play Thomas Jag, CBC News, Windsor, Ontario Toronto car show is all about the latest in automotive tech, decks on the national to spice Mall sales. Why car companies are bedding? Electric is the future calling several other stories tonight, including a dire warning from the United Nations of an imminent food prices in Eastern Africa regions grappling with the worst locust swarm in decades having a big impact on food for people and livestock and threatening food security.

From million experts say exceptionally, wet weather is to blame and of the worst, maybe at the 15, children are dead after overnight. Fire swept through an orphanage in Haiti cause of the blaze not clear. The workers had reportedly use candles because of a power outage about half of those who died were babies, toddlers the orphanage is run by u. s. religious group, and US celebrity lawyer has been found guilty of attempting to extort Nike and of defrosting a youth basketball coach. She represented a van that he could get more than 40 years in, but his lawyer say he plans to appeal.

Avenatti represented Stormy Daniels in lawsuits against Donald Trump. The Canadian International Auto Show is underway in Toronto. It’S a chance for companies to promote the latest, offering I’m surprised that this year’s show features more electric vehicles than ever before. Investors are betting that V’s will come to dominate, but if Peter Armstrong explain they’re playing the long game glimpse into the future, the cars and trucks of tomorrow and winter, electric cars and increasingly electric trucks, Jaguar i-pace dominate the headlines, but that future so full of what Is still further off than the new cycle may have, you believe, nearly 75 % more than anything else? Is there electric technology Skyrocket, but still only makes up about three and a half percent of cars sold in Canada? Consumers are still worried about price in about Range.

Gas powered utility vehicles are still the best selling vehicles in Canton 2. Gm is betting big on the electric Hummer. When you make a bold move and say that it can do everything, including what you love about a full-sized truck, it’s a statement that says electric is the future Eaton Michigan, as car makers and consumers try to figure out what’s next for the industry, so they look Beyond what the automobile could be kind of goes back a hundred years ago, when horses with your way to get around and nobody could Envision what we were headed for, then you can see that Duality on every Highway in Canada.

Electric cars are here, they’re, not going anywhere. I do think it’s inevitable that the industry as a whole is going to move in this direction, because either because, as we said, government to force them or consumer is ultimately going to force them. If car shows tell us about the Future, car ads tell us a lot about how to get their Audi pitching it’s $ 100,000 e-tron sportback with a youthful star and a Disney. The most experts agree. Eventually, consumers will let go of gas guzzling cars and trucks, but it’s a long road between here and they’re.

Peter Ostrum, CBC News, Toronto, Corona virus quarantine, Lolita and hands Wiesner met on this day 48 years ago. So they have a tradition of marking Valentine’s Day and they weren’t going to bring it today, even though their cruise ship is under Corona beer, quarantine on board the Diamond Princess dock in Yokohama, Japan, they dressed up, they ordered champagne, and they tell us they had some Fun their anniversary in close-quarters is Our Moment. 48 years ago today was when we met, and so we’ve always considered Valentine’s Day a special occasion day for us Penelope.

We actually only knew each other five days before Penelope and I were heading to Europe. You wanted me to come home, so I did and then it was just a question of getting our wedding organized everybody works with this kind of situation in their own way. I think we’re just lucky that we have a positive outlook and it’s not really bothering us. We know each other well and we look at these opportunities to have a good time together and that’s the truth, but it is difficult, but you know their attitude.

They kind of made it clear. There makes such a difference either they say they have English-speaking staff that are helping them out. They have access to English television and given their choice, they would stay aboard the ship after the quarantine, a by the way, they’re monitoring their temperature and died. No sign of any illness so happy Valentine’s Day to them and to you as well, that is the national.
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