The legacy of France’s Vauban, a master fortress builder

By | February 17, 2020

The legacy of France’s Vauban, a master fortress builder
The legacy of France’s Vauban, a master fortress builder
It’S one of the Fortified masterpieces of Louis XIV Reign. The Citadel on stand proud over the city decided to tell us more about the military engineer can see how about the river in the adjacent he’ll be used. The way that the surroundings are Incorporated make with that signature forms is citadel’s, have played a crucial role in defending the country. The French people, why two centuries on was still inspired by Havas. What to build in full supply all over the world never forgot his roots. Buckeyes much to his native land, the move on his memory is still very much alive in these Hills as a museum dedicated to him in his native Village witch now.

, his name, hello, hello, welcome to the museum place. Sun is Yvonne, was cold, stunner shades of fuchsia. Hey butter decree signed by Napoleon the Third change, the villages name to pay tribute to the most industrious of its children. I know his blueprints. He was inspired by everything that can be found in the most of all. It’S far as its animals you can see here are traces of Obama. I’M going to show you, the house, with Obama, was born – it’s not very far from here. Instead of the village in a house assorted bond with a common living area, next to his stable in 1675, vauban decided to buy Bowser’s Castle, which once belonged to his great-grandfather.

The 12th century Fortress is located a few kilometers from the engineer’s birthplace. This is the grand staircase descendants shows us around your head. How many rooms are there, in total, in the console in this office for bone like to work with the comforting warm to the fireplace right by his feet? Next is his bedroom tapestry sewn, together with black velvet vans altercation released in images which was very fashionable he’s on the road These Chains can be taken apart because back then you traveled with your furniture, then comes this Grand Gallery covered with Coats of Arms.

It’S easy to mm Jeanette bustling with activity has dozens of draughtsman Architects and Engineers for lavon’s instructions in order to 45, France in France was to chop before it was presented to Louis XIV and there’s an exceptional piece at the back of the gallery. Early man who went to battle in 1703 Louis XIV named him Marshal of France. The country’s highest military distinction four years later died and was buried. The Parish church at bethel’s Ash in 1807 Napoleon moved his heart to listen, believe in Paris, Architect left behind an exceptional Legacy, 12 of his exit now listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.

An engineer turned marshal, Vauban is one of the most famous names of 17th century France. His citadels with their signature forms played a crucial role in King Louis XIV’s strategy to defend France. Vauban’s work owes much to his native land, the Morvan. Here, his memory is still very much alive. FRANCE 24 takes you to discover the house where Vauban was born, a museum dedicated to him and one of his castles.

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