The Lakers using LeBron like this is a problem, but a good one to have – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

By | February 14, 2020

The Lakers using LeBron like this is a problem, but a good one to have – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby
The Lakers using LeBron like this is a problem, but a good one to have – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby
Lebron James had a chance to win at the end of regulation, did not put pregame. You know he was getting warmed up when they’re doing the football thing always makes me happy to see him doing that and LeBron James 212 and 14 bajillion of think about you. While I was watching this, they were relying on LeBron James, a lot not to play make, but the beat on the floor in a plain 41 minutes. You say rely on him too much to think that was the case last night in the Big Win, Denver years old and still given you over 25 and leading the league in the cyst.

That’S problem to have okay and you want to send a message to the Denver Nuggets and Anthony Davis played really well. Also. Caruso came in and contributed Off the Bench, but his used to just so very high. It just makes me wonder when they go up against the team, in particular the Clippers, and you know that you can shorten the floor. So you see how many times that LeBron James gets to go Coast-to-Coast we get to dribble top of the key to the other paint without basically being picked up.

We playing at the Clippers. They got multiple people, that’s going to pick him up, make them work and get the ball across half-court. So I just think that developing Caruso, it seems like they’re doing to be another primary ball-handler – is how they trying to supplement some LeBrons minutes and Rondo gave him some good minutes against Phoenix the other night, because they know that the season progresses. You just don’t need more ball-handlers LeBron James is not in the game; they seemed to struggle to get the offense going to make plays for each other, and they do kind of need with that.

Second team is out there just to get it done because Ada at this point in and how he’s used on this team is more like a finisher than he is a playmaker which daily here’s. My question for you and you brought the clippers because I feel like the Clippers, are the big, the Lakers in the Western Conference? Do you think that the Lakers have solidified themselves at the All-Star break, as the team to beat in the west are going to have the number one overall seed? I think teams three through six 327 in the west are a lot closer in a lot tougher than it will be to play against the AC this year and Shout to all the teams that are going to buy for weather to Pelicans weather is Memphis.

But now, all of a sudden solidify that, if you’re the Lakers but having another one scene, won’t necessarily mean as much against the Clippers cuz they play in the same building. That’S what make that situation a lot different and a lot more unique, what it? What it does allow you to do, LeBron, James later in the season, the number one overall best record, so what’d you get a Stranglehold on the number one seed that gives you an opportunity to rest. Your 35 year old playmaker enjoy the regular-season still alive of jogging to happen, especially in the Western Conference in terms of positioning, but I do like we’re going with that.

If they do have it for a five-game lead over whoever’s in that second spot, they will. You will see LeBron James minutes go down and you will see him rest up fresh for the playoffs for all the people wondering about his usage in how many minutes is playing right now. I think that could change if they really do have a nice leave for the number one seed, cuz, there’s no chance of going to catch. The bus and recently has been playing really well in February, he’s averaging 29.2 game, and I was watching something about all the Duo’s around the league and the Nuggets really need Jamal Murray to establish himself as a Duo to go along with jokic.

They really need Marie to stay and be that All-Star Xpress Pizza ask about the Bucks, win the playoffs, exactly the Utah Jazz. Is it going to be? Is it going to be bogdanovic like you can go down the list of teams? I wonder who’s going to be the second or third-best player, so with that pie you usually hope it’s the player that you invest the most in the NBA player. They made that guy B Jamal Murray. It took care of him, this offseason and another player. They hoped it to be. Is Gary here not gives you defense what he really struggling to shoot.

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Jalen Rose and David Jacoby break down Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets, in which LeBron James and Anthony Davis showed out (with LeBron playing 41 minutes), while Jamal Murray looked the part of a strong duo partner with Nikola Jokic.

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