‘The French health system has reached a point of major crisis’

By | December 10, 2019

‘The French health system has reached a point of major crisis’
‘The French health system has reached a point of major crisis’
What is a strike here in France that is already seen? Thousands and thousands of public servants Frontline doctors, then that taking action to denounce condition, saying French hospitals are facing a real emergency hospital hiking pot last month and taking phone today as well thanks. So much for coming into a congested, a hospital Justified French health system was a motherland’s is still modeling. That’S why we don’t want to lose it and currently, for the first time we see nurses leaving the hospital that’s closing more often than during the lesson from jumping. In the bed it’s close to mine, are they refusing more than 100 babies and children in the Intensive Care Unit because of lack of nursing there? So this is completely new inference. We have reached the major crisis and that’s what people like me to download relieve trained, to strike out to demonstration I’ll now involved in this movement to make this stuff as soon as possible. There is only there was wondering demonstration of November. We are going to do another one next week, but currently there is a strike in your feeling. We are not giving the administrative people the way of taking the money from the social security. So we are hacking, the system, because we don’t want to take advantage of patient and to make like that hospital days after that Intensive Care Unit room with our beds to one of them, maybe the other one has a lack of chance. I don’t know we hope not from now and want really to to to to ring the bell now or to everyone, but it may be the case in Pacific situation has been right next to the farm or senior doctors that she said. You know that people wouldn’t really no use to striking in the pasture actually standing up and saying this is no longer. This is really not our culture. We are here to help people to serve the de public health and we are not here to make strike, but this time it’s just that like we are in contradiction with her hypocritical, swearing and Ender on the beside the reality of all day breakfast. I know we are very lucky in France as compared to many countries, and this is also the gate in many European countries. If we really want to keep. This house has terminal to change into, to have more young nurses to keep young doctorate in public Hospital. Note to move to complete private breakfast like in some countries American cover, but I would say that in UK it went really down and now little by little inch improving. Because I think I accepted that is too hard. And I would say that the u.s. is completely different. We can see how bats the General Health is a is down for the patient, except, of course, if you have a super Insurance in incomes, cognizant treatments and keeping people in hospitals to help them to increase employment. This 100 billion would have sold the problem. Ocean Springs for 25 to 50 years, so this is political choices and looking there is one in European in France, especially in within using better for the collectivities than for increasing the incomes of the richest strength back in November, where you were a cooling curve insane basic Into the system is on the crisis, nothing to do with the strikes hated today. Do you think that you actually managed to achieve anything by taking that action? The budget of the Social Security was voted last month. That’S why we decided to to move to this strike, and that moment is true that the calendar is not perfect, because there are many different movement, I’m going currently in friends. But anyway, even if we can supports the current movement as a collective, because we have many opinion in our group in a movement – and I think all these things are linked, I win, the Social Security is paying, the retired. People is saying the hell that is paying the unemployment, so this is the same money. What you think of the general malaise Prince, we say are contradictory injection. You know sometime, you have to go in that direction, to don’t think that direction, and this make super incompatible. Deciding the worst cases that’s open up too much and when he think this is going to get a lot of people at the moment is Aaron a concessions from the government over the pension, particularly and if they’re, on their way of finding ways of funding Health Services. Here in France that things could get worse, patient has ostriches emergency health problems would be managed by us for sure, but maybe we would have some more strong action if the government is listening to us. We need religion to be the income of the florist salary. We lived 4 % increase in the budget and not 2 %, and we need to move in bed when you bet that I didn’t say by who
We speak to one of France’s senior doctors as he takes rare strike action to denounce poor working conditions. Julien Taieb of Paris’s Georges Pompidou hospital says for the first time beds are closing and nurses quitting, and it’s forced people like him to say enough is enough. It comes as some hospital staff who’ve already taken part in strikes over the health service also join huge strikes here in France this Tuesday over pension reform.

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