The Chicago Bears should be interested in Cam Newton – Emmanuel Acho | Get Up

By | February 14, 2020

The Chicago Bears should be interested in Cam Newton – Emmanuel Acho | Get Up
The Chicago Bears should be interested in Cam Newton – Emmanuel Acho | Get Up
Here’S a little reminder of all of the stories for he can with his health, has the final two games. The 2018 season, with a shoulder injury that required offseason surgery, then miss most of the preseason, with a foot injury only to re-injure that foot and week 2 and then the remaining 14 games of 2019 and here’s the thing about cams. At this you know 8:30 level with Auto & Graziano back here, he’s a guy that we have been healthy as most guys are good, and then, when he’s not, it’s obviously a different so which team should be interested in Campbell start with you on.

That makes all the sense in the world it’s the Chicago Bears. You need somebody on offense to run the ship. What we know is Andy Reid and coaches under his mind. All he needs is a quarterback to run the ship if it’s not Mitch. Trubisky Batman, Cam Newton, remember cam, when healthy, he is the most dominant person at that position physically. We need to see him healthy because, like Laura said no touchdowns in his last four game, oh and 8, as a starter in his last eight games, great, he is a Freakazoid and then he’s under contract so like this would only be if the Carolina Panthers decide To move on friends, but what do you think happens here with Camp? If he’s healthy this situation for months now, we will not have a decision on Cam Newton until and unless we see him healthy, and if that decision is well we’re going to try and trade him, other teams are going to want to know how healthy he is Ready has been a critical, an essential part of his game.

If he can’t run anymore, then he’s not the same quarterback and while 19 million isn’t that much for a starting quarterback. It’S probably too much for A & A Mobile Cam Newton right with his history of a vacuum in terms of throwing the ball. So we have to see if they’re going to work them out in March they’re going to get some sense of what he can and can’t do and at that point they’ll decide what to do. But I do think it’s kind of being underplayed. How much of a chance or is it Carolina is in teardown mode and if they can get something I think they probably will Laura is the issue.

Cam Newton is putting the Panthers and the Panthers or putting cam in a very Troublesome situation. We got to put him on IR, but Cam he’s really been disrespected to me because he is an NFL MVP years ago is one of the best any proven to be. If you’re another team – and you convince yourself – he is healthy, then it’s worth taking a shot. One year 19 million-dollar is not going to break. The bank is not going to lock you in too long so yeah. The upside is huge, but you have to see him run 6 year contract they brought in Joe Brady, who knows what they could try to do at that quarterback position.

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Laura Rutledge, Emmanuel Acho and Dan Graziano weigh in on the teams that should be interested if the Carolina Panthers move on from QB Cam Newton.
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