The CDC Provides Updates On Evacuations of Persons From Hubei Province, China | TIME

By | February 14, 2020

The CDC Provides Updates On Evacuations of Persons From Hubei Province, China | TIME
The CDC Provides Updates On Evacuations of Persons From Hubei Province, China | TIME
Getting drastic to some our goal today tomorrow and always continues to be the safety of the American public. While we recognize this is an unprecedented action, we are facing an unprecedented Public Health threat and this is one of the tools and our toolbox to mitigate the potential impact of this novel virus from the United States. Before I take questions, I would like to reiterate that everyone has a role to play as we work together continue the spread of this virus. Everyone should stay informed, CDC is updating its website daily with the latest information and advice for the public.

Additionally, remember to take everyday preventive actions that we always record prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. We have extensive guidance and information on RCC website. We recommend visiting the site regularly for updates we’d, be happy and to take your questions. cross. The United States be right. Now you think the risk to the American public is low and that’s why we’re taking these aggressive measures to maintain this low-risk warranted to buy masks in the general community in general.

I don’t know the occupational backgrounds, they are people who were in whom a province in had this exposure and there a mix of people with various backgrounds are not necessarily government people, unlike the first plane where there were a majority or number of government officials on that Plane, yes, there was one small child. Had a fever, all the flight and is being evaluated now at a nearby hospital, where they’re being housed and medical Provisions being taken now in housing, that is restricted has restricted movement because their undercoat there is an outdoor space.

They each family has an individual room and they’re offered food and services wraparound services to provide their Comfort Inn, but they’ll have to stay under quarantine for 14 days, quarantine or don’t have symptoms, but we’re so we’re monitoring them. They’Re mating levels of separation or social distancing that they do have access to regular services, do these types of necessary services and we’re also providing guidance on infection prevention and control fruit. For this, let me take your second question.

The ages range from less than two all the way to over 65. I really don’t want to get into the details of of the specific ages of a child identity as well as I don’t want to get into a details of which facility they went to separated from everybody else on the play an airplane much as possible. But it is an airplane, and so but let me just say it again: children has fever for a number of different reasons, and so the child is being evaluated this point and will be put in isolation, intestine of the services provided they are also.

Then, how is that? What is that? So if someone becomes ill in so you’re aware we’re monitoring their help on a regular basis, we’re doing twice daily Health Assessments in temperature check and if someone becomes ill will do an evaluation and if we feel it’s warranted, then that person will be separated from the Community and put into sent to a nearby Healthcare facility and worked out for tested both for novel coronavirus is, but for other infectious diseases that may have caused the symptoms. Everyone is not in the Hazmat suit, clinicians and general practitioners.

All around this country every day take care of patients with a respiratory in these facilities, have the appropriate isolation rooms to take care of these patients. Histories we’ve been in touch with state and local, a public health authorities and reached out to help your facilities to gauge their capability to receive such patients. Both adults and pediatric patients Department of State in about actually he gets on the plane, is that they live in or they had exposure to heal a province where there’s this intense Community transmission of the novel coronavirus.

So these are people with who have been exposed or lived in an area where there’s Community transmission of of the coronavirus is a nail and nail and we’re bringing him back used protective equipment while they’re on the plane, and so they are not being quarantined. How many days a week, so you can imagine, there’s a lot of information in fear about this particular emerging disease. So they had wait to get onto the flights and then when they got on the end. So there is a number of people when I get on the flights that was in this really is a Department of State.

You know who was who actually got on the flights but as you can imagine, it’s a long flight 11 hours and because of the unknown nature of this grown by arson and their uncertainty, and that creates some stress as well. So they arrive the night after a long flight, and so we welcome them to the US. There was a pause when they walked through the door and frankly it was a very emotional experience having to the first fam. So if they were very happy and smiling to be home, obviously tired, they were processed through some screening and passed through customs and given food put on buses in and then sent to the look.

Paneling didn’t say the age of the child. To be clear and apparent. Did a company that the child to the hospital every don’t want to separate the child from the mother, the mother, the parent was who is accompanying. The the child will also be placed an appropriate isolation in the spread. The virus without showing symptoms have documentation. Is it possible? Yes, we do not think this is the this is driving the outbreak, but obviously this is an emerging virus and so we’re still learning more and more everyday, but the majority, the spread, as I said, is through droplet transmission and not so is it possible to have A transmission without symptoms that we think it happens very rarely whatever you’re never say, never say no sure I didn’t understand any symptoms, then they will be released and returned, hopefully back to their communities and end in families.

So we and we will assist them to do that – nothing at the hospital. How soon might you learn if he or she in fact does have the virus or might just have result from CBC recently? Actually, the test itself. ? This is being made available as been cleared by FDA. There was a press briefing earlier today and so that test will be pushed Republic in the US, the details of that, but obviously Travis’s of a large facility and able to handle these these types of passengers. And what is the treatment? What are the treatment options for someone who, if they were to develop, that what are the ranges of options of infection control practices dictate the type of protective equipment that would be used in such a setting? Again, these are a standard equipment.

It’S being used throughout this country to prevent clinicians Healthcare Providers can become infected from a respiratory illness such as this. Your second question of the treatment options, depending on the severity of providing it’s oxygen for providing the environment in the hospital. Where we can provide the supportive intervention specific antiviral therapy at the moment, yes, is not changing their normal routines Ivan IV, with the assistance of the leadership in the Air Force Base. We’Ve conducted a couple of the town halls with the with the base Community.

To answer any questions Day 2018 station. Is: is that time between exposure and the time at a person might develop symptoms a varies depending on the person and that variation might be from early on a day or two 14 days with most people are actually become symptomatic. In that first week, and so we’re being very conservative and pushing out the quarantine. To 14 days, because there has been some people, the real early who gotten it that afternoon, that during that. Of time, so if 14 day window makes us, we were assured that the Person is not infected with the mountains Room Bar.

These are people that either travel to live actually in Quebec province in there’s all sorts of they have different levels of exposure from 4 months to years. Just going to be CDC, employees are going to have some Air Force personnel. Also, in those aren’t, we do not have Air Force personnel in the zone. We have CEC personnel as well as other federal agencies HHS, for example, or the administration for Children and Families assisting the evacuees. I don’t know I couldn’t say the whole code word is, for example, activities already printer stuck in the room.

There are kids, we have people on the staff were working to put together a activities. We also we want to make some social. We want to maintain some social distances between family units where’s the same time restricting people to their rooms. So so it’s a delicate balance of people. They are being restricted to this area under quarantine, they’re not being restricted to their rooms. We are asking them to her social distancing more than six feet between family units and not have, for example, kids. We don’t want them to share toys, for example as much as we can between the families.

So these kinds of activities, these families and the people under quarantine is very important to us.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) team on Travis Air Force Base will provide an update to media on the evacuation of persons from the site of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Hubei Province, China.

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The CDC Provides Updates On Evactuations of Persons From Hubei Province, China

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