Teachers unions call Ontario-wide strike, want education minister’s resignation

By | February 14, 2020

Teachers unions call Ontario-wide strike, want education minister’s resignation
Teachers unions call Ontario-wide strike, want education minister’s resignation
That last week, you said you were very close to a deal. Have any of the Union standing here today made any progress whatsoever during these negotiations. You’Re too far apart to make this anything but a but a frustrating exercise. We have not heard back since then that the government is prepared to make a single move that will support student services, not one not into months so The Minister’s claims when they’re still talking about regulation, removing 104 High School teachers, thousands of Education, Alabama style, mandatory learning, The Minister’s claims at these are that these are improvements in the education system.

I asked you, you know, I don’t know, I don’t know what’s inside his head, so I’m not. What I am going to say is he’s dead wrong. His numbers don’t add up. There wasn’t a reputable. I saw that repeated that second billion dollars in giving it any Credence whatsoever, so I would say whatever is going on with him the numbers that he’s floating out there are meant to create a political climate that exacerbates an already difficult situation. They do nothing to move us closer to a deal and the numbers are flatly on the future Frost.

You and I think when we all of us have talked about the importance of continuing to stand up and fight on behalf of the students of the province, and we all acknowledge that you know it’s always difficult when we made the decision to be out on the Line, but will be even worse, is if we allow these cuts to go through unchallenged, and we can’t do that because it’s not just about today or tomorrow or next week. It’S about the future for these students guide to what Lisa said: there’s nothing fair or reasonable.

In terms of what this government is doing, just let it sink in, we were at the table. We waited 41 days 3 days of meetings only to have this minister in the government, a Scuttle, a deal just think about what Harvey said hear. December 16th is the last time they met and everyday. This minister is out saying we’re doing everything we can to get a deal reasonably. Well all these teacher Union, all of our Tai unions in members, are waiting for them to actually negotiate at the table. On the contrary, on March 15th, almost a year ago, they made an announcement damaged, students, Prospect take off their kids.

Parents are running out of options and end. Is this fair that you need to keep putting them in this position will keep putting them in this situation. I would say this the first time in 20 years that we are where we are so that’s. The other thing is yes, we’re asking a big sacrifice of everybody. It’S a bigger issue than just a union issue. What’S going on here, they are trying to return back to 10 years ago and education. We need to invest in education. We need to find ways, usually when we’re at our table were looking for Solutions.

Let me tell me there’s no other Lucian at the table. It’S all about Cuts review here. You want this education, Minister replaced. Is the education answer the problem? Do you think that you can negotiate better with someone else, or is that going to be someone with the exact same marching orders from the premier government problem? This is the previous problem, and specifically it is the ministers problem. As the government Point person I called for his resignation or for the premier to remove him based on what I heard in person today.

For the first time, I’ve seen it in the media but to actually sit in the same room with this Minister, who is supposed to be the supposed to be advancing education, world-class education system in this and supporting students to listen to what he said. It’S time for only a year ago and they’ve already, what is absolutely on helpful to have a minister of Education of all people discredit my members, commitment to the students they work with every day and every time he gets to a podium in and says the things He says he discounts that commitment that have, and that is beneath the Dignity of his office.

12,000. The union bosses he’s just reading 12000, so I think it starts. What was the breaking point for you guys to come together and do this on the 21st. We have been together in this fight since day, one we have been doing what we’re doing individually in our members and we’ve been doing it together. Our members have been supporting our colleagues on their lines, we’re just at a point where this is. This has become a fight that we need to step forward in a different way together and we’re doing this negotiations, even though you have a team available to do that on your behalf and the and the minister has not had he sat in on any of your Negotiation, helpful, you think at this point or just not matter to Travis’s question if he participated, we did experience this at the table when you sit across the table from people on your bargaining with them and then all of a sudden you find out that they’re not Authorized toboggan and they removed the do that they brought before you when you have a minister outinpublic making statements set up Aqueon trip like the provable incorrect.

How are we supposed to sit across the table from such the individual? Actually trust whatever they may be? I’M fogging is about trust and what was saying hit today is certainly on behalf of of my Memphis 97.1 % strike Monday. I hear from them all the time about what’s happening in that class about what happened to the students they said. I know we’ve all been looking and hearing my members about next gif students cuz. We can’t make that students right now, I’m making cost elections for next year and then not able to get the programs they need.

We have to stand up and we have to push back against this. We need to have a commitment from actually talk about education system, the best in the world last three days, and I only speak for etfo, but they have no interest in getting a deal. They did not come to that table to get a deal, so what you’ll have to ask them? What they’re, what their motivation or their plan is, but I can tell you without hesitation, but they are not have not in any way been working with us about half of students at our members in this problem.

Apparently there are buses at the union. Has book to go down there, so when was the last several days, the usual channels that we do so through the school boards Association through the crown they had noticed? Yes, I think we all have somewhat different issues on the table. That’S the nature of the cats that that this government has already begun to impose. So I believe that individual bargaining is what is required, makes it very difficult. When we haven’t even been in a bar, a new phase. Are we going to see the union altogether going out on mass now, because up until this point, it’s been individual unions on individual days, the environment that were in and determine what action, if any, is required? We’Re going to continue to balance that with that with our concern for students and especially for their long-term future, and their will, make those decisions at the appropriate time very much.

Leaders from the four major teachers’ unions are blasting Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce.

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