Surf therapy: Interview with Tim Conibear, founder of Waves for Change

By | December 10, 2019

Surf therapy: Interview with Tim Conibear, founder of Waves for Change
Surf therapy: Interview with Tim Conibear, founder of Waves for Change
Waves for change is a youth. Mental health program goal is to use sports like something to help. Young people lives the caring adults from positive connections, for that is unlearned skills to cope with the stresses that they go through on a daily life in South Africa. In 20 countries around the world, but the service that we provide is a very adaptive form of behavior therapy. So when kids come to the beach, they meet locally trained adult. So these are the local adults from the community where the children, from that we train in the middle methodology. Tha is half boating and half will be cool, behavioral activation therapy. So you learn positive behaviors that make you feel a certain way. You learn how to recognize your emotions. You learn how to use your breath to calm yourself down and how to ask for help. So that’s the idea is that when you come down to the beach or one of us, a space to do learned, behaviors that help you deal with the challenges that you’re going to need me, an adult joke, healthy emotional support about the waves with changes been going Since about 2011 has never been such a culture, beaches that were previously really really dangerous to become safe, so they’ve been Community. They become Trinity on safe spaces. Best beaches in South Africa, which would be like 200, run lead in the Water by people who never ever knew how to swim. So you have the option of the beach by communities, which is great library is another example. We run programs in remote parts of light.. Now you’ve got 200k today., we transform the way the community to the ocean. I speak for the first time they make friends, they go back to school. They teach kids at the behaviors that they’ve gotten themselves, so they leave meditation circles in the schools. Is amazing, high schools in transform ever seen, communities change, Racine staff, members change, kids,
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South Africa-based social enterprise Waves for Changes uses surfing as a way to help kids in developing countries establish good mental health, combining sport with behavioural therapy. FRANCE 24 spoke with its founder Tim Conibear at the Emerging Valley tech conference in Aix-en-Provence to find out more.

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