Super Bowl LIV Mic’d Up, “I’m a BEAST down here… HIT ME!” | Game Day All Access

By | February 14, 2020

Super Bowl LIV Mic’d Up, “I’m a BEAST down here… HIT ME!” | Game Day All Access
Super Bowl LIV Mic’d Up, “I’m a BEAST down here… HIT ME!” | Game Day All Access
6:13 to go in the game: 49ers 20 Kansas City 17. You got to believe right now, right now how many Superbowls? Yes, I did that are we go, did Super Bowl 54 weather. I mean the humidity. I can’t even throw a perfect DJ Khaled. I feel baby really doing. We do Nick Bosa, a Defensive Rookie of the Year in the NFL. Is it Go by walk to be on TV? The football is a ride that lasted. They got together to build benefits of youngsters coming out of the field. I can’t wait either way: Super Bowl 54, 26a Patriot wide. It goes to Damien Williams, who gets hit hard to the games of the 32 picking up six pack 3rd down at 3 to check it down to volume.

Four unloaded it Aaron throat in complete Sam to Quick, ended up winning. He was getting pressed, but he end up winning in the flat. He was a throat, 28 yard line. What does Sceptre the backfield in Tarzan actor Ron to Deebo Samuel coming right, Big Mike mcglinchey? I know exactly where it feel the rain lets go on right, hash number, two: third down and fiber Garoppolo shotgun snap at the felt 1/3 +, 5 +, 320 yard line. Robbie Gould, the left, upright and Robbie is true. Go to Go baby, go go from behind us start the game.

R6S! You just take what the defense is, giving him 4th and wanted to 5. What do it do it? What playing at 1? I wonder what had to go pull out. The Chiefs are going to go for it in the yard. Parade Right, Thurr play American Defender commit number 29 Jaworski tartt. He just had no chance in the home in the post-season this year. 21. You check those out loud. Laugh to Tyrann Mathieu the honey badger picks it up. Is it going to snow? Did looking for the Stalls at the Disco, 13/4 +, 7 Ultra Tan Super Bowl Miami, yet Jimmy Garoppolo he’s been superb all year following and Inc honey badger Samuel play for the San Francisco ispine by Jimmy Garoppolo, and that was a really productive driver.

There’S now a 10-10 game between the 49ers and the cheek is 1010 right. Am I going crazy? I got a 15 15 that was a loss of 6 yds, no matter how it looks exactly exactly the 49ers will try to take the lead before the halftime break alone. 3503. Do that make sure adjustments if you hit some big plays in the second half Super Bowl 54 in Miami knotted at 10, apiece actual baby 30 minutes decide the winner of Super Bowl 54. Hey. What’S up, do it quarter? The 49ers will have the ball action figure out below slam. It is funny that the 15-yard pick up almost two ticket play Spinners down, Robbie Gould, kick Sammy Watkins to the 25-yard line, call Jonathan Warner, dropping into coverage, three-point lead and the ball remove them.

But since I didn’t get out, I couldn’t get outside, he stopped throwing the ball black, beautiful, ProForm, Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, no way he was open. Third quarter is going to 49ers quarter all year and so far it’s been the third quarter, they’re dominating of Super Bowl. 50. Terrific Pro 49ers down in scoring position 1. I like this. I like this. I like this is what I like. That’S what I like hey baby. I hear baby. I was just the World of Dance it out. That’S not wasting the last Drive. Neither are we do. City Trail by 24 to Houston and rally to win they trailed by 10 to Tennessee they rallied to win they Trail by 10.

Now interception for Patrick Mahomes on consecutive drives Enrique Gil. I don’t like that how to make to my shopping, don’t know what I’m saying. George Kittle, we need the shark Clark is swimming around it. The water is blood in the water in the Chiefs will get the ball back open, running 15, Jimmie Ward, just got spun around, give me have the Deep middle, but he broke off the post and went to the corner and the home Paddock 617 Indigo in the Tree Sterling 2210, you got to believe that right now, baby, the Super Bowl whipped they are reviewing.

This close hello boys is better than a mattress trucks over rainbow. After doing the play on the field stands turn all the 49ers native Chuck. 14244 to go in the fourth. So here we go. , Like talked about all week, is: do you trust Jimmy Garoppolo of the Superbowl in the balance here to is this is Jimmy’s moment optimo tonight come on baby Emmanuel Sanders now Jimmy Garoppolo needs to make up play here, Kansas City World Championship, that’s Awesome. inventions fall. What are the critically difficult seeing? This is for the 49ers doing door.

I think I woke up from a dream. New work so hard. All your life never ever really got the recognition. You deserve real quick. We did it baby, we did it. I love you. Congratulations! Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid, Modern Family, been a long time coming. I know it feels good for everyone.
Super Bowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs mic’d up.

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