Sunday evening forecast 16/02/20

By | February 17, 2020

Sunday evening forecast 16/02/20
Sunday evening forecast 16/02/20
Hello and welcome to latest forecast from here at the Methodist Dennis is still being felt across. The UK. Rain will ease in the Southeast as we head through this evening, but will be replaced by blustery showers, and things will continue to be windy as we head cancel Monday in the Southeast corner of the UK. This evening, heavy blustery showers and moving into Western Park bring a little bit of sleet and snow over the higher grounds, as well, Scotland and the west coast of England and Wales to swell overnight and that’s for us to win up to 50 or 60 miles an Hour later you could see 70 or 75 northern part of Scotland.

I’M bright starts today on Monday morning and then shower then continue to move their way. Further east words as the day goes on. Getting heavy blustery could see. Halen Thunder mixed in with some of these. I’M sure they’re sweet snow over the mountains of Scotland well, that would morning does expire at midday, but it was still stay fairly. Wendy, I’m quite blustery through the afternoon temperatures on the chart news on the western coast through the overnight. . It’S a very similar story: Romanian windy out towards Northwest are the showers coming in best of the heavy thunder snow in North as result, and we are very cold for your night, very nice and very similar to Monday remaining windy further blustery showers Windtree in the north.

That is still a bit weather around as we heading to the new work, and we will know more details for where you live. You can find more information on them else website to a wrap or on social media.
16 February – National weather forecast presented by Simon Partridge

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