Sunday afternoon forecast 16/02/20

By | February 16, 2020

Sunday afternoon forecast 16/02/20
Sunday afternoon forecast 16/02/20
Hello and welcome to Elites full cast from here at the Met Office, we’re still well within the groups of Stone, dentist or active warnings, are still in force across the hole in the UK this afternoon or the red ring for warning for South Wales has now expired. These are the ones we currently have across the UK, yellow and green forewarning circles, England and Wales afternoon and was strong winds affect in Scotland he’s in a way, as the rain clears the southeast corner of the UK, but overnight and into Monday.

We continue to be strong winds on Western and Northern parts of the country cuz. He goes to 50 to 60 miles an hour here: locally, 1775 / 64 on Monday of Southern and Southeastern England. This afternoon turn off the last night when you have clear skies. But it’s cold right now and we have a rash of heavy blustery showers moving in to see some Halen funding mixed in with these some snow over the higher ground of Scotland. The rain down in southeast finally clears itself away and heads off into the continent.

Behind that other parts of the UK always dry and clear over in the south snow for new The High Ground Scotland temperature overnight through the cold and windy to Monday morning and we’ll see further blustery heavy showers Eastward through the day, most areas will see some showers At times on Monday again, we could see some hell and Sunday and mixed in with that. I will see further snow for the cross, The High Ground of Scotland as a result with strong winds, black is going to be very cold bean and a representative of how cold it will feel when you’re out and about so as we head into Tuesday.

What is a very similar remaining windy will see further blustery showers again across the whole, the UK, as we head into the afternoon, and they will remain when tree over Northern parts. Now there is an awful lot going on and you can check out the office website on mobile app or on social media.
16 February – National weather forecast presented by Simon Partridge

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