Sunday afternoon forecast 09/02/2020

By | February 14, 2020

Sunday afternoon forecast 09/02/2020
Sunday afternoon forecast 09/02/2020
Highlight very good afternoon to you: stonecare is bringing unsettled weather to the UK, lots of heavy rain and very strong winds. Taking a look at the alley, a picture you can see how wet it has been across nose and possibly UK and excessive a hundred some parts of North Wales and also around Cambria. But it’s also the strong winds, some places, recording God, say about 80 to 90 miles an hour that is causing some disruption. We do have the number of warnings in force hear the wind warnings for today yellow warning covering the hole the UK, but it’s in this morning, which covers the bulk of England and Wales.

Where would most likely see the significant impacts these strengths of winds? We could see some damage to buildings as well as some flying Deborah. What does bring the risk of injury for the off today? We’Ve got these heavy bands of rain, pushing Southeast Woods across England and its take me along the second band of rain. While we are likely see the very strong winds in places where we don’t usually get such strength of wins as a result, their significant impact all quite like play elsewhere. Blustery showers, with some bright sunny, spells in between noticed temperatures that well above average for the time of year, but due to the wind and rain, it’s really going to fill unpleasant at the end of the day.

The worst assistant rain, clearing away towards the South is, but it is going to stay windy and it is going to be Sherry. Heavy frequent showers with some hailing Thunder mixed in feeding in from the West. Will it sleet or snow towards the North and hit temperature is dropping it low as we go through Sunday night into Monday, brisket some Icy patches hear elsewhere and Jews are the Blustery wind temperatures not dropping, especially like Monday, then getting off to a blast restart and It is going to stay windy through much of the day, looks especially towards the north and west heavy and Sundry here and Radley, falling asleep to snow props even to lower levels and some very strong winds.

Temperatures down quite a few degrees on Sunday June Colorado. Speeding in end with it still being windy, it is going to feel cold and date for Monday. Then you can say we go to Windows, no one across the bulk of Scotland and also Northern Ireland. That’S because, with gase 50 to 60 miles per hour, saito’s reaching 20 cm height of the highest rates, we do have the risk of some Blizzards for the south of the northern England sunshowers head like me to bring some Icy patches tickets, we go through Monday night And 3 Tuesday, what is the strong winds? Southern Coastal parts are likely to cause.

Some impacts are not quite as strong as with seeing through today, but still strong enough to cause some impacts looking head towards Tuesday, and it is going to be a blustery Sherry day. Again still, some wintry showers towards the North Luba, tribe, ricerca, Central and Eastern parts of England noticed temperature still on the light side and with a strong winds, still feeling very cold and feed Remi. You can keep up-to-date with the full forecast and all those warnings that we have out about the Met Office website and all social media channels.

9 February – National weather forecast presented by Alex Burkill

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