Storm Dennis, UK snow, Gulf stream – The Weather Studio 11/02/20

By | February 14, 2020

Storm Dennis, UK snow, Gulf stream – The Weather Studio 11/02/20
Storm Dennis, UK snow, Gulf stream – The Weather Studio 11/02/20
Studiolive imallexx taken this week, cuz we’re talking about this weekend in this plenty weather, took back during the next few days, including snowfall for some Golden Corrals in science day today. So how about today about the snow today, whether it’s about storm Dennis, whether it’s about don’t care of it? Of course it hit at The Weeknd, please do send them in. We are on YouTube. We are on Twitter and Facebook images of the weather of the last few days because, but we named it Wednesday last week and then we tried to all the way across the Atlantic utilize on the rail service.

Here we see this film something terrible flooding up and down with torrential downpour reflective of the winds in lands, but Seth why they got so 60 to 70 miles an hour find some really like. This is an image. This is a picture of the fattest Cloud. Beautiful example of a thunderstorm afternoon, routine strongest winds associated with Lively, real and across the UK, this Sunday things to Stone, Kara and of course. . This is taking instruction, which is like this as well, but it’s really a boyfriend and just to show you and I don’t care from space – is the satellite image.

You can see the storm sweeping across the country that effectively being alone by the jet stream, he can see the video serious just outline of it just streaming. The coming here and they’ve been providing the snow showers since storm clear up here, Roxy it away on Monday. Thank you for those couple of Ali Wong’s. I was hit by those girls to win 215 60 miles an hour, but it was the lead story on the news. This country, if you’re in an open area and looking at the stall mat size from your living room and all that terrible flooding across Northern England on YouTube, for I was late to Anna Motors difference.

Yeah, it’s always going to be different impacts across the country. Some places more exposed to another to create problems, doesn’t are there any long-term signals for beast from the east, or should we go give up on snow this winter, Northwestern areas? That say this know if you were looking for like that, so yeah, that’s your back then. Well, you’ll have to wait at least a couple of weeks to say anything like that, and at the moment it doesn’t look like Les based on criteria and impact chiquinquira Saturday night in gateshead into Sunday.

I’M but also KIRO, was always expects. Me was for Southern and Southwestern parts of Britain, and it was particularly notable full those areas so wouldn’t put that not particular used to unusual winds for those areas and that’s what causes the game packs. It’S when you get wins the unusual for your area, Liam Fox on Facebook. Will it rain for the sexy to get stoned Denniston to snow in the Northern parts of the UK concerned about heaviness of the rain tensity after it was wet. From has been building up.

Incest YouTube: can you pair to a snow dance, take a look at the UK’s weather because coming across many parts of Northern Western Britain, for this afternoon I mean I was supposed with Hidden Mist snow in some of the especially heavy downfalls, because it strikes the cold As I am, when you get heavier than Bulls, you can get situation, we get rain and then it turns snow is more likely at through the rest of the country. That’S why we got weather warnings in. any flights were expecting significant snow, but it’s where the impacts are likely to be greatest for the second of the day.

Today, zika concerns hear about some of the major routes of the m74, which has been badly hit over other recent days as well. So that’s an area for us for the rest of the afternoon: Baha’i Roots cuz. You say goodbye this morning: images on Twitter names of a few centimetres, but a busy driving through any of that. This evenings, Russia, is not going to be pretty so just make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest wardens make sure you are prepared and weather will be. Finally, he’s he’s been so sorry, + 3 +, significant wind, chill Scotland touch still coming in from the north.

For the northwest coast, Norman Burton says slightly male rat is arriving, has died, so we can expect strengthening wins Wednesday night into Thursday hold on Thursday morning, with temperatures in negative Grateful Dead. The wind moving in full moves through reason to quickly Fold It by Central and Southern Scuffle, particularly Over Heels or get to the southern Uplands. The m8274 is bad. I didn’t mind the first thing on Thursday morning, something we need to wash because, obviously any strong gusts.

After Akira, things could be a little bit weak aside when that’s worth mentioning as well wet and windy spell and there’s another one waiting in the Wings N More in the moment. Youtube lots of low pressure systems, but not thing as intense who just have set wet in Miles January. So far, this win to the coast sweet dominated by low pressure systems. There is a sign that the middle of next week they could be able to Richie. We should calm things down a little bit more, not in the 10-day trying to tomorrow, beginning of winter in February February, to may have a weaker jet stream.

record-breaking time from New York to visit to the UK. Just on the phone with our thanks to that jet, which was 267 miles an hour in one of the airplane, reported at one point, planes flying over to supersonic speed on YouTube, probably had Voice win. Some words, starting with Dennis person, packs from Rainbow, could also be significant, with Dennis protect, be coming in on the 1st at 3 to grind so yeah, combined hazards of strong winds and heavy rainfall Aston dentist on YouTube. What is a relationship between wind, speed and gusts? Lighten up to get much in the sense of ghost higher than the earth in the wind speed, but you go very unstable, is crucial to that relationship is not an exact Sciences.

It’S time to talk about Dennis because impacts from win, potentially not quite as bad as Kira, but could be significant impact this time, as well as wind and the Costa brine for coming in on already saturated grind. So, let’s take a look at rewind the clock to Tuesday morning, but it’s not until the week and it’s important to fly between now and the end of the storm itself. Who’S coming in across the Atlantic list see how it’s looking for Wednesday at around this time. Wednesday into Thursday, what’s this very cold at it starts to plunge into the US and pulls it comes up very mild, Womack, huge temperature contrast, please Clash of temperature contrast and what you end up seeing is a cool there is the darker color has indicated that a Cool a very fast-moving ass jet stream can pick up antipin areas of low pressure by the activity into the into the middle of the Atlantic.

The crucially just that because of its position with the jet stream, occur intensified, and that’s exactly were expecting to happen here. Blood pressure has mostly before it gets to the UK, and this is this: is a weather front? How do you stop a weekend dentists morning out here across the UK? It’S a more mature featuring. That is crucial care. I intensified a little bit closer to the UK. A little bit anticipating with Dennis nevertheless look at them advice about the course the shop today on Saturday lunchtime Saturday.

It is going to be a very, very windy day everywhere. The areas that will be bearing the brunt of the strong winds and heavy rainfall is well, as you can see the weather the most associated with back side, because the cold after getting drawn under is well with the exact position. This is what we get to happen again and we are talking to several days ahead. So the main messages of the month stay tuned to the full cast is covered by a wind warning that moment a yellow warning for wind gusts of 50 mi amor 6270 mile per hour.

Winds. Winds were little strong, says that fetty widely I’m often really dangerous conditions. Raincoats with big waves into overtopping around coastal areas, we could have a lot of heavy rain, also so that the soil has been increased significance to get to get blown over, even though the winds for disruption, I know, I said, make sure you stay Upstate with the Latest over the next few days, results 15230 Mills around with more Overhills 5278 Mills, overexpose Hill, so yeah through the weekend, sensible to start from Windham rhinestone tennis stat the dates with the latest forecast and warnings.

You can do that and you can do it by having the app who why don’t you put the NBA, the millibars in Amazon, liars and highs anymore, Mike Brey on YouTube, millibar hectopascals website with you. Just Google messed up his pressure charts. Then you can get the official ones and they do have the numbers, and I appreciate that it’s important with low pressure. You want to know what those numbers website, but it is just a bit of a distraction. Yes, it will be at some point in the future. It has to be sad and heavy big clumps of snow is, can be the result of slightly heavy rainfall, which coast is the position of the look at weather outside when it’s raining and looks like the full cast that the least favorite teams of forecasting is not, As well, because he’s so tricky such a find Dennis what would desalination of the North Atlantic Ocean due to weather in the northern hemisphere, you must be reading our minds Chris guest, but section is the Gulf Stream or what you prefer to call the meridian.

What is Quartermaster something way you gradually increase greenhouse gases and there’s a gradual change in the climate elements of the climate system and move a big change projections where those tipping points what we can do about the risks. If you want to find out more about the Tipping points this was published yesterday and today, so the next few days they’ll be published on all of these tipping points and today you’ve written enough school about the Atlantic. I guess given out today on this room.

So it’s kind of place we moving 24 km below the surface of the ocean and cooled absolutely yes, so we think it’s the kind of wolves who sings Les and is that sinking the circulation around and so what we expected result of climate changes that will weaken Awakens bit more pictures of freshwater, so he spent another impact of climate change, has more precipitation in the North Atlantic and possibly more runoff. Has the Green Street warming climate will make take this week ending of the circulation? This is just a remodel experiment.

It might be great to get it back change. Elizabeth potential is the next rain expected a weakening off, maybe between 20 and 50 % seriously impacts things that you could observe in the ice. Maybe I could prepare for the impacts or if, if you were still in time, you might be able to double the kind of mitigation efforts to just just make sure you don’t go over the smoked salami in the house, taunting you. Mighty bad reset cherish. It reminds people. , we say yes bring for them on Twitter custom Dinosaur by what Richard was talking about.

Batman. Weigh YouTube: do you do you? Do a mess office open day Saturday interesting next week, so they may start to calm down between now and then there is as we going on. Please come in what signs communicate. So that means is the Hobby Center. The map in snobby Sunset produce of the Lord pretty exciting climate-science, but a lot of it sometimes come equipped, read it. So what we do is we, we be the papers and we make a briefing note signed in for graphics and images to try to make the signs a bit more accessible.

So we tried to communicate it with the government’s, but the general public so putting stuff on the website tipping points we’ve actually in descendants. Would you so much? Everything is about Tipping Point, so I think they’re getting this week. It’S because we rely on care about the scientific on understand that we can such amazing science, but it is not communicated out that opportunity to learn new things everyday, so he’s communicating science – and maybe I haven’t had it before. I don’t know much about so.

The first thing I always have to do is go and speak to people in Greek teen best surrounded by all these amazing climate scientists, and I get to talk to Schoo and I never going to get through it all and that’s pretty cool investing. com Sciences. Degree. I have no idea what I really wanted to do it cuz. I wanted it to be something in science. Surprise jumped out with me, and I thought what the hell I’ll have a go at the Flying. It was intentional for 7 UTC able to communicate science. The Amazing Grace of intense.

Yeah, I’m still in touch with some of them 2019 and that song I was actually fortunate enough to be able to do an internship at Coventry. Stop the static energy string. That sum up working with copper, brief writing articles and walking with the comes team on the social media presence. Amazing time I’ve spent with you working part time at the office as well. Just stick around. I saw generation. Where is it in Indiana? I mean tracking through my family, you can really see the evolution of women in science because she actually nice about the same scholarship, add to the university.

She had better buy glass ceiling PhD in physics. Answers communicating aside from the stuff, I guess just being around everyone here is so angry about, sounds very cheesy bread and it really rubs off to be around such a group of inspired people sometime soon. Yes to stay in touch, do keep sending you a question, questions and we’ll try not to summon maybe next week next week or so wanting to be updated East that YouTube after the program next week. But please do it.
From storms to snow – and back again? We’ll be discussing this week’s volatile British weather. Also – as the world warms, could the Gulf Stream weaken? Aidan and Alex speak to Dr Richard Wood about this potential climate change tipping point.
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