Storm Dennis arrives this weekend – flooding is likely

By | February 14, 2020

Storm Dennis arrives this weekend – flooding is likely
Storm Dennis arrives this weekend – flooding is likely
Dennis arrived this weekend across the UK falling on a course last weekend and stone care up. There are some similarities between these two storms, but there are at least a couple of very important. Difference is the first thing that the winds from Storm Dennis I’m not expected to be as strong as they were with storm Keira. Having said that, they could still cause some disruption. A greater risk is, with the rightful carrot, did cause serious flooding with Dennis the rainfall is going to be heavy on Smule widespread, so there’s a greater risk of a widespread flooding problems.

This weekend from Storm tennis, which is just like Keira, was an area of low pressure developing to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and power DeLong very active Jetstream, not doing Friday. Then it will really intensify. Initially, Dennis is situated on the southern flank of the jet stream. Moving rid of a high up in the atmosphere through Friday Dennis really interact with that GSM, as it moves to the cold side. When it’s then that it really starts to intensify lathram Friday instead of Saturday morning becoming a particularly deep and intense area of low pressure.

By the state this will happens to the west of the UK, which is one of the isobars slightly closer together. I was in the Atlantic one of the reasons why the wind was Dennis quietest wrong with Keira, but it’s all set then allows two bra cup of coffee pots of England and Wales, because Dennis is a little further north. I can hold more moisture, which is one of the reasons. Why is more likely to cause problems with rain for the number of warnings in force across the UK this weekend, Earth, Wind and Rain because dentist, although not as intense, will still be providing guests to 50 miles an hour, maybe 60 or 70 around Kosar.

Still a potential for disruption from those strong winds we have am but weather warnings in force all that heavy rainfall make sure you stay up-to-date with the very latest from the Mets office download the app visit a website to follow us on social media.
Storm Dennis may not bring the same wind speeds as storm Ciara did last weekend but never the less disruption is still expected. The heavy rain from Dennis will be more widespread than from Ciara and flooding is therefore possible over larger areas of the UK.

The forecast and any weather warnings within this video are accurate at time of recording.

To ensure you have the most up to date weather information, check the forecast on or via the Met Office app.

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