Stephen A. to the Ravens: Sit Lamar Jackson vs. the Jets if he’s not 100% | First Take

By | December 11, 2019

Stephen A. to the Ravens: Sit Lamar Jackson vs. the Jets if he’s not 100% | First Take
Stephen A. to the Ravens: Sit Lamar Jackson vs. the Jets if he’s not 100% | First Take
Should the Ravens fit Lamar, even if he wants to play if they think that he’s not one-hundred-percent, they should fit him. Obviously, if he’s a hundred percent – I’m not talking about that, but if he’s not 100 % or close to it and they have reason for concern – I don’t think you leave it up to make this decision or inexperienced play If This Were basketball in this world, LeBron James, I would say: excuse me, the man is over 30 years of age, he’s had a multi, you know a number of years in the league he’s incredibly experienced an expert at taking care of his body, and then there are things that you obviously can prioritize, but In the case of Lamar Jackson, you got 16 NFL games, understand that they got as the number one seed they’ve already beaten New England, which basically gives them a two-game, combined with the fact that they expressed concern at least a couple of days ago that he might Not I’m thinking about that. I’M thinking about Earl Thomas’s complaints about folks targeting his knee, which is a little bit late. I’M also thinking about the fact that the New York Jets or the number to defense against the rush – and this is Lamar Jackson specialty considerably better than he did last year, and we give him props because of those wheels on it. Those legs he is the leading rusher with 1017 yards, rushing for the number one rushing attack in the entire Football League. You want him to run the football in order to win game and with the jet, the office being putrid. That means your defense is going to be on the field most of the time. You’Re defense, particularly against the Run, is defending the runt more so than a path. If I’m not. If I got concerns about this man’s help, I’m going to be safe than sorry plus Jackson, zero chance to win Super Bowl with a severely compromised version of Lamar Jackson. So obviously you rest him and let me just like example: I can give you Skittle between mics, because of RG3. He was going to be like the Superstar of the NFL and then what happened hurt is hurt one of his wheels. I understand if knee is not quiet into letting him back on the field and basically sustained a career-ending injury. He talked his coach. Remember he’s going to play, you must protect him from himself and the cautionary tale is back in the Muppets RG3. I understand that, and I actually agree with you guys this morning. If he’s hampered it anyway, you don’t play. This, is a guy. That’S taken 58 hits but because you feel like something may be wrong. If you look at him and he’s healthy and he can play and it’s the wheels are good allowed him to do that now, if he’s in any way hinder, you have to look at the situation, it’s okay, great Roman. Can you call the game the same? If Lamar Jackson is for 6, not for 3, because everyone talks about the career-ending injury for Lamar Jackson, nothing important import injury of the injury that scares me more is it be slightly hampered and he can’t go. You have to let him play. I think the one reason you need to let him play if he’s healthy enough to go. It’S because hymn to him and mean something it doesn’t mean. I don’t think he’s trying to prove to people that he can play hurt or that he can be a guy who can be out there be successful if he doesn’t have his wheels. I think he’s a football player, it’s a difference between guys who played quarterback and quarterbacks that are actually football players. Lamar Jackson is a man-to-man Lamar. Jackson is a guy that you want to be in the is whip healthy enough to go and be himself you let him do that to you as a football player and a champion. I don’t think I don’t think you consider something when a team clinched did the vision. Thai clinch has a number one seed or whatever the case may be, what happens if they find themselves taking a rest heading into the playoffs its priority? What were younger guys like Lamar Jackson, they might need those reps instead of that rest before the season ends. So what I’m saying is: I’m not talkin about sitting Lamar Jackson down for the rest of the regular season to have him ready for the playoffs. If you’ll sit there, your Tweet the little bit and you can get a week or two off without losing the Seas and then played the second, the last game in the last game of the regular season, capturing the Rhythm in the momentum heading into the playoffs. After you’ve gotten I’m not trying to give some management like 25 yards before he came against the Chargers. Okay, this year he’s considerably better. But my point is the playoffs are a different animal than the regular season.. Make sure he’s right now put them back in before the end of the regular season and getting ready for the hamstring or it is K squad, or it’s a big muscle group right now. It’S not like when you hear me or something don’t mess with that. Even a mention it’s a lingering kind of thing that can take the edge off you, so you today, if he’s a 4-6-3, if you don’t take the chance to rest and closest thing to a bye week, now you’re heading into the playoffs, with no time to play, Play play play play be sure to download the ESPN app live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN, Plus
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Ryan Clark discuss whether the Baltimore Ravens should sit QB Lamar Jackson vs. the New York Jets, despite Jackson wanting to play.

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