Stephen A. questions Joel Embiid’s attitude: ‘Is there anybody that you hate?!’ | First Take

By | December 11, 2019

Stephen A. questions Joel Embiid’s attitude: ‘Is there anybody that you hate?!’ | First Take
Stephen A. questions Joel Embiid’s attitude: ‘Is there anybody that you hate?!’ | First Take
He’S a phenomenal player. The issue in question is the want it Factor. What we have to understand is that everything about Giannis antetokounmpo, The Greek Freak every week, the way he walks the way he works out play the energy that, except except for, tells you he wants it. Joe L & B walks around having fun playing games. Here’S the reality of the situation he’s shooting 3 % to 45 % from three-point range he’s getting to the free-throw line last this year than he did last year, Brown off the hook, who I like very much, but damn it come on. You got a talent like him, you got to coach this man and make him do some of the things that we’re questioning right now, I’m going to put most of the oldest on the shoulders of Joe L & B onlyfans, I’m not questioning skills at I know We all we both go back and forth talking about the health issues with his Bonita back or whatever, but at the end of the day, what did I say coming into the season? I was excited about Joe L & B because when he lost to Toronto – and I saw him – walk off that Court crying and going into the arms of his girl right in front of the media and everybody else, I said it hurts now: it’s real now the Pain is no joke. Now he’s going to come back here, not only has not happen metaphorically, except for the kind of message that is being sent I expected is even though he’s not back cuz, he is as greatness and hunger and we’re still waiting for you and the 6. I would never question Shaquille O’Neal or Charles Barkley’s understanding of the mentality. It takes to be truly great right, I’m not questioning that they understand that differently than other people just because they were truly great by the way they’re also Critters good on TV, as they were on the court that you guys are great here in terms of embiid’s Mentality, defensive rating in the NBA Defensive rating – I think part of it part of it bmd size and dominate the modern NBA – is difficult. It’S almost impossible doesn’t shoot it shoot it shoot it, but he doesn’t shoot it well enough from 3. Is that modern, big and put the couple whose, like a big, win kind of like what is he exactly hybrids? I’M talkin about wide-body 7-footer, like MD playback, the modern NBA, unless he can shoot and he doesn’t shoot it well enough terms of his mentality. Simmons, like if you look at Ben Simmons, first couple years of his career and the differences they built a team around and took a couple set, the couple and he took it to the next level, have not built a team around Simmons and Steven A let’s get Back to what I’ve always said, embiid and Simmons in this NBA or he’ll suited to be on the same team. I think Simmons Gene to take a step, and I think you got to choose who you want to keep this thing. I think that point is valid as it might be, even though I respectfully disagree is irrelevant only from disrespect. We talkin about the mentality of Joe L & B, because guess what would that mentality that Barkley and Shaq alluded to it? Don’T matter who the hell he playing like that Shaquille O’Neal Kobe, at least once upon a time will it say who the hell are you two talked yet, but what you’re missing is that Shaq was always interested in dominant? Yes and you, we see that from Joel embiid with particular, when will looking at you download the ESPN app streaming Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus
Stephen A. Smith agrees with Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal being critical of Joel Embiid and does not expect the Philadelphia 76ers to contend for a title if Embiid does not step up.
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