Stephen A. can’t convince Paul Finebaum that Clemson can defend their title | First Take

By | December 11, 2019

Stephen A. can’t convince Paul Finebaum that Clemson can defend their title | First Take
Stephen A. can’t convince Paul Finebaum that Clemson can defend their title | First Take
What am I hearing about Urban Meyer to the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones daily interview yesterday said that he could not confirm that the Cowboys Jerry Jones out there for weeks now, it’s starting when Jerry Jones said that he would be honored to be considered to work at A cowboy she said that the Yankees things I’ve ever heard the idea of Urban Meyer, who is a perfectionist who’s, just a freak about everything being in control working in the same operation is Jerry Jones. I would love to see it because them age would not make it to the first game right: right: 87, +, 32, +, 3/2, +, 83 + 9 at Ohio State 90 % winning percentage. The network Urban Meyer was sit down with Colin Cowherd, formerly of ESPN’s, not Fox Elizabeth. Give credit where credit is due. Saving he’s the best I mean he’s unbelievable, but that doesn’t mean he could coexist. Zach Smith situation. He could not handle the idea of being for free game. The president warned him fired. He went crazy. Ultimately, they pushed him out. I think he he said he quit because of health reasons doesn’t make any difference, but the idea that Urban Meyer could sit there and listen to Jerry Jones after April season game give media interviews. I think it would send him over the edge and and listen. I don’t know what to tell situation is, but it seems like he has used it several times when he has quit. I think this is one of the most interesting college football playoffs in terms of any really, but in terms of coaching stories like when you look that elevates to me. What’S on the line for Dabo, he should be the next coach of the Cowboys new guy at Ohio State. Who do you think, is the most interesting coaching story right now. Paul is the most fascinating because I was working on a shrimp boat 35 years ago and if you and told him or me or anyone else that he would end up being in a National Playoff 10 years ago. I think I was the one who said he was the worst coach in SEC history that is changed by the way. Since then Les Miles was fired for games into the season has Ron took over. We thought he had to beat Alabama, he didn’t, he lost the Florida he got. The job is really interesting. Is the school originally went after Jimbo Fisher got turned down, then they were jaspert to get Tom Herman. Never him declare Dabo Swinney the next Newt Rockne and it’s hard that I have every reason to believe dabblers if there’s a fine coach and they have a really good program. But I’ve seen Ohio State go up against some really good teams. I seen LSU just beat down some great teams like Georgia. The other day I haven’t seen Clemson do anything. So I listened. If you want, I know you aren’t. You were just married to the Past Steven A you. Just can’t wait to give me all the numbers about 30 straight 40 straight a hundred straight. We have one Mandy and unfit undefeated raining 15-16 Trailblazer. I put a post about it every week and this week Clemson was number 3, obviously you’re not paying attention. I need to agree with Stephen A Smith and you haven’t lost. You can’t pick the conference. You played your in the conference. You’Re in right sewing terms it other than scheduling, tuffrider conference game. Even if you had a close call, and yet you went undefeated, you don’t think that automatically she’s at least a playoff spot.. Do I need to say it to you. If you had a couple more undefeated teams Oregon we’re undefeated Notre Dame we’re undefeated and somebody else was under you. Have a log Jam explain to you guys the college football is based on what happens in this calendar year, not in a century play. I find it interesting what does it say about college football that three of the quarterbacks in this playoff are all transfers, one of the biggest issues in this for the transfer portal. It will drive coaches, crazy, ESPN on YouTube for more sports, highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman try to convince Paul Finebaum that the Clemson Tigers can defend their title and win another National Championship.

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