South Carolina hemp farmers face new regulations

By | February 14, 2020

South Carolina hemp farmers face new regulations
South Carolina hemp farmers face new regulations
South Carolina hemp farmers are waiting to see how the new federal regulations could affect their growing operations are doing right now, we’re doing research and development to try to find a great strand that is going to be fully client. The girls David Bullock is referring to are the foundation of his Charleston hemp Company 2 years to perfect something that is good for our climate, perfect. The genetics of his plants to align with the federal government’s new rules for growing hemp accidentally or intentionally just trying to help the growth of it and push it over that.

So then, once it’s tested, it’s all trash States. Agriculture has echoed similar concerns about the new regulation. We didn’t expect it to be so heavy-handed. We thought just because it was federally legal to grow camp now that rules will be a little bit more relaxed, and that was in the case. There’S worry among the hemp farming Community. That’S a new rules will put a burden on Growers and program officials, and this is all happening as the state’s hemp is expected to expand into its biggest year.

Yet that’s why the South Carolina Department of Agriculture is working to submit a state plan to the federal government asking for some exceptions to those rules. If it gets approved or not approved, we still need to let her Farmers know what the regulations are going to be.
“It’s going to be challenging,” one hemp grower told ᐸa href=””ᐳ WCSC ᐸ/aᐳ .

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