‘SOS Buzyn’: French health minister sets sights on Paris

By | February 17, 2020

‘SOS Buzyn’: French health minister sets sights on Paris
‘SOS Buzyn’: French health minister sets sights on Paris
What time I take a look at what’s making headlines in the international press in San Antonio said by Solange, how many of the commuter daily tells us the maximum government had sort of sent out an emergency call SOS to its Health minister, Friday after s******* of his Was published online came to the bedside or to the rescue of the party in her saying quote, I’m going for it. I want it. The paper says the doctor. Determination is a good thing, because the race ahead is not going to be easy, not for looking young.

The fact that there are only four weeks until parisians head to the polls means that bruise on his candidacy is a risky one, as she faces a formidable lingerie in the current Paris mayor, the Socialist I need that goes as well as other Challengers on the right, But the paper says it’s for the government. The risk of looking bad of having their former Health Minister pass the Baton on on on at such things as the nation’s coronavirus and work. Hospital workers strikes the how they’re dealing with those things is worth the risk that, from having one of his people in Paris leading Paris would be a major boost to his French papers.

Today of talking about walk this Vevo s******* scandal means of French politics. What means full the Privacy is well in the country goes beyond the election. It says it brings to light yet again how online campaigns, especially ones emanating from Russia, our quote-unquote a trap. The paper says they are a danger to democracy. Now is looking at the investigation by police of Russian performance artist picture pavlensky, who admitted to publishing the s******* in order to combat the hypocrisy of the candidates.

Family Values platform but palensky his girlfriend or being questioning us at the police are also looking into a third person’s role in the publishing of what was meant to be a private s****** know there was nothing illegal about to say it was just a private sexy that Went public nutrition is a far-left lawyer who denies that there’s any Russian government role hear something. The paper says that the police have confirmed saying at this stage there is no link to Moscow or the Kremlin, but the paper also interviews are Russian specialist.

Who says that it is possible? The pavement skate head could have served as a useful idiot to the powers-that-be. Will shifting is now entirely at Olivia? Today marks the ninth anniversary since the start of Olivia Revolution at the UN, saying that the ceasefire embargo supposedly In-Place continue to be broken regularly this past weekend and also says the truth, Bruce is being held together by a thread. Now they just they denounce quote-unquote the curse of chaos, that for years, the Libyan people have suffered awhile military and political battles influenced by foreign powers, Libyan people from reaching the objective of their Revolution, freedom and democracy.

Now the national, the Emirate epaper, has a more optimistic Stan’s. They say progress was made at the Berlin Conference yesterday, and that quote the words of Berlin, followed by dates and that Progressive measures quote on quote are being made towards reconciliation between the two warring sides and also between the four powers that support them. Okay. Well now it to cameroonweb Boko Haram insurgents to have talked with his multiple villages in the northwest of the country, including the burning of a medical center occurred on the border of Nigeria, was Nigeria.

This past weekend, text as well as a soldier’s, is picking up again. Today, in Johan de Ramon tells us the soldiers are accused of wrongfully killing in 2015 to women and their children on suspicions that they were helping. Boko Haram has Ramon, says quote: the trial reveal the extent of the chaos that rains in the country and quote and there’s a minute isn’t going on. They safe the violence of Boko Haram Fighters is being copied by a government soldiers and what one research call the sort of necro pornography on quote a climate.

That’S all the more disturbing considering the tensions between French and English speaking areas of the country in another article Ramon, to tell us that at least twenty-two people, over half of whom were chilled 4 Tilden attack in Newtonville in the Northwest. Not the opposition blame is the Army. The government says they have nothing to do with it, but in the past three years some 3,000 people at least 3,000 people have died in on rest of the queen separatists and government. Now salons that finally found about the myths and also the pixels of doing a job, you love telling me.

Yes, I couldn’t stand on on killings, so I found something about this is it? This is an article by sight for anyone who loves their job, and it tells us about some of the possible negative side effects of rumpus Escher perceptions about such passion, jobs, for example. The notion that since you get paid for your passion, more money or the notion that you’re lucky to do a job, this job, it’s so many other people want to do. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too picky or or demanding, or scenarios where Society Praises people for being obsessively passionate about their jobs.

Pictures of the article that to a balanced, happy life song with many others on our website, france24. com, please do to the site.
IN THE PAPERS – Monday, 17.02.2020: We look at how the French papers are covering the Paris mayoral race, after former health minister Agnès Buzyn said she’ll take the place of Benjamin Griveaux, who quit over a sex tape scandal. We also talk about violence in Cameroon, after multiple attacks in recent days and an ongoing trial of government soldiers. Finally, we discuss the possible pitfalls of loving your job… and there are many of them. 

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