Some migrant children detained for months in jail-like facilities

By | December 10, 2019

Some migrant children detained for months in jail-like facilities
Some migrant children detained for months in jail-like facilities
For migrant kids separated from their parents at the border, the detention is quality of care can sometimes come down to the luck of the draw. A congressional briefing obtained by CBS news shows Starling inconsistencies and how long shelter and detention centers take to release migrant children to their families. For kids in these so-called secure facilities, the average weight can be more than 6 months and a prison-like conditions to us now. So much so one of the things that you reporting sort of uncovered is that these secure facilities that are more almost are very in jail. Like children have a tendency to stay there longer than they do in the less secure facilities that you would think. It’S better. For children facilities are designed to be like happening is children who are difficult for staff and standard non-secure facilities off and end up in the secure facility on their way or they’re, acting out because they’re not with her family right and then they get placed into jail. Like settings had these settings actually add an extra layer of kind of this traditional review for them to get to their families, because once you’re in that setting the process isn’t just getting into the family of 2, I mean what’s a thought process or how do they Determine what can go elsewhere then varies from facility to facility 170 sites across the country. Migrant children are being held, and there’s this overall as soon as possible, and the other one is least restrictive home like settings and supper most the facilities that yeah ideas moving in a different direction. We have larger facilities and the larger facilities are less price at all, and there are less likely to tolerate the kind of behaviors that you might find from children. It’S moving in that direction as opposed to what the optimum desired home-like environment is with. Why that’s happening? Play that was in Homestead Florida that fit as many as 2,000 kids at one point and they’re looking to have smaller than that, but more work facilities that fit a couple of hundred kid. But in the US detention system there are very few facilities that large. We really don’t even with kids, that we accuse of crimes we try not to keep anavar facilities. We try to keep them in places where they get personal kind of intimate care, because the whole idea of our detention system is 818. We want you to be able to come out, and in this this is having on these children, who have already been through a lot by the time they get to a facility like this Federal everyday in custody is considered a loss pay for a kid. The longer that custody goes on, even if it’s got a family member and who, frankly is, is doing it as their job right, like my guess, what is this whole thing with liability? There’S a whole set of rules, I’m sure there’s some of the tenderness and all that other stuff I mean when you’re dealing with hundreds or even thousands of children. You just can’t take time out to do that sort of stuff. The change has been provided to members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the recommendations are make laws that enforced supposed to be that the law of the land that we’re going to focus on small home like Saturday removing children to their families is a Lack of adequate mental health needs more of that a gram very good reporting. Thank you very much.
Some migrant children are being detained for months in “secure” facilities similar to those where teens accused of serious crimes are held, a new study for Congress finds. CBS News reporter Graham Kates joins CBSN to discuss the quality of care for unaccompanied migrant kids in U.S. government custody.

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