Soldiers leave rank at the door for Thanksgiving meal | Militarykind

By | December 11, 2019

Soldiers leave rank at the door for Thanksgiving meal | Militarykind
Soldiers leave rank at the door for Thanksgiving meal | Militarykind
Special Forces Group we attract and we were the best of the best. I don’t know., You know where I be able to be here over holidays next, take the time back on that spending time with your family for the times for your loved ones, your significant other. We always make sure that the soldiers come first. Some people think it’s Advanced leadership, but it’s not it’s just the basic I’m from Texas. So a lot of money to try to get back home special living in the barracks. Don’T have a lot to cook with a lot to cook.. We have microwave in the fridge, so it’s always going to hold. I shall be tracking him having Thanksgiving dinner happening with plenty of seats and plenty of food. We are your family and we’ll make sure you guys are treated like that years ago, when we start opening our homes or soldiers, one of the driving Factor, what why should they come join us when we have plenty of food and big enough house? And you know it’s just a camaraderie, that’s built throughout the holiday season, so they can come in at middle Molina, leave the full stomachs very Inlet empowering so you know we are actually making a difference in the community. That’S probably the biggest learning curve for me is okay, first names, first names being a high-ranking individual like one when your soldiers, by their first can like see that that light up in their in their face cuz. You know I was like there enough cuz, I’m like so used to being called by my last name, and then we called me by my first name and then they say like Billy like who you’re talkin about their sergeant says. You guys join us today, Billy, and I wanted to just welcome you into our family and we hope that you guys enjoy the food Tilton good and always feels good to get some of them cooking Carpenters. I’Ve ever met, and I’m thankful for that cuz because of you at right now and what else
When they celebrate Thanksgiving with fellow soldiers, there’s only one rule: leave your rank at the door. 🍽
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