Slow uptake for electric vehicles in Canada

By | February 16, 2020

Slow uptake for electric vehicles in Canada
Slow uptake for electric vehicles in Canada
Auto shows are a glimpse into the future: the cars and trucks of tomorrow and the winter electric cars and increasingly electric trucks, Jaguar i-pace, dominate the headlines. Is that future, so full of possibility is still further off than the new cycle may have. You believe the number of electric cars sold last year Skyrocket, but still only makes up about three and a half percent of cars sold in Canada. Consumers are still worried about price in about Range. Gas, powered utility vehicles are still best selling vehicles in Canada, so GM is betting big on the electric Hummer.

When you make a bold move and say that it can do everything, including what you love about a full-sized truck. It’S a statement that says electric is the future building a new plant Ford electric Fleet in Michigan, as car makers and consumers, try to figure out what’s next for the industry, so they look beyond what the automobile could be kind of goes back a hundred years ago, When horses with your way to get around and nobody could Envision what we’re headed for, then you can see that Duality on every Highway in Canada. Electric cars are here, they’re not going anywhere.

I do think it’s inevitable that the industry as a whole to move in this direction going to force them or consumer demand is ultimately going to force them. If car shows tell us about the Future car ads tell us a lot about how to get their Audi. Pitching it’s $ 100,000 e-tron sportback with us youthful star and a Disney song. The most experts agree. Eventually, consumers will let go of gas guzzling cars and trucks, but it’s a long road between here and they’re. Peter UPS truck CBC News, Toronto.
Despite being seen as the cars of the future, electric vehicles only make up for 3.5 per cent of cars sold in Canada. While consumers are concerned about the price and range, automotive companies continue to put out new electric vehicles in hopes the market catches up.

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