Slick Lobby: Velshi On How Fossil Fuel Is Buying Your Vote | MSNBC

By | February 17, 2020

Slick Lobby: Velshi On How Fossil Fuel Is Buying Your Vote | MSNBC
Slick Lobby: Velshi On How Fossil Fuel Is Buying Your Vote | MSNBC
I don’t know how closely you track the price of a barrel of oil, but you probably know that it’s not actually $ 14.55 a barrel. This was the price of a barrel of oil in the year 1978. That is the year of the second oil crisis, which actually led to the renewable energy movement was also the year 1978 win. Sweden recognize the effects of aerosol on the ozone layer was also a year that have boat a524 by the Supreme Court was a decision that you probably we haven’t heard of, but has had a huge effect on you on your vote and on the air you breathe.

The First National Bank of Boston versus Bellotti fundamentally shifted the rules around Howe Corporation could spend money to advertise, Advocate and influence election, giving big business and outside influence over your life. As we sit here and Mark another climate record, the hottest January the world has ever had it. While you worry about fighting climate change by eating less beef for switching to paper, straws massive energy companies like she’ll, Exxon and BP, are using their lobbying machine to turn your focus away from the one thing that is actually killing the planet.

Fossil fuels. Scientists have told us lawmaker over and over again that we need to change the disastrous course we are on and doing it doesn’t involve straws or beef oil, gas and coal companies know that they are by far the biggest contributors to the human activities that are causing Global warming, but they spend millions of dollars of lobbying money and advertising to change that narrative, Shifting the focus squarely away from where it should be and creating a smokescreen if you will around their own culpability what is Exxon, 41 million dollars or BP, 53 million dollars Or she’ll 49 million dollars of lobbying money just in 2019, bye-byes louder voice for starters, in the ability to make you look over here at Beef and plastic straws and whatever else you think about to solve the climate crisis, there is no doubt that quitting both of Those things would be good for the environment, but nowhere near good enough, we don’t get off fossil fuels.

We miss the target of avoiding a 2-degree increase in temperature compared to pre-industrial times. This is actually our last chance and that little-known Supreme Court case of 1978 gave personhood to corporations. Maybe the court didn’t foresee the impact it would have on our environment. Maybe they thought companies would only Lobby for good things, but at least in the case of fossil fuel companies, that money is distracting us keeping us from tackling climate change head-on, tearing down the one industry that is doing the most to pollute our environment and for those Of you keeping track a barrel of oil, now cost $ 52.25 and the company’s are drill and Frack & Frack and produce.

It are richer than ever. They’Ve got the money, but you’ve got the vote and the choice to work to loosen the Stranglehold that the fossil fuels industry has on our economy and on our politics and on our hey there, I’m Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube.
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Slick Lobby: Velshi On How Fossil Fuel Is Buying Your Vote | MSNBC

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