Shot in the wilderness, he walked for 2 days to get help

By | February 14, 2020

Shot in the wilderness, he walked for 2 days to get help
Shot in the wilderness, he walked for 2 days to get help
Surviving this gun shot is just the beginning. It’S the rest of Daniel at a walk story. That’S incredible alive I’ll, be able to see my kids again severe frostbite. He says he was setting a trap line about 8 kilometers west of Churchill Manitoba near the shore of Hudson Bay. Like he stopped, he was about four hundred yards away. I didn’t recognize them and the next thing I know I I heard a gunshot. Then I started feeling blood coming out of my wounds. He says the snowmobile drove off.

I was pretty scared. I I was thinking about my kids to be alive, for my kids see them graduate to see them get married and now and all and like I just started walking towards Churchill, does it took him about 50 hours, disoriented and freezing in -30 temperatures to finally get To town, when I got closer to it, I started yelling for help. Then few people came out of the calling improbable is it all sounds. Rcmp have partially retraced at a walk. Steps could find Footprints.

We could find spots where it appeared that he was trying to get out of the Winds. You know behind a rock look like he had lay down for a bit. Police are looking for a shooter and walk the leaves in this terrain known for polar bears. He could have been mistaken for an animal. He hopes the shooter sees this. Let the person know that to bring himself in and meanwhile there’s a long recovery ahead.
Daniel Anowak was mistakenly shot outside Churchill, Man., and walked for two days to get help.
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