Sex tape scandal stops Macron’s pick for Paris mayor

By | February 16, 2020

Sex tape scandal stops Macron’s pick for Paris mayor
Sex tape scandal stops Macron’s pick for Paris mayor
Ok, it’s time now for our daily Media Watch slots with Emma James is with me now in the studio and emerald seems that everyone here in France is talking about the Paris mayoral candidate is now step down after the publication of some rather racy or sexual images. Online, yes, absolutely and sexual images that did not involve his wife is probably the most important thing to point out. A griever was one of the Merrell candidates at the choices, the president, no less Emmanuel macron at the beach, the new map of Paris, but he has now stood down from that particular race.

That is not just in France that is being talked about his across the world and you times among those reporting this one interesting to see. Is it until Clevo at hasn’t made any app? Apologies, no great apologies to his wife or confessions of wrongdoing. He hasn’t even admitted that those images all of him that sent to another woman, but he has displayed some anger about what he cools, Noble attack, know. What he says is this is the culmination of months of defamation, even death threats, as his political career has really taken off at he said, he’s sounding down to protect his family and Shay my tools.

He was hoping to Breathe new life into Paris and said he has completely blown his political career lots of people taking to Twitter to make jokes about this. A big reforms underway says his Twitter user and they’ve added you to the file that they was spotted carrying in that this one, a note to the fact that there’s going to be about used to work, full-time Lee Strauss come he’s hiding place book report at 205. Sex scandal, as well as a headset, if I can help you with great pleasure, is my local Senator.

He has this to say, because I love you Prive the idea that politicians have a right to a private life than anywhere else in the I think. It’S probably fair to say he says it’s high time. We regulate the torrents of mud that pour out on social networks. Freedom of expression must stop at the boundaries of private life. However, this Janice makes good point when you want private likes to remain private acts accordingly, because these images and videos sent via mobile phones – and we will know how easy things I hacked one nowadays clouds and what not.

And so you can’t really argue that it’s love you, please if you chose until she send these images yourself. This gentleman is a republican politician, no great sign of Emmanuel macron. Is it in the book Emmanuel macron, the false prophet, but he still defending his position, denouncing what he says is a new level of Americanization in political life. They destroy an individual and his family to prevent him from winning is Despicable. His private life only concerns him and, of course, his wife.

He doesn’t mention that history. Children have more of that in just a moment. Interesting me that it’s not just politicians who are rushing to defend lovey, Prive mediapart, which is an investigative News website, hair in front that she met with a man who had these images on Tuesday. I chose not to run it at they’ve explained. Why saying that? As far as they were concerned, it was just revengeful and they wouldn’t publish it, but overheated a now that he has resigned. It is all they’re talking about on that homepage, that’s interesting to see that they are suddenly Soak City, a man behind this entire leaked out.

Here in France has been here, T3 is now I’m 35 years old. This is from a profile of him and liver has to go back in 2016 and they’ve used the headline kuiu, which can mean various things that can mean courageous, Brave or even Woolsey. What are the reasons have used that? What it’s one of the things he’s, most famous for either the loss of political protest against Lottery, Fusion Asian Nails, his scrotum to the couple’s of Red Square? Hence him being referred to as a fool Z, a very controversial character.

He’S been in prison in both countries, Russia and France – he’s also accused of sexual assault in Russia, he’s something he says. It’S politically motivated interesting point tonight, he’s also wanted by the police off duty people with stop in December. I report limone and it is easy to write off the nature of his protest, the work of a crazy person, because, that’s so extreme and obviously he’s had problems with the Lord. However, what he says was behind his reason for what he couldn’t stand: the hypocrisy that he’s so excited this particular Oskaloosa in Paris match in April of this of last year, 2019.

What he posed, Benjamin griveaux with his wife, giulia, have any pregnant as you see, and it what about his two great loves Paris and Juliet his wife. That is his butt child, but they are expecting that and he basically said that he couldn’t found hip hop. Christian politicians do rely on being seen as big family man promotion, promotional, wife, some was exploiting them and he. That is why he chose tonight.
Benjamin Griveaux will not be standing in next month’s Paris mayoral election. Thre President’s chosen candidate has pulled out, condemning “ignoble attacks” against him, after a sex tape and other images were posted online.Opinion is divided over whether the married, father of three has a right to a private life, a long-held French belief that’s protected many politicians in the past, or – if by sending such images – he’s violated his own privacy. The man behind the revelations – a Russian artist in exile – says he wanted to expose Griveaux’s hypocrisy. 

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