‘Sent Candy’: How Russian Pilots Bombed Syrian Civilians | Visual Investigations

By | December 10, 2019

‘Sent Candy’: How Russian Pilots Bombed Syrian Civilians | Visual Investigations
‘Sent Candy’: How Russian Pilots Bombed Syrian Civilians | Visual Investigations
It’S the morning of July 22nd, 2019, rushing to the scene when warnings of another attack could come over the radio again 4 years. Russia has been suspected of Reckless they bombing civilians in Syria, but they try to break the remaining pockets of resistance to president Assad. They strongly denied it and proving their role has been impossible, but now we have evidence earlier times investigations established that the Russian Air Force repeatedly bombed hospitals in Syria fence. This latest investigation pilot also launched some of the deadliest attacks on civilians. In 2019, recordings of Russian pilots and air controllers, these recordings provide critical, missing link that show how into recent airstrikes Russian Pilots first take a look at this supplement for displaced people into last rebel-held area or Village of Mercy. This isolated, complex with location near the city of house around 8 miles from the nearest Frontline one resident, told us that families use the evening time to sit outside and cool off near sunset. On August 16th, he heard planes flying overhead come see. Muhammad after impact is a crucial piece of the puzzle. We know it was taken and half because the features much earlier Drone footage of the town, the buildings and pylons are all the same and shrouded in Smoke is the settlement for displaced people. We know because of these windows and the Mast on the roof also match the Drone footage of the camp using the pictures files verified. It was taken at 7:17 p.m. on August 16th. What was happening in the skies around this time? Five minutes before the strike Observer nearby town, the weapon landed in the middle of a courtyard, for families have gathered levels, buildings and 15 is Carnage. The Dead include a pregnant, her husband and their two-year-old child when she doesn’t are all 19 residents of the camper killed and 30 wounded City in the Hearth of opposition controls territory. On Monday morning July 22nd, the city was hit repeatedly by airstrikes recordings, contradict this and show how Russian pilot 17 killed people in just half an hour. We retraced what happens minutes by minutes, it’s 8:31 a.m. and prepares the second attack, the entire building in a busy commercial area in the city Founders, who tried to reach victims through the rear of an adjacent building. Above them, the Russian Fighters is preparing to launch again in 2 minutes at 44 minutes past the hour Muhammad and the others take cover. You look so and films, a Russian fighter, jets overhead. The pilot launches his weapon, then explosion, what’s known as a double top. If it’s almost exactly the same location and skills, a rescue worker change, 54 pilot 17 confirms his third strike in the city minutes later. He calculates his fourth and final round and Strikes another building in the outskirts of the town. Making is one of the worst attacks in a civilian area this year. The Russians are by no means alone. In this, combined with Syrian attacks, the UN says over 1,000 civilians in Northwest area have been killed or injured since April, hundreds of them children. So why is Russia attacking civilians? Experts tell us it’s the same reason: they’re bombing hospitals, it’s all part of a strategy how to help the Syrian government retake the last opposition stronghold that, after more than eight years of war and very little in the way of consequences, Russia shows no signs of slowing Down
A Times investigation used cockpit recordings to show for the first time how Russian pilots attacked civilians in Syria this summer, killing dozens.

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