Sen. Amy Klobuchar: People want plans not pipedreams

By | February 16, 2020

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: People want plans not pipedreams
Sen. Amy Klobuchar: People want plans not pipedreams
My next guest says her presidential campaign is surging at just the right time. After taking 3rd and New Hampshire, senator Amy Klobuchar is now on the trail in Nevada, where she’s hoping she can prove she can keep her momentum going. Jody Me Now, song Vegas is senator Amy Klobuchar. Thank you so much for joining me this morning. I want to start the crisis in the Justice Department after the Attorney General Bill bar a dialed back, a sentencing recommendation for Trump associate Rogers nine of your Democratic colleagues, including Senators Warren and Sanders, have called for the Attorney General to resign.

Do you think you should resign, I’m sure I’d be glad if he resigned. I just don’t think that is realistic and what is real take right now. I didn’t support him to begin with, I’m the one that grilled him on his expansive view of executive power, which all of that has come to roost. But what I think is realistic is that he is now going to testify in front of the house to Dish committee. I’D also like him to come to the Senate and, along with my colleagues, I’ve asked him to do that. So we can probe him on the role of the president and trying to influence decisions in the Department of Justice, in particular Stone decision.

I just think it’s outrageous knowing how hard these career prosecutors work to do the right thing, how hard they worked on a case. Like Rodger Stones got him convicted and then get undermined when it comes to the sentencing, that’s just not in okay. So, let’s talk about where you are now the primary and the calendar is, is about to get in the states where you are about to get much more diverse. You finish very strong and in New Hampshire, as you well know, because of all of that, your time as a prosecutor in Minnesota’s Hennepin County is getting more scrutiny.

Someone ask you about that. I want you to listen to what you said when you were running for prosecutor in 1998. I think I’m going to look young, the crime rate in Hennepin County. It’S not acceptable who have to look at making sure that there’s a consequence when someone commits a crime, when you see the dramatic reductions in crime and other parts of the country, we can learn a lot from what they’re doing and they’re enforcing the law down. The line so that tough-on-crime approach has now been linked to racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

So in retrospect, do you regret that will set this up? I was running against a Republican and who actually was advocating for longer sentences as well as less gun control. So I was actually arguing when I talk about consequences. It can mean things like drug courts like restorative justice, which was major focus of my time in the county attorney’s office, and during my time there we actually saw a 12 % reduction in African American incarceration rates. So what do I think when I look back at that, I was not involved some of the controversial issues in other states like stop-and-frisk.

I understand that that is unconstitutional, but what I was focused on their is trying to go after crimes and making sure there’s a consequence. It does not mean that it always has to be present time. There just has to be some kind of reaction to make sure that people aren’t just committing crimes, and there is no response. The response has to be tailored to what the crime – okay. So, from 2002-2004, more than 60 % of juveniles brought to the Hennepin County, Juvenile Detention Center wear black according to a council on crime and Justice study.

Even though only around 10 head of the County’s overall population was blocked, was black you’ve been clear that you believe that there is racism in the justice system, but given that and give him the stats from back then to take any responsibility for the ratio. Disparities in the criminal justice system on your watch, I think everyone involved in the criminal justice system has to take responsibility, including myself. What we know is that there’s institutional racism and how do we get a it, is really my job and will be my job as president, and I would argue someone with this experience actually could do a very good job of getting at it.

One fencing changes like the first step act that I was a co-sponsor of that we passed and as a prosecutor, it was important have me as one of the co-sponsors reducing non-violence sentences on the federal level as president, I will roll it out for the second step. Back to create incentives for the states where 90 % of people are incarcerated, I doing something for climbing and having a clemency board outside of the justice department and Innovative approach that I’ll bring forward. As president, I doing more when it comes to eyewitness identifications, diversifying police departments and offices making sure that a video tape interrogation, something that I advocated for when I was prosecutor, I’ve always said that we are not like a business in the criminal justice system.

You don’t want to see repeat customers. What you want to see is people get help, so they can get out the system, which is why I’ve been the lead Democrat when it comes to drug court turn out to one of your opponents for the Democratic nomination Mike Bloomberg at there’s reported The Washington Post. This weekend that paints a sweeping picture of him crass sexual comments. Objectifying women, creating sexist culture in the workplace know it wouldn’t be clear. Bloomberg has denied the allegations. He said on Twitter that he has zero tolerance for an environment where women art respected.

What do you make of the reports? I think he has to come on a show like yours here, Donna he has not gone On Any Sunday show since he announced I’ve got to answer. Questions like I just did on my record and he to do the same thing. I don’t think you should be able to hide behind Airways in huge advised he has to come on the shows, and I also am an advocate for him. Coming on the debate stage. I know I’m not going to be able to beat him on the airwaves. I can beat him on the debate stage because I believe my argument from my candidacy is so much stronger.

The Midwest isn’t flyover country to me. I live there. The people that work there like their poker chips since I’m in Vegas on one of the presents bankrupt casinos, they’re, not poker chips to me, they’re, my friends and Neighbors. When it comes to a state like Nevada, they have two women, Senators majority women legislature Ivan credibly strong argument here this day has put women in power really like no other state and then finally, the work that I’ve done in terms of bringing people with me. I’M not just by running ads, but what we just saw: a New Hampshire, moderate Republicans, Independence building a coalition, that’s what we need to build a coalition to win and I’d add one more thing since that New Hampshire primary Dana.

I have raised over 12 million dollars in just a little over a week, so I can finally be competitive on the airwaves and get teens in every single super Tuesday State before I let you know when I ask you about one other opponent, as Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Dean, Phillips who is backing you says he thinks that there are probably twin V 230 seats. It absolutely would be impacted directly by having a self-avowed Democratic Socialist at the top of the ticket. Do you think Democrats would lose the house if Bernie Sanders were the nominee? You know I’m not a pun, but what I do know this, I’m the only one on that debate stage when asked.

If you have a problem with the Socialist leading the Democratic ticket that I said yes – and that is despite the fact that Bernie and I are friends we came in together – and my argument is that we don’t judge – have to win an election by eating by a Victory at 4 a. m. we’ve got a win bit, I’m the one with the track record, as Dean Phillips knows, which is why he’s supporting me that brings people with me the twins in the reddest of red World areas, as well as sabur, an area that flips the Statehouse every single time, I’m the only one on that debate stage.

That is done it. It’S not talking points to me and, of course we need to keep the house and you do that by having a candidate that shares of use here in Nevada. As you is talking about early in the show, we don’t want to kick 149 million Americans off their current health insurance in four years, which is exactly what Bernie’s bill would do. People are much more pragmatic, they want plans and not pipe dreams. I am a candidate that brings out and I think that’s why we are surging across the country. . Thank you so much for joining me.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar tells CNN’s Dana Bash that she is the only one on the debate stage that says she has a problem with a democratic socialist winning the nomination.

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