See award-winning journalist’s warning about deadly virus

By | February 12, 2020

See award-winning journalist’s warning about deadly virus
See award-winning journalist’s warning about deadly virus
Dardanelle 65 new cases of the coronavirus on a quarantine ship off coast of Japan at least 24 of the hundred 35 passengers now confirmed to have a virus are Americans ambulances if it’s in transporting some of those infected patients to hospitals in Tokyo and 10. People are on the role that means more people have died from the virus, then from the entire Star Wars outbreak back in 2003. For the first time today, Chinese president Xi Jinping, we seen wearing a mask one of those face masks while visiting a hospital in Beijing or International correspondent, David Culver.

Is there David Mission, president Xi Jinping visit out in public. This is significant because we have not seen him surface through really much of this entire crisis. There was one appearance about a week or so back, but it wasn’t really relevant to what was going on here with a day-to-day fight this massive. So today’s visit was to a local community with to a hospital with with Disease Control Center, and it’s interesting the timing of this for two reasons one is: it comes as you may make that mention of coming past the death toll from SARS in 2003.

That was a significant moment here and so to go past. That now, globally, in the number of those killed, will that’s something that, from a PR perspective, China certainly wants to push back against and show that they still have this under control and that they’re still trying to go forward with what they like to almost a war. Like a battle, if you will, and so who do they put on the front lines and state media, this is certainly being a code, but president XI himself. Now president, she has also taken care of a backseat publicly.

It seems because some of the negativity that has surrounded this you got ta, remember where this originated. It was at the local level, it was in the city of Wuhan, it was Hubei Province. So early on, you have a lot of negativity thrown at those local leaders, but then the central government stepped in president. She became really one who said I’m taking command of deployment and coordination and when he did that it stops at him. It’S a win. Some of the negative headlines are to surface that concerned here from State media, in particular, in the propaganda machine doesn’t like this either is that you start to blur the tool signs of some of the issues and present sheet, so they like the buffer that that’s? Why it was so important to see him come Ford today and to actually be out there in public and really try to stress and his words that said, they’re trying to stay why’s, this fight they’re, trying to stabilize the economy to and they’re they’re determined to go For it, but it’s also worth noting that going around here, you start to see more of the state surveillance, something that the China has hurt everywhere.

We saw those two people floating over their heads 1990’s, author of the book, The Coming plague, Lori Garrett, thanks very much for coming on. Just the death toll from this is now surpassed Stars, Global air travel. Now and then we think we see this it. It’S it’s doubled more than doubled during that time frame in 2003, 691 million Global passengers now 1.4 billion. I think we have that number to put up on the screen, but but tell me how that makes a difference in the spread of this, but also how does it explain the global response back in 2003 with the SARS epidemic? I was in Beijing and I reported some information for CNN and it was censored and no in all of Asia could see that information was the first time they’d ever blocked all CNN Transmissions across the Asian region.

And here we have a situation where China is much more integrated into the planet, spelled and Road initiative. That goes to already more than 60 Nations. They have a reach into sub-Saharan Africa, which was completely cut off from China in 2003, and we see that slowly different parts of Planet are starting to realize. You know this could come here and they’re starting to talk about readiness. I fear they’re too late that everybody’s dragging their feet and getting ready for this, and I think this is going to really explode it’s out of control.

China That’s alarming. It is, and what does that mean for the United States, because there have not been reports of? I think any new cases at least the last few days here in the United States. What is that indicative of to you one thing: that’s great in the United States. Is it RC a CDC, managed to make a good test kit to figure out who’s infected? It works in about 4 to 5 hours time once you have a patient in a sample to test so and they’ve now disperse that out to health departments all over the United States.

So the good news is, as cases appear, we should be able too much more rapidly figure out. Is this real or not real? Is this person infected or not infected good news, and if we can identify an infected case quickly and put them in isolation away from the rest of the community and not in a situation where they might contaminate a whole hospital, as happened with SARS, and has apparently One of the key features of this outbreak in China – then I think we we may be able to buy ourselves time to really get the country together.

Well below 1 % do do we have a sense here of just how deadly this is. We are getting tremendously variant answers to that question. There are accusations that officials in Wuhan have been manipulating data in order to have the data reconcile with a 2 % case-fatality rate. So if you only report so many cases right and then you have a fatality rate – then somehow comes out at 2, very different city on the other side of China. That is having a huge outbreak reports of 4.8 % case fatality rate and, of course, everybody is going to be watching these cruise ships of the one-off Yokohama to see you know what actually unfolds with these people and is it sort of a petri dish to study The epidemic has a hole and to understand what the mortality rate is Lori.

Thank you for that. I think we’re bring comments, but we’re going to stay on top of stories this weekend.
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Laurie Garrett discusses the latest developments with the coronavirus.

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