Scottie Pippen asks Trae Young how long he’ll be able to handle losing | The Jump

By | February 14, 2020

Scottie Pippen asks Trae Young how long he’ll be able to handle losing | The Jump
Scottie Pippen asks Trae Young how long he’ll be able to handle losing | The Jump
We are back here in Chicago with the Hawks sophomore sensation. Tall is Trae Young on the job, trailer, showing all this cold weather 10 points. A game is what you’re scoring jumped-up this season. This Richard doesn’t happen. What has changed for you on the court of the game is to slow down a lot more for me. I just think that I would be able to see in my first year I was just able to really reflect on myself this offseason. I knew going into my second second year what to work on coming in as a rookie.

Don’T let them know it’s a work on going to your first year, but just the game is just slow down for me and I was definitely elevated my game. It’S so much different nowadays, like you hear these kids, the game slow down in their second season for five years before the game slow down until that, as they come in playing right away, treat the ball was handed to him right away. So he was able to fill out the game in this watch some film and then really study the game and understand what he has to bring to the table in the second season.

I want to ask you this. My cousin has been in this game for 22 years. He’S learned a lot he’s forgot a lot of basketball than you’ve learned. So what has what’s the impact that he’s at on you in these last two seasons has been. I mean a great vet for me, someone who I probably get on his nerves a lot just because of all the questions. I’Ve asked him over the past two years, he’s a he’s, the master of longevity. For me, I want to be on this leave for a long time itself he’s just the impact of sleeping and eating right and all that I taught me and he’s done it.

So it’s been very inspiring, so you got a recipe for 22 years now I got the recipe, but I don’t know who’s going to ask you your great shooter. Your game continues to improve, but how long can a player of your caliber take losing not long not for me, as I’ve always been taught win, take care of everything, so my mind is focused on winning and figure out ways to help my team win. That’S my main priority is is trying to help my team win and obviously it’s been tough titties last year and this year so far we haven’t been able to really find that find that, as you help us win and black people going to look at the fact That I mean we’re super young, but I mean I’m just trying to help our team win and trying to figure out a and I don’t come at all.

Do you start having those conversations now that you’re into your second year of saying hey? This is what I think we need on the court. This is, this is how we can make us better. Very open, especially you just about I mean helping me and get better and helping our team get better or just I’ll, try and figure out a way to help this team. This organization get better. So I trust our front office and making the moves and they made some moves already this year, which is unusual for a team that isn’t really in playoff contention and they were still like hey.

We want to still try to get better right now, midseason, even though we’re not going to be a playoff team. I think that speaks to you and what they want to build around, that it is, is Daffy going to help any Clint for sure fits the role that young age so 25 years old, that we have had arguments on our set. Are they on purpose or not? Because I want to know, are you freestyling? Are these pre-planned? What was happening I mean sometimes I use it to my advantage. If I can’t be the defender going going to the sidelines and the only space I have is my body and I just got to throw between your legs and then go get it.

So that’s it’s not really showing it something. I’Ve done my whole life, and I mean that as a compliment introducing ice tray to when you spawn Pistons offender Bruce Brown, all the way around balls move right there. Next up, I would like to know what were you thinking when your coach did not draw up the final shop you last March, but you still ended up hitting the game-winner look at this the best hours to get get a live at The Rim. For John. I just right place at the right time for you a moment like that he, like man come on.

I want to take to wash play the right time for desired. Behavior change enough in this league you going to have some embarrassment. I’Ve been dunked on, go ahead and acknowledge it. Please don’t take.
Trae Young joins Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady to talk about why he’s improved so much in his second NBA season with the Atlanta Hawks, how much Vince Carter has helped him in 2019-20, how long he can take losing, and all of his nutmeg moves on the court. They then (4:38) play “What Were You Thinking,” talking about the time he spun Bruce Brown all the way around, when he hit the game-winner despite not having the last shot drawn up for him, when Dejounte Murray dribbled him to the ground.
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