Saturday Morning forecast 15/02/20

By | February 16, 2020

Saturday Morning forecast 15/02/20
Saturday Morning forecast 15/02/20
Welcome to our weekend update from the Mets office, I need a geostorm Dennis updates. There are a number of warnings in Force, yellow warnings for Wind and Rain, covering all parts of the UK at some point this weekend and we do have Amber warnings for the right for the flooding is likely now. The rain is starting to really intensify course, Weston Skull Island on Saturday morning, starting a bit chilly, but largely driver that ran us extending into much of England.

At this stage, once it arrives, it will last for most of the day pots can an alignment places through Saturday and around Coast 60 to 70 miles an hour last weekend, the stone Cara, along with the other structures and trees. So there is going to be destruction from the wind heavy rain moving in as well, that is going to cause some issues increasing chance of flooding. Through this weekend it will be mild temperature to 11 start the cliff Northern Ireland to the afternoon to sculpins by evening time at this building up so again, I increase likelihood of flooding staying pretty blustery to England, Wales well into the evening when eating for Tom Cruise Scotland and Northern Ireland will you check the website for the very latest, but we do have these amber rain warnings, in.

Potts, a southern Scotland, Northern England, Wales and Southwest England. That’S where we’re supposed to be concerned about flooding through Saturday, many wind and rain warnings covering all parts of a comforter sets, except maybe the far Northeast on Sunday. Again, we have further warnings in for still has Amber warnings, including one response of the southeast. The wind start, the he’s on Sunday across England and Wales later on picking up a scuffle that no one Island to another warning in force here, not wanting last into a Monday.

Again, we are expecting disruption to transport. Ferry’S bridge is being closed as well as a set has the potential for power issues the structural damage all set to go with the areas of flooding concern, hear the chopper Sunday. Rainbow I’m continuing across the South, slowly easing off a little bit by the afternoon, Wales. Northern end of the Midlands, looking a bit dry by Sunday afternoon and bit bright if it’ll still be showers packing in, will be still a pretty brisk wind.

The winds easing through the day cuz England, but picking up again what’s the South and we could still. I get for time it into double-digits, propose again feeling cold up with the wind and the rain continuing continues, as well as deep as of low pressure Milling its way across Northern skulking through Sunday. That’S why the winds pick up again here through Sunday night into Monday morning. That’S why we can’t have that wind warning. Through Sunday, night and Monday, not just one day but two into three days of potential problems from Storm Dennis.

Just to reiterate, Heavy Rain is likely to be the biggest problem this weekend with flooding expected, but it will still be very windy and data. Those winds could also cause disruption. This storm will affect different parts of the year at different times and in different ways to make sure you are aware of the weather warnings the reflecting way you are this weekend best way to do that.
15 February – National weather forecast presented by Alex Deakin

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