Saturday Morning forecast 08/02/2020

By | February 14, 2020

Saturday Morning forecast 08/02/2020
Saturday Morning forecast 08/02/2020
Stormy weekend lies ahead. Stone Cara is arriving, bringing very strong winds right across the country to her number warnings in force on Sunday Atlantic Brewing across the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and Canada on Friday, between supercharged by a very active Jetstream storm system. Moving and look at the number of isobars are right across the country on Sunday is going to be a very, very pretty windy on Saturday to take the win Stanley ramping up through the morning for a large chunk of the comes right Wells.

But many places say start in the weekends about praising. Yes, it’s a bit blurry, but generally drawing bright. Now it’s running through the day and what a great deal of change is a line of the Bride 2 colors that just slowly heading in thickening cloud. Of course, Weston, skulking and eventually turning very wet here, is well enough to crank up, but a good part of England, Jason Skelton. It’S a dry on the bright day with temperatures appropriate touch, above-average 9/10, 11° C by the afternoon across Northern Ireland and Scotland Lingus.

Kiev through much of the night since it was his present to Sutton skull, can we do have rain warnings in forces that ran Kobe, have an asset assistant and Northwest England for the South dry on Friday nights, but again those Winn’s continuing to strengthen all the wild. The wind warning for Saturday covering Scotland, Northern Ireland Parts in Northwest England and West Augusta 50, maybe 60 miles not possibly more around. I will set some high seas and dangerous waves along the coast expect and travel disruption. Heavy right also an extra Hazard for traveling.

It was a potentially causing some flooding and then on Sunday. Well, the wind warning covers the whole of the UK to get 50 60 mile an hour Gust in land more around Coast, particularly concerned, especially the coastal strip just hit 70 Southeastern Corner 55 to 65 miles. An hour I can likely to cause some travel disruption, maybe cause some structural damage, potentially interrupting power supplies as well, so that I’m awarding it. FaceTime it’s a very windy day, wherever you are on Sunday and two pretty wet as well. Brands of heavy rain sweeping across the country little brighter the rainfall could cause some issues to debate Drive holder with lots of heavy showers moving in on those stiff and Gusty winds, temperatures.

What was the by storm Carol, damaging as potentially make sure you stay up-to-date with the very latest from the Met Office, the very latest weather warning best way to do that: download, app, follow us on social media or visit our website.
08 February – National weather forecast presented by Alex Deakin

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