Saturday evening forecast 15/02/20

By | February 16, 2020

Saturday evening forecast 15/02/20
Saturday evening forecast 15/02/20
Hello and welcome to latest forecast from here at the Met Office and UK is still in the midst of storm that is crunchy track his way Eastward I was going to be with us for 36 hours or so plenty of warnings out next couple days. I would have a little bit more detail now. Amber ring for warnings are out for those with it. Some strong Gusty winds, Travel warnings, the hole in the British Isles tonight cuz he gets the win 50 to 60 miles. An hour is 70 out towards the north and west, and that’s how we start Sunday morning when the rain will start today, Eastwood in stock, to clear through the day that opens the door for some co-direct following behind, but with it heavy rain showers and he’s turned Into sleet or snow over the hills or Scotland happens if we continue with this morning throughout the day on Sunday, if you down Southeast, oh, probably going to stay with, throw the whole today that ring take until later in the evening.

To finally clear UK sweetie. Starts to turn Colder’s, while with brisk winds from the west or Northwest and we’ll see further showers mainly affected western part of the UK and again in the North Pole as sleet or snow over The High Ground of Scotland, so cold air. But still windy stop on Monday morning and then showers will continue to make their way further East Brewton on a Brisk Westerly Breeze, and we will see some strong winds Northwest 70 miles an hour here throughout the day and again at Lowe’s showers with salt.

Before I sleep or snow over, the higher ground is going to hold a feeling day for all of us on Monday. Now there is no flaw of weather state with that’s going to mean for you and where you live, it’s more information on the Netflix website through a mobile app. We can follow us on social media.
15 February – National weather forecast presented by Simon Partride

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