Saturday evening forecast 08/02/20

By | February 14, 2020

Saturday evening forecast 08/02/20
Saturday evening forecast 08/02/20
Ilikeweylie was a nursery find a on Saturday, but it’s all change as soon carry set to hit, bring wet and very windy 200 parts of the UK. In time. For Sunday we do have a number of warnings in force. We have this yellow wind warning. Bring the whole of the UK could quite why they seek us. The 60 70 miles per hour, even up to 80 miles per hour in some places. Listen to this Amber area with covers the bulk of England and Wales. What would most likely to see the significant impact because he damaged property as well as some flying debri, which does bring the risk of injuries? And on top of that, there’s going to be some disruption to travel and also some power outages? The reasons this is because of storm Cara, it’s currently in the Atlantic, but it’s going to sweep in as we go through sun.

I bring wet and windy weather to Old Park once it clears away. They won’t have colder at feeding its way across the UK and with some showers that does bring the significant rescue some snow across northern part of the UK is 30 a wet stuck across western parts that rhyme with spread to O’Leary’s sofa the bulk of the UK. This going to come very wet, very windy, as we go through the night is dangerous for longest down towards the southeast pots of Scotland. There is lightning sound, quite chilly tonight, but elsewhere temperature not dropping much do to the wind and rain Sunday.

Then a very wet, very windy day we’re going to Swayze of what weather, pushing away across heavy downpours the heaviest rain. That’S likely have the highest ground of Western England and Wales, where we could see some localized flooding and the strongest winds, like I mentioned Stickley across to England and Wales, where the greatest impact a likely temperatures well that well above average, for the time of year. When you factor in the wind, the rain, it’s really not going to fail, especially mild later on on Sunday, then we’ll see the clearing away, but plenty of showers feeding in from the Westin and we caught the colder air coming into.

As a result, we do see the likelihood of some pretty intense, no full across parts of Scotland in particular, and as a result, we have a wind and snow warning, valid hair which covers through the Monday and Tuesday, as well as the rest of Monday. Then and wintry showers, parts of Scotland With the Wind would likely see blizzards hair else. Why? Yes, it is a dry umbrella today than on Sunday, but temperatures market and still some very strong winds around, especially towards the Southwest.
8 February – National weather forecast presented by Alex Burkill

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