Saturday afternoon forecast 08/02/20

By | February 14, 2020

Saturday afternoon forecast 08/02/20
Saturday afternoon forecast 08/02/20
Highlights Stone, Cara is going to hit the UK this weekend, bring some very wet and very windy weather two of Hearts. As a result, we have a number of warnings in force, as we could see. Some significant disruption take a look at the bigger picture 50 below that is Stone, Cara, waiting out in the Atlantic going to sweep and as we got into Sunday, bring on Saturday to go parts of the UK ones that clears away. They will end up in a cold shower EMS. As a result, we do across northern part of the UK and it’s the Calm before the storm.

If you will lots of fine weather for many parts of the UK with some decent Sunny spells but notice his Reign. That’S sweeping into the Northwest a warning is in force Northern Ireland very strong winds across northern part of warning hair. We could see God’s 50 to 60 miles per hour quite widely up to 75 miles per hour, as well as the rest got some power outages as well. I think I screw the end of the day and overnight will see that rain sweeping across old pot. So it is guide to turn bright white and very windy as we go through the night.

The rain perhaps not reaching the far Southeast until the very end of the night, while some wintry showers likely to feed into Orland Park later on as well. Temperatures will stay fairly mild, but it’s not going to feel it if you’re out, because of all the Wind and Rain to a Sunday. It is going to be a very unsettled, a very wet, very windy. 400 Parts State rains like behaviorist Across The High Ground parts of Wales, Northern England and the winds likely to be strongest across parts of the South tickly Southern cursilerias, but also the bulk of England Wells at risk of seeing some severe gales Spectre the time of year.

But when you factor in the wind Ray, it’s really going to feel unpleasant, take a look at those warnings and you can see we have a yellow one in Cross the whole of the UK. This is I’m very affecting much of England and Wales, where we have to greatest chance of seeing something significant impacts with gossip 70 to 80 miles an hour. How many around Costa, perhaps Inland as well. We could see some flying debris and damage to building not does bring the risk of injury it’s Monday, then, and it is going to stay windy too many places, particularly towards the Southwest, hear another warning and forth.

The many they’ll be lots of showers and these will be readily falling asleep to snow tools the north. As a result, we have a wind and snow warning temperatures makakilo then we’ve had over the weekend and with it still being blustery and in the shower. It’S really going to feel quite cold, there are lots of warnings in force and they are going to be often updated as Stone care ahead.
8 February – National weather forecast presented by Alex Burkill

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