Sanders leads New Hampshire primary

By | February 14, 2020

Sanders leads New Hampshire primary
Sanders leads New Hampshire primary
Tonight, New Hampshire is finally doing for the u. s. presidential race. What Iowa was supposed to do last week, shortening that long list of democratic candidates vying to take on Donald Trump in the fall. This is the state’s primary date and swear. Paul Hunter is right in the media center. All looking at the numbers tonight. The candidates at the top really are not a huge surprise. It’S all about who’s up and who’s down in this state tonight, Bernie Sanders is up. Joe Biden is down. We can talk a bit more about that in a moment, but first, let’s talk about voters.

I spent some time at polling stations today talk to a lot of Voters out casting their ballots. We watch them. We talk to them about who they voted for, but more to the point. What they’re thinking about for November? Here’S a look pick up your ballot head into a booth, Make Your Mark and drop it in. How did you vote Bernie Sanders the right one? What about November voting Democrat again so honestly, whoever can beat Trump heard alot of that Democrats who have their favorites, but for whom, in the end, that almost done matter all that, does they told us chickens, out-of-office, there’s like no other issues.

I just don’t like him as a person he’s morally corrupt and, as a president, you know he’s done a few good things so, but you just want him out just one tomorrow redeemed on the Wane. Make no mistake. Republican voters in New Hampshire turned out today as well. They’Re nominee is a certainty, their vote, a reminder that whoever Democrats choose there’s a battle ahead because we love him. We like him. We trust him he’s doing great things so tonight at 18th, Andrew Yang, Michael Bennett of dropped out of the race, but for the rest, candidates were the big winners and losers in all this.

Before I was just picked up, some of them something Bernie Sanders could have been exposed, but he did what he needed to do. He’S come out on top no surprise in a sentence, but what I needed to do. He did it, but here’s the surprise of a knight, Amy, Klobuchar Club charge they’re calling her. Now she had a very strong I big night for Amy Klobuchar third-place, that’s a big surprise, Joe Biden V Spot, not good for Joe Biden down in the single digits. He said he wouldn’t do well in New Hampshire. He was right not on the ballot tonight, Mike Bloomberg, he’s not on the ballot until March 3rd super Tuesday.

The conversation all of a sudden there’s a Democrat field windows down Lil Bit as it is tonight increasingly will be about Mike Bloomberg. He remains Adrian.
Bernie Sanders took the lead in the New Hampshire primary, which saw two candidates drop out of the Democratic race.
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