Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Nbc News Today nailing this down quote within the past month. Today’S January 14th Federal prosecutor February 14th in case came under pressure from senior Justice Department officials to recommend a lighter sentence for Flynn. Then they had proposed in early January prosecutors have recommended that Flynn serve up to six months in jail. They were overruled 3 weeks later on January 29th, when the government submitted a new sentencing, recommendation to the judge, probation for phlegm was more appropriate.

Instead, that was under pressure from senior Justice Department officials who intervened in with a line, prosecutors or otherwise pursuing. In that case, it’s Revelation from NBC News comes amid for the report mendeecee and the New York Times today that attorney general Barr has installed a team of people in an ongoing way in the US attorney’s office in DC, specifically to Shelby, say oversee cases. What are sensitive, and that happened to be of interest to the president quote mr. bar – has installed a handful of outside prosecutors to broadly review the handling of politically sensitive National Security cases in the US attorney’s office in Washington Fatima include at least one prosecutor from the Office of the US attorney in St Louis, a prosecutor who is now handling the Flynn case, St Louis prosecutor, as well as prosecutors from the office of the Deputy attorney-general.

What are they doing there pulled over the past two weeks. The outside prosecutors have begun grilling line prosecutors in the Washington us attorney’s office about various cases, some public, some, not including investigative steps, prosecutorial actions and why they took some of the cases involve President Trump’s friends and allies, some his critics and adversaries. But the moves amount to imposing a secondary layer of monitoring and control over what career prosecutors have been doing in the Washington us attorney’s office.

Imoveis quote highly unusual and couldn’t trigger more accusations of political interference by top Department officials good trigger. This is not a warning about the possible mistaken appearance of political influence on the criminal justice system. I mean this is documentation further documentation that we have piled up this week. Justice system has been breached, its not threatened it hurt. Prosecutorial decisions are now being made under the direct supervision of the Attorney General specifically to benefit the president and to respond to his demands upon his enemies.

Frida, there’s a threat of this. We are now living with a justice system that has been made to work. This way this crisis emerged on Tuesday this week in the case of Rodger Stone, because the president couldn’t keep quiet about it, but the song taste follow the exact pattern. What happened with Michael Flynn, just like in the Flynn case prosecutor is recommended to the court of prison sentence. Then there was political intervention by the Attorney General how to reverse that prison recommendation and instead to recommend no prison sentence, sounds about this prosecution out loud.

He couldn’t resist saying out loud how he wished the stone case to be fixed. Please and that, of course, brought everybody’s attention to it in an inescapable way and, of course, the dark reality that we are even Beyond this Cascade, a very upsetting evidence about what Trump and bar have done to break the rule of law. Very dark Revelation here. I think is that the president this week, by crowing about what he wanted done in this one criminal case specifically because he really doesn’t want the stuff to be done quietly.

He does want the stuff to be done out loud. He wants to brag about it, because the threat is the point right I mean Attorney General William Barr clearly doesn’t want this to be public in who wants to be known as the attorney general, who really is fixing criminal cases on the president’s public about the president. Talking about this matter so much, it makes his job quite impossible that they’ve been doing for the past year. He doesn’t believe he has constrained by the law. That’S his recent experience seems to back him up on that.

He believes that the criminal justice system should be there for his disposal. He should use the criminal justice system to lock up his political opponents, to criminalize political opposition to him to lock up anybody who stands somebody in the government who disobeys a subpoena to testify truthfully. That’S just something that they saw. He believes that anybody who does such a thing is a traitor and should be locked up, and anybody who’s considering doing such a thing should fear, being locked up was to shut down all opposition to himself and to essentially render resistance futile.

His idea is to create that fear that will stop people from standing up against him using the criminal justice system. This way, no matter, and so the stone case, interference happened out in the open, basically laid bare today and the rest of the report in New York. In which the president was identified by prosecutors, as the person who directed the commission Tony’s individual one in which the president’s business and its Executives were reportedly under Federal Criminal scrutiny until William Barr was sworn in as attorney general one year ago, and he immediately got himself Down to New York carry case.

That very case was quietly closed a few months later, with no additional charges brought against anyone. Despite the fact that the federal prosecutors in that office and blocked State investigators from having anything to do with the facts of this case, because they supposedly, they supposedly had an ongoing criminal investigation, but it inexplicably closed several months after bars, intervention with nobody else being charged. It all are also reportedly personally and inserted himself into the Levin, Igor and Rudy Giuliani case in the southern district of New York, which resulted in charge has thus far against 11 Igor, but not against.

Rudy Giuliani will have more on that a little bit later on. In the show, so it may not just be that won US attorney’s office in DC it maybe the so-called sovereign New York as well the one that everybody assured us would be so independent. No one could ever push them around sissy lots of other great videos.
Rachel Maddow looks at reporting that shows a string of cases related to Donald Trump that are being influenced by William Barr either to help Trump’s friends or publish Trump’s enemies. And while Barr appears to prefer to do Trump’s bidding quietly, Trump seems eager to make it known that he is flexing this power. Aired on 02/14/20.
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Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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