Rob Manfred’s exclusive ESPN Interview on Astros sign-stealing scandal | MLB on ESPN

By | February 17, 2020

Rob Manfred’s exclusive ESPN Interview on Astros sign-stealing scandal | MLB on ESPN
Rob Manfred’s exclusive ESPN Interview on Astros sign-stealing scandal | MLB on ESPN
I figure we’ll break this down. It’S a two different things like the investigation and then the reaction to it will start with the investigation we got here, but overall it as the caretaker of the game. What is the last Boston like it’s been a pressure-filled month for us for the entire Major League Baseball organization. We take the responsibility for protecting the in the game very seriously. You know we worked very hard to get the facts out in the investigation, and you know once you’ve done that and made a decision on discipline.

It’S kind of all you can do is sit back and watch the reaction it will get to the at. What point were you aware of alleged cheating? When did that happen? There were questions raised late in the 2018 season. I remember particularly go to the playoffs and we actually took steps to. We put monitors, places paid a lot more attention to cameras during the 2018 postseason in an effort to deal with and understand. Usually when we report there are no facts surrounding it is somebody calls up. We think they have our signs and that’s a very difficult thing to deal with in terms of trying to figure out.

What’S going on and intercourse had difficulty compounded by you know something we’ve seen in this investigation in that is kind of the cone of silence then surrounds the Dugout in the clubhouse, the late eighteen, because people have said there been reports that there, whether it be the Age of others that that you were at least aware that there was cheating going on some people have suggested it’s the worst-kept secret in baseball, so before Fire Sticks. Why did it take so long for this to go where when was he goes back to what I just said? I mean first of all, formal complaints.

That would be an overstatement of what was happening. I mean we were aware of rumors, not just about the Astros but the sign stealing going on. In Remembering 17 we had investigated and discipline the Yankees and the Red Sox right. So there were incidents. There was an incident in Arizona. So, as we got information every single time, there was an attempt to dig deeper to figure out what was going on. As I said to you, I think you need to make it put it in contact. Some of them result: indiscipline, Yankees, Red Sox.

Some of them resulted in us not being able to verify what people have had suggested, but they all took place against the backdrop of us trying to take measure to prevent it from happening. Video monitors things like that, then. What challenges did you face in the investigation? While the single biggest challenge in the investigation price to us, but also even applies to law enforcement, where they have much greater Powers than we have, you need someone to cooperate with you. As someone to give you factual information and the challenge here is everybody who knew the real facts about what we’re going on? What kind of within that Kona silence in The Dugout in the clubhouse? So I guess I would ask what what level of awareness did you believe you knew this was going on, and then they frustration in your inability to get whoever it was to comment on it to help.

You help you with your kiss. Well, the day-to-day frustration piece of it. I don’t wear that much. I have a great investigations department. They made every effort to try to get the facts out an important to emphasize that are fundamental goal. We felt that once there had been the reporting with the amount of detail, there was on this topic that we owed it to the fans and the other team’s to gather the facts and lay them out in a very transparent way. So they went along in the investigation pursuing that goal and we did come to a point in time where we had to make a decision about how we going to Crack the Code of Silence.

So tell me about that decision. Well, you have to pick a group right, you have to decide. Are you going to try to get? Maybe the field managers and the coaching staff you’re going to try to get the players who who is going to get to tell you what was really going on? We landed on the players really for two reasons. First of all, I believe what I wrote in the Yankee Red Sox decision that, fundamentally, the obligation to make sure players are playing within the rules, falls on the general manager in the field manager, that is, their responsibility.

Players get paid to compete, we all know too, can people get hot? Sometimes they can make bad decisions. The management people are the ones who are responsible in the first instance to make sure what goes on on the field goes on within the the rules that had been established. Secondly, we had a problem with the players in this case, among the things that the Astros failed. That was, after the Yankee Red Sox decision, I put the clubs on notice as to what exactly the rules were and how they were going to be treated going forward.

Among the other failures that organization that information never made its way to the players, they just didn’t do it. I mean turn my report. They said that the memorandum went to the general manager and then nothing was done it’s from the GM down, so we knew if we had discipline the players in likelihood we were going to have Grievances and grievances that we were going to lose on the basis that We never properly informed them of the rule. So, given those two things number one, I knew where I am certain where there was stability should lay in the first incident and given the fact that we didn’t think we could make discipline stick with the players we made.

The decision we made having said that, I understand the reaction players, some of them in a more articulate way than others have said, admitted they did the wrong thing, and I understand that people want to see them punished for that and in a perfect world they would Have been punched when you found out that this memorandum never got to the player’s? What was your reaction to that? It was part of the overall development of the conclusion that there was a lot of responsibility at the GM and manager level.

Hear that that did so. Many things that should have been done – we’re not done it does in a sense, though absolve the players, responsibility and players should know the difference between right and wrong. They don’t need somebody over their shoulder telling them that. So how do you characterize the player’s role in all this look, I think that this was a situation where the supervision, the management by the GM in the manager were inadequate and it aloud what was probably a small mistake at the beginning to grow into something that Was much much bigger and I don’t know the players of responsibilities.

I think that in their comments at least some of them, you can see the fact that they understand they have fundamental obligation to play Within the rules, and I don’t think any of them feel like they’ve been up there all frankly. So in January you send a letter to Jeff luhnow, saying most or all of the Astros players were active, banging scheme on the barrel. At that point, this is January to buy that point. What types of penalties or punishments are you considering? This is before you’ve gotten to the players.

Wear said we’re going to Grant immunity what what types considering then, I think it’s important understand what that January letter that you refer to as we always in the investigation conduct the factual investigation, the bed we can and then we get kind of get to the key People that we’re starting to think while there may be discipline involved here, so what we do is we right kind of the most negative interpretation of the facts from that individuals. Perspective. Give it to him in writing and give him a chance to come in and refute what we think we have found.

So I think one of the problems with that letter is people characterized it sort of is they had decided by this date. That X was the fact we were kind of putting on an indictment. If you, let me use the analogy and giving lunau hinch an opportunity to respond to what we say we had found at that point in time. I had not really formulated sort of potential disciplines for anyone. I thought it was important to go into. The interviews is AJ and Jeff with an open mind on those interviews took place. Obviously, after this letter – and it was only after those interviews that I started to think through who, what in terms of discipline – but I mean you’re, pretty comfortable, send the letter as negative as you want to go.

You’Re pretty comfortable with your great investigative unit that they’re pretty accurate here right when I thought that they had done a phenomenal job Gathering the facts, and I knew there was going to be discipline. What I not decided was exactly who, how far and how are your findings released on the 13th of course, crane, the owner Jim Crane, and then you can implicate through just leaving them lunow change, quora, Beltran y, only those four guys for the most part. Well, for me and Cora we’re easy for me when you look at the facts that were found by the investigative unit.

Luna was the Baseball official, the highest-ranking one we reach the conclusion. He either knew or should have known what was going on and that he didn’t inadequate things to prevent this type of behavior even after he was warned about it. So that was easy for me. Aj I mean location has been very open about what went on. He knew it was happening, he didn’t stop and he was there every day I mean that’s kind of the end of the story from my perspective and I don’t want to say too much about Alex because we have an open investigation there.

I will say the investigators confirmed what was in the the original article that started all this. That Alex was at the core of what’s going on on the tough one, for us was Carlos Beltran because of his status. He was a player right here in the activity took place while he was a player and he was covered by the immunity. The reason we ended up mentioning him with credibility. He had been mentioned so prominently in the originals. We thought that to not explain what we found about Beltran people would see it as some sort of a lack of transparency, and we wanted to avoid that above everything else.

It may be for the people who are watching this to understand the scope of the investigation is as concise as you can’t. I mean what went into it, who did get any? How often how frequently there were 70. I think it was 70 says that were interviewed. Some of those Witnesses were multiple times. In other words, we have an interview. We find something else from somebody else, and we’d want to go back and re-interview that individual there were literally tens of thousands of emails text, slack messages.

It says messaging system that we secured from the Astros all of those had to be reviewed. Those generated follow up, oh yeah, it’s all the way up and down the organization. There was really the one thing that I am absolutely certain about in all of this. We cannot be criticized for leaving Stones unturned. Every investigation you know can be in perfect in the sense that maybe you don’t find out every last vacuum in something what whatever there was nothing available to us in terms of investigative routes that were not followed, their insurance.

Apparently get involved, video room coordinators goes up the chain of command their relationship, whether it’s the owner of the general manager of the manager. Everybody knows who these people are curious. What responsibility does the owner of the team having all this? Well, I think the the owner has the ultimate responsibility. For what time is this franchise mean I’d? Let you know that goes back to the way we govern the game right I mean that the owner has that obligation. I think in this particular case I was prepared based what the facts showed to discipline an owner if it, if I felt that that was appropriate, I think when you discipline, you have to always rely on the evidence when you into disappointing people based on a concept As it’s very difficult, what the evidence showed with respect to Jim was when he got the Apple watch decision, the Yankees Red Sox decision in the subsequent follow-up for turn off office that he did in kind of an unusual move for him getting directly involved on the Baseball side he did instruct Jeff lunow to make sure that they were behaving compliance with the rules.

When that happened, I felt that you know his effort in that regard, was sort of the key to the signing we made with respect to the owner. Tell them how we got to behave properly and I’m now removing myself from you. I think the last farts on Fair I mean, I think that he told them that he wanted to check to make sure that they were in compliance with the rules and this directive. He runs this business and another business when you give it direct subordinate, you know an order. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to realign the fact that that’s going to be carried out for you, but you run so you dictate the culture their.

The owner generally dictates the culture. How do you, how do you square with a culture that doesn’t encourage an individual to come forward and say hold on a second that wasn’t encouraged or people didn’t feel comfortable enough to do that? Look, I think that the it’s important to think about the deterrence aspect of this discipline. You had four pretty accomplished baseball people managers Jam that not only were suspended for substantial. Of time but lost their jobs. I hope that that’s enough to make people at those levels understand the responsibility they have and make sure that they’re playing by the rules.

The idea that Jim Crane was not discipline to your, I kind of disagree with that. I mean he suffer. He owns an organization that organization was fine $ 5000000, whether you think $ 5000000 is a water knot. It is the maximum amount Allowed by the major league Constitution gave up for draft picks, and people can minimize the effect of it. But if you talk to any good general manager, there’s tens of millions of dollars of value involved in those first and second-round picks and then, of course, there’s the last piece.

That’S most important. The public airing of what went on here is a form of discipline and maybe the most powerful deterrent of anything that we did here and there for most people. You know not enough, so what about punishments has a deterrent to the players cuz they weren’t finest yeah. I think that the player piece of it is important to focus on. I think that you will see us we’re in the process of working through with the mlbpa, what we’re going to do with players on this topic. Moving forward.

I explained you in this particular case. You know you don’t sort of it all of the cases in that 70. There may have been a lack of clarity. We solve that problem, but we do need a policy That explicit in terms of making players, feel responsibility for these types of behavior. That would allow you to punish certain players about in. You could have made the choice to go with the management, people and sort of given them immunity and found out how the players were involved. Whatever dissatisfaction is out there with the grant of immunity to players, I think it would have been ten times worse.

If you let the management people off and then tried to go after the player’s, universally respected, Hank Aaron, I think whoever did that should be out of baseball the rest of their life, but describe your comfort level with a comment like that from a man who’s still Respecting the game, I understand if I’ve learned anything over the last five years. I’Ve understand I’ve come to understand that when you discipline people are going to have views that may not be consistent with with what you’ve done.

I accept that. I accept that part of the responsibility, the job. I accept the criticism as part of the responsibility of the job. What I did hear is I tried to get the facts I laid them out in his transparent. The way it is could lay them out, so people could infect make their own judgment as to whether you know the discipline was strong, weak whatever, and you know I made decisions based on the evidence that I think we’re Fair people are going to have to decide Whether I did a good job with that or a bit and what was in what is your reaction to the reaction of the people, which seems to be why we didn’t get the players yeah.

I understand. I understand people’s desire to have the players pay a price for what, when I’m here, I think if you watch the Players watch their faces when they have to deal with this issue publicly. I have paid a price to think that they’re skipping down the road into spring training, happy that that’s just a mischaracterization of where we are having said that the desire to have actual discipline imposed on him understand it and in a perfect world it would have happened. We ended up where we ended up in pursuit of really, I think, the most important goal, and that is getting the facts and getting them out there for people attending.

It might be different if you could be different. Yes, and what role does the Players Association playing? All this look, you know what people forget about it, but you know there is a federal law that requires us to deal with the mlbpa on things like wages, hours terms and conditions of employment, including discipline they have an obligation to represent their members, were going to Fulfill that obligation, but we’re going to pursue a goal that puts the industry in a better position to deal these issues on a go-forward basis.

As you watched the Astros spring training press conference, the one with Jim Crane, Dusty Baker, Altuve and bregman, I’m curious. What was your reaction as you watched it in real time? I think Nam one of the most important things that has to happen in order to put this episode, never going to forget about it, but the move on from it is for the entire organization, starting from the top owner, all the way, through the players to accept Responsibility and to apologize not only to their fans, butt fans across the other 29 teams, and it’s hard to deny the fact that that’s going to be an ongoing process, hear it didn’t get done the other day.

Most people describe it as an epic failure. How would you describe it? It was not successful and then what follows to that? Are you involved with the follow-up to the way there was handled, or you clear of that? Look whatever what team does forbetterorforworse, I feel it’s part of the responsibility of my position will continue to work with the Astros to help them put this behind them. I think that in the and it’s gone by, some players have been out individually. I think they did a much better job in terms of expressing taking responsibility and expressing remorse.

That process is going to continue I’ve heard by Kerrigan, oblivious, not contrite, to to what extent do you think the message you sent was the message that was received? Well, that’s a funny pronoun that you there you mean, but you’re a swell you can you send the message that this is wrong. You cheated and the perception that many out there is that several of the Astros specially at the higher levels, don’t necessarily seemed to be expecting that I say this to you. I think that their intentions may be different than the way that it came off.

But I understand I’m the reaction to the press conference and I think that the organization, the Astros, the individual players almost immediately realized the need to do more and that’s why you’ve seen players out there talking about this individual? What what type of consideration have you given? Two stripping the world series title well in the context of my original decision. It was something that we talked about and analyze extensively. It was a big topic of conversation between me and my senior staff, and how did you land on your decision? You landed on it on it really number one.

It is never happened in baseball, you know, and I I am a believer in the idea that precedent matters and when you DVD from it, you have to have a really good reason to do that. Number. One number two: I thought that the report I gave people a really transparent account of what went on that. We put people in a position to make their own judgments about the behavior that one on that certainly has happened over the last month. The idea of you know an asterisk or asking for a piece of metal back, seems sort of a feudal ACT.

People are always know that there was something about the 27 World Series that was different and they’re, going to know that, because whether we made every decision right or wrong, we undertook a really thorough investigation and we had the intestinal fortitude to put out their. The facts found even though they weren’t very pretty how how much do you struggle with that decision, not to strip that away? I don’t because Carl, I think, once you start down that road – and this is the last piece of it once you start down that road, where you stopped is a real, difficult thing to figure out.

Do you go back and you know every individual game every series where someone, for example, broke to use Rules by using steroids? Do I have to go back and clean all that up? It’S just an impossible position to be in this. Do you understand people who would suggest that I do? I do a lot of people that suggest that there’s actually a positive minute? Is it it’s people who stand them is so strong that you know I’m a Dodger fan through-and-through and I feel, like I didn’t, get a fair shake and they shouldn’t have the benefit.

I understand that I do not speak of Dodgers or Cody Bellinger, Jim Crane punishment week, Manfred punishments week. They were cheating for 3 years, Altuve still win MVP from Judge they stole the ring from us. How much truth is there and what he says? I don’t agree that the disciplines were weak. I really don’t. I think that the disciplines are strong enough, that they will deter people from engaging in this Behavior going forward. I think that you need to think about the overall context in terms of what’s been done to people’s reputations, what they’re going to have to answer questions of arguably for the rest of their lives.

I understand Cody’s passion for the game, but I don’t agree with those comments we heard Jim Crane, whether he misspoke. I don’t think that the cheating had any impact on the result. What’S your reaction to bad comment regarding play? All I know is that, throughout the investigation I mean this one in the Boston investigation, every single player that we talked about this with admitted that if you knew what was coming, it was an advantage so Mike Rizzo Technologies. Here replays here there a ways to curtail it, Astros going to take further steps.

What are those steps? There is no question that we will have a new policy before the 2020 season begins at the core of that policy going to be to restrict SSH access to video during the game. You don’t think about other sports. You know I don’t deny that video can help. You perform what, if you have access to it, the game, but a golfer’s can’t come off on the 6th hole and take a quick look at what he’s doing with his swing. We’Re going to have to learn to live with less access. The live video in and around the Dugout Clubhouse last week here you know you had their soccer Federation Banh 18 from champions league for 2 years and Bynum 30 million dollars does a statement like that at all resonate with you with regards to this or e future Cases I think that when you have misconduct by club by an organization by a player, you have to consider every single form of discipline available tea out there, and my responsibility is to try to pick discipline.

That is consistent with the facts that you find, and you know I understand that there are scenarios where you may take more drastic action. You’Ve seen it in other sports. You know what the time particular given the fact we had here. I picked. What I thought was the bestest of their. There are comparisons to other scandals, with baseball over the course of his history. Where do you is the commissioner put this candle relative to steroids or 1919 Black Sox scandal with? Where does this fit in? Well, I actually talked a lot about trying to figure out in order there cuz.

It helps you think through what should happen in terms of discipline. I think that the worst Scandal has to be a scandal that involve people not trying to win right, but that’s the worst possible thing that can happen. I think this comes in behind that right behind it, and I think it’s so serious because it’s tangible it like breaking up Financial rule. That applies to how many players you can sign in the Dominican Republic. This is about what happens on the field in a tangible way, and I put it so high on the list and turn the house serious.

It is because our fans can touch it that they feel it, and I understand that I think it explains a lot of the you know, reaction to any of the players don’t get punished then you can understand. I do look up Carla and you know if I have not been clear about it. Let me say it before again: I understand that desire and in a perfect world they would have been disciplined. We gave them immunity in pursuit of what we thought was the most important goal. That is, you know clearing the air. I mean, can you imagine if we done an investigation, we granted nobody immunity, we preserved our ability to when everybody and we couldn’t find enough facts to defend the discipline.

I mean I wouldn’t do that. If you didn’t have my and you didn’t Grant immunity, would we be in the same position going into this year? I’Ve been in in 17 and 18. Look Mike Fiers, in my view, did the industry a service? He open the door here without that opening of the door. We would not have been able to hack conduct the effective investigation that we did. We would not have been able to impose the disciplines that were imposed. We would not have been able to probably take the prophylactic pictures that were going to take with respect to 20/20 and it’s important, painful but important that we clean all that up considerably.

The answer is yes, then we could have been in the same spot without somebody like that. He’S close to me and probably you giving your affinity for Youth Sports. You have little Leaguers now in California and I’m sure around the country who will not use the name. Astros during the season, and who knows how long? What impact does that message sent to you? I think for me personally, one of the most troubling pieces of all. This was the message that we sent the young people about the game. You know I do believe that our game is special in that it teaches values to young people that serve them well, whether they become baseball players or not end.

When you hold that belief – and you see what happened here, you have to accept the fact that this was a step backwards for us, one that we’re going to have to work really really hard to correct tonight. So how would you describe the investigation of the buzzer? I don’t deep did that, go the buzzer allegation that the tape – and we were fully aware of that when we were working our way through the investigation. I think that, in a way, the peace that appreciates is that we found no evidence, not a single witness.

Who could corroborate that there were buzzers been used during the 2019 season in D if they were doing anything inappropriate during the 2019 season? Given that the players told us you know, chapter and verse about 2017 and chapter and verse about 2018 does give some credibility to the denials that wear uniform about the use of buzzards in 2019. Can I tell you one hundred percent certain that it didn’t happen? No, you can never know that you got to help people tell you what they tell you. I will tell you the evidence on this issue was his consistent in the direction that nothing was going on, as the evidence was consistent in the direction that inappropriate, behavior and 17 and 18 Mile denial or the Altuve.

Let’S just look at the end of the investigation vs. coming out and saying I never used to Buzzard. How did you react to that? I thought that answer could have been better given what we were told during the investigation. Is there anything in hindsight now that we’re here a month later, would have done different? You know he’s a dangerous undertaking. You know. I do think that overtime people will come to understand the the significance of the discipline that was imposed here and you don’t do. I wish that I could have figured out a way to do this, that would’ve, Spa West controversy, publica yeah.

I do I don’t know what that is it’s sitting here right now. I was hopeful that the transparency in the decision would help us move on from that, and it’s taking longer to do that than I it has becomes to some degree a referendum on your leadership. I understand that and the reaction has been for the most part, negative there’ve been some studies. I know yet the end of the study, ATC percent of the people agreed with the punishments and yet three-quarters of them said the player should have been punished as well.

When you sit in the commissioner’s office and look out at to wear the sport is, and it’s your sport, how do you feel about it today? Look, I think leadership is a really important component about what goes on in the job. I think that it is my responsibility to show a steady hand to show the chi, our fans that were serious about this issue, that we have the capacity to develop rules and policies that will move the industry forward. And you know referendums public pools that they are with I’m aware of them, but it doesn’t really motivate me to do my job differently.

I’M doing the very best. I can with a very difficult set of circumstances, and I have every confidence that I can move this game forward. Ok office, subject of the Astros rules, you know what kind of four categories of batter minimum your DL you’re 20 seconds to challenge: why only those rules were there? Other rules you’ve considered considered a wide variety of rules. We talk to the Players Association about them. I think that why only those rules are midterm in a collective bargaining agreement and we have to bargain steer.

I think when you understand that bargaining obligation it’s a difficult to make to convince the union, we should be making very significant changes in the game. Against that backdrop, along the lines of we talked about players being outspoken Trevor Bauer, he described you this way on your playoff proposal to absurd for too many reasons to type on Twitter, and you have absolutely no clue about baseball you’re, a joke. This is a major league baseball player. Talking about the commissioner, what’s your reaction to that? Well, I think if you look back on the questions, we’ve already gone through pretty good about accepting people’s views and criticisms.

I don’t have to agree with them, and I’ll say this about that particular comment, no matter how much how completely I disagreed with what a player thought about something there’s no way, I would speak about a major league player like that, to the extent of cheating being Prevalent in the game, meaning it’s the worst-kept secret in baseball, would you describe that is close to factor? Is that far from fact, I think that’s an overstatement. I really do I look at it. I think that you know, even in terms of some people’s reaction, detailed knowledge and facts about what went on here is less widespread among people.

Then you might think – and I think there’s some of the views that get expressed are exaggerated because they don’t really understand what happened. Wait for us to understand or them to understand they send individual responsibility. Carl I mean, I think, that the key from our perspective is what I mentioned multiple times. Transparency find the facts, put them out there and hope people take the time to understand. As you look the Red Sox, where is that investigation currently we’re in the final stages of the Red Sox investigation, not as fast as I had hoped, went when we began, but I think speed is secondary here to making sure that you get it right.

But tailey. Given, what’s going on with another Clubhouse there, we were and we’re doing exactly the same thing with the Red Sox that we did with the Astros complete the world lead investigator. Your point. I spoken with people who are involved with the organization who have suggested that some of the things that they were told prior to the 2018 NLCS changed Behavior, so that what you would find mirror reports out there that you’ll find at the Red Sox did far less Than the Astros that maybe the deterrence actually work wear those reports come from and can you comment on how accurate they? Maybe I’m not going to comment castigation to the extent that we did things that slow people down tutor them for misconduct? I’M glad about that.

I really am out and compare the lack of punishment, two players to his own situation and a 20-page application to be reinstated to baseball. I’M not going to comment on the merits of that application. Cuz I’m going to have to rule on that one as well. At some point I will so you’re considering it. Why have to consider? I think I have an obligation to consider it. I will say this throughout this: I have been Resolute in one concept. Somebody else was doing or not doing is not relevant to judging your conduct, your response and you’re responsible for your conduct and if everybody else was doing it, I don’t see what is a mitigating factor.

I never will it’s kind of part of my makeup and you know you have to take responsibility for your actions, so you made a huge commitment to Growing the game, and part of the minor league plan is to eliminate in different cities. How does that serve to help grow the game? Let’S start with the facts again, you know understanding what actually happened is important. The plan that we put in front of minor league baseball served baseball, gave an opportunity to preserve baseball in every single City, where we have it today in the minor leagues, in an effort to generate public support mischaracterize.

That proposal publicly in a way that has not been helpful in terms of making a deal. What this negotiation is about is making sure that when we send young man to play professional baseball somewhere, they play baseball in a facility is acceptable in terms of our developmental goals, and we have a number of facilities that are out there were minor league owner simply Have done the wrong thing in terms of investing in their facilities and they put players in conditions that not only are detrimental to our developmental goals with just plain: are not safe and healthy as you, her Dusty Baker bring up the concept of Major League Baseball, protecting Against palliation for the Astros cheating, what, if anything can you do like? I can give you two answers to that.

We are have been working on for some time, a memorandum about being hit by pitchers intentionally, throwing at batters it. It’S really dangerous, really a dangerous undertaking in completely independent of the Astros investigation. We will be issuing at the beginning of this week and memory about hit by pitches, which will increase the disciplinary ramifications of that type of behavior. I think that will be a tool that will be helpful up to us in terms of dealing with whatever flows from the Houston situation.

The second thing over the next three days, I’m going to meet with all of the managers in Major League Baseball, and the topic that you raise, will be one of the things that I intend address with them. It is simply not appropriate to express whatever frustration you may have by a growing out of the Astro situation, by putting someone physically at risk by thrown at him, and I just not, and usually this time of year, there’s a lot of optimism and people are excited About baseball and clearly that’s not currently the case in your opinion, when does that page get turned? I think it’s going to take a little time here.

I really do believe that it’s going to take time and it’s going to be driven by individual decisions and comments that are made by players, organizations and by Major League Baseball. Is there anything else, you’d like to say the subject? We talked about I’m good, I’m good on YouTube, download the ESPN app for live streaming.
MLB commissioner Rob Manfred sits down with Karl Ravech to discuss the investigation of the Houston Astros for their sign-stealing scandal and when he became aware of the alleged cheating. (1:56) Manfred explains why it took so long for MLB to investigate this, even before former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers spoke out, and the biggest challenges he faced looking into the matter. (4:48) Manfred goes into the decision to send warnings to the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox in 2017, why it never reached those players. (14:06) Manfred contends that an owner of a team has the ultimate responsibility for what goes on in their franchise and explains why he decided not to punish Astros owner Jim Crane. (17:55) Manfred responds to talks swirling around on how many are upset that the players were not punished. (21:47) Manfred reacts to the Astros’ spring training press conference with Crane, Dusty Baker, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman, and how their attempt at an apology wasn’t successful. (24:31) Manfred says stripping the Astros of their 2017 World Series title was discussed and explains why he went with the decision he made. (28:33) Manfred states that there will be a new policy before the 2020 season, and at the core of that policy will be to restrict access to video during the game. (33:53) Manfred discusses how deep the investigation of the alleged use of buzzers went and that they found no evidence of them being used in the 2019 season. (38:28) Manfred responds to Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer’s comments on the new playoff proposal and Bauer calling him a joke, and says as much as he disagrees with his statements, he would never speak out on a player like that.

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