Rev. Barber: Why Michael Bloomberg Apology Isn’t Enough | Morning Joe | MSNBC

By | February 14, 2020

Rev. Barber: Why Michael Bloomberg Apology Isn’t Enough | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Rev. Barber: Why Michael Bloomberg Apology Isn’t Enough | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Rev jumping be careful about just seeing who can be, who we don’t know that, yet what I’m saying is it’s not about who can be? Who is not about an endorsement? You can’t limit the black community to just criminal justice. You have to deal with that issue and you can’t just say we know it was in people’s heart, because policy represent heart. That question has to be absurd, but it must go deeper. When you talk about African-American people, 26 million 61 % of African Americans live in poverty in love with.

Where do you stay voter suppression? We have less voting rights today with the gutting of the Voting Rights Act that we had in 1965. Where would he has president stand on those things and then with other men are just where is he on the Native American indigenous community, in the end, the Depression still against them? All of these issues must be dealt with. Where is he on the war economy as his poor people and black people at Menards, getting hurt more when it comes to war and and the money we spend on water? We don’t put back in our community.

We need a deep dive on everywhere. Please candidate can’t just be an apology and a matter of the heart. We want to look at the heart of policy. What’S it looking like on the ground initiative, the bluebird campaign launched mic for Black America, which is intentional that it’s Mike for black Americans have black America for Mike, because the campaign doesn’t what I heard last night from Mayor Bloomberg was the type of Contrition that has Often been lacking from some of his comments in the past, he has been reluctant to express is real regret for this.

When pressed, let me know earlier this week, he gave it kind of ham-handed answer in explaining why he supported the stop-and-frisk policy. He last night in front of an audience of several hundred African-American in Houston, really, I think, connected with the crowd in a way that that I don’t know that I really expected to see. I I spent a lot of time talking to people before and after the event, and I’ve got to say that what I heard from them tracks with the Bloomberg camp internal polling, which has said that he pulled about even with Joe Biden in terms of African American Support not only that, but the reason that they’re supporting him, or at least considering leaning toward voting for is fake, think that he can beat Trump, and that is such a Paramount concern with a voter’s I’ve spoken with.

They want to just make sure that there is not a second term for Donald Trump and it look at my Bloomberg and they say you know what probably do this. But you know what Joe Biden can’t not after the performance and we seen from in the last few weeks – and there were their support for biting his really really faded impact on younger voters. Because yesterday, both my 25 year old son and my twenty-three-year-old do it was sending me Bloomberg meme so whether they think it’s kind of cheesy or not, then no such thing is that she getting their attention.

What does it mean? 8 in the Bloomberg campaign. , Very conscious of the fact that he’s a Super Bowl ring speaker he’s not great on the stump one adviser to Bloomberg yesterday was suggesting to me. You know what maybe he just skipped the debate still together, maybe not just the Democratic debates, but he took why just say: I’m not going to debate Trump. I mean why give Trump the free a time which Trump would love right? He likes that format and why put himself in the position of being out there when he’s not very good at it, just carry on with the show appetizing getting in the nards about his.

He wants to get it out, that’s right that he is Rusty at this. That’S what they spent the last few weeks 6 weeks doing is trying to work out some of those kinks in his stump speech in his interaction, rapport with voters and he’s getting better at it. But it’s not all smooth sailing, I will say, but I would think that skipping the debates would be a real risk for him. He need that exposure and it would really undercut his case. We can beat trump it because Trump Jose out he’s afraid to stand next to me on the stage people kind of know.

What he’s doing, I think you’ll be fine on the front, I’m more interested in whether not Donald Trump actually signed up to do debate. As a presidential candidate out this fall. , So that’s the one I’m watching, but I think which I think is is in essentially important one. But it’s juxtaposed against what Donnie said and that’s reflects the pragmatism of the black vote out. The Jeremy just expressed that, while there is this real turn about where these individuals in the Democratic party are standing on some very important issue for African Americans, particularly as it has been raised by black women over the last year, this also and then we’ll double back On these issues, but there is a strand of wanting to hold these individuals at least.

Can you give me some indication of where you’re going to be on this critical issues and in rev? I think that’s really the rub here for a lot of afternoon. If they move off of Biden right onto a Bloomberg, they’re not looking at these other candidates have been in this fight. For over a year, they’ve moved from one person whose trusted and been a part of the family. If you will to someone that has had had some suspicions about, and how do you assess that that sort of Rob at within the community itself right now hundred million people didn’t vote in the last election and particularly in the South, where we need to play the Transformation, millions and millions of African-Americans did not vote many of them Apolo welfare cuz.

They never hear that name of that condition. I also think black Americans have always had to make very pragmatic, but you have to have a vigorous debate that make sure that you don’t get tripped up later on and one of the things that we say about Bloomberg is it. It would slavery with any policy that was bad civil rights of aggregation. What do you do for thousands of people that were impacted by this bad posture? You can’t just say I apologize. What is the plant? How do you have restoration for the thousands of people and then how do you go deeper? We cannot limit the African American understanding of politics and how we are politician in just one area, and so what we are arguing is you have to deal with all of the issue.

Black people looking at all of us and poverty and wealth is critical. 61 % of African Americans live in poverty in love with many women miniature. How is he or any candidate speaking to that issue? That cannot only bring blacks out that came out last time, but expand the electorate expand the electorate and we have to have that conversation. You can’t leave it off the table and I still it’s too early. I think people are still moving back and forth, but I’m tearing a lot of people saying they want to hear Chris Cross.

This country has issues that, with the economic issues, the criminal justice issues, a healthcare issues, the voting right issues on all of the issues that impact black people or white people at Menards this out of his position, and we can’t really say I’m sorry for a pass Policy that hurt in the house of people and not talk about how do I restore people who hurt us go back to the social media angle Mike Bloomberg Taylor? Does he have a Snapchat filter? How about gifts? Does he use gift? I believe he does.

He have him shaking the dogs had highly influential meme accounts of millions and tens of millions of followers asking for money. So that’s what you’re going for. Thank you all Reverend Barber. Thank you so much as well, thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more for Morning, Joe and MSNBC.
The panel continues its discussion on former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his 2020 campaign, focusing on Bloomberg’s apology for the controversial stop-and-frisk policy and why an apology is not enough. Aired on 2/14/2020.
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Rev. Barber: Why Michael Bloomberg Apology Isn’t Enough | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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